Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 7.3: Operation Capture an Angel*6

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 I then put the treasures the Pipe Fox had collected and the ones I had gathered together into a small bag and decided to take them home. Well, I’ll think about what to bring back to Ms. Croix, but it would be too much of a pain to throw away these beautiful treasures.



“Amazing… Tougo, how did your fox split up?” (Fay)


“Umm, I just learned about it for the first time.”  (Tougo)



 I never thought it can split itself. With that thought in mind, I stroked the Pipe Fox, and it proudly cried out again, and returned to the bamboo tube. Yeah, thank you for your help.



“…what was that?” (Lian)



 Lian and Ange looked quite curious when they saw it. From their point of view, they can’t help but worry about the mysterious splitting fox.



“Um, my summoned beast. He’s called a Pipe Fox.” (Tougo)



 When I signaled for him to come out again, the Pipe Fox slithered out and… then began to crawl into the hem of Lian’s trousers.



“Hiya!” (Lian)


“Ah, I’m sorry. He loves all things pipe-shaped…” (Tougo)



 After that, the Pipe Fox then squirmed around in Lian’s clothes for a while. Yeah, it seems like the space.



“……cute.” (Ange)



 While Lian is squirming, Ange is smiling at the Pipe Fox.



“Um, I have friends too.” (Ange)



 And she talks to me.



“Friends?” (Tougo)


“I have a lot of treasures that were given to me by my friends.” (Ange)



 …I wonder who those “friends” are. By any chance, does Ange also have a Pipe Fox?



“Um, your friends?” (Ange)



 When I asked, Ange moved her hand over something fluffy near a flower blooming in the corner of the garden.



 And there, a creature… called a “fairy,” with a small human-like form and shimmering wings, was playing with Ange’s fingers.


 …A fairy playing with the fingers of an angel.


 Very fantasy.



“……They’re beautiful.” (Tougo)



 When I called out to them, Ange smiled.



“This one doesn’t like me much. She always brings presents to Ange though.” (Lian)



 Lian, who was watching it, said so and poked the fairy on Ange’s finger. Then the fairy giggles happily and started playing with Lian’s fingers. Well, they seem to be on good terms.



“Can I touch you too?” (Tougo)



 I reached out my finger to touch the fairy, but… the fairy shrank back in surprise.


 It is the first time I meet a fairy, it’s probably not a good idea to ask her if I could touch her. I’m sorry about that.


 …I was about to withdraw my finger from the fairy when she reached out her hand and touched my fingertip.


 As soon as I did that,


 The fairy jumped up on the spot, then looked up at me with wide-eyed eyes… and disappeared in a flash.





“I wonder if I am hated…” (Tougo)



 Does it not like my fingertips? Or maybe it’s because I did something rude. Well, I didn’t try to force myself to touch her. I felt a little depressed after being rejected by the fairy.



“……I see.” (Ange)



 But while I was feeling down, Ange tugged at the hem of my clothes.



“What is it?” (Tougo)


“Um, this way…” (Ange)



 Ange let go of the hem of my clothes and just like that, climbed to the back of the garden… On top of the fence and jumped over it.



“Ah, Ange! Are you going there!?” (Lian)



 Lian chases her, so I chase her too.


 The path continued on and on, twisting and turning here and there. And every one of them is a pathway for cats. Sometimes it’s on a fence, sometimes it’s on a roof, sometimes it’s in a gap that I don’t understand…



 …And then, when we arrived, something strange happened.



“Um… a flower garden?” (Tougo)



 I wonder why there is a flower garden in the back alley of the Royal Capital. The place is surrounded by walls on all four sides, it is a flower garden that does not look like a back alley of the Royal Capital.


 …But I understand why Ange brought me here.


 There were many fairies in the flower garden.


 And those fairies are staring at me.


 …How should I put it, they were looking at me with a kind of admiration, respect, or something like that.



“This child wants to let you meet her other friends.” (Ange)



 Ange explained, but I don’t understand the meaning of this scene in front of me.


 The fairies that come to me either happily or in awe, um… Why are they coming to me like this?



“Well, why are they flocking me?” (Tougo)



 The fairy seems to be saying something, but unfortunately I don’t understand what she’s saying. …Then.



“…does he smell like the forest? Is that why you feel calm? Do you like it? I see…” (Ange)


“Oh, that’s right…” (Ange)



 Ange seems to understand the language of fairies. How mysterious.


 …By the way, the scent of the forest? Wood? I? Does that mean that living in the forest ingrained it on me?



“Ah, my, you are the Forest Spirit.” (Ange)


“Oh.” (Lian)



 I see.


 Apparently, these fairies were surprised because me, the Forest Spirit, appeared.


 I see. Sorry for the surprise.



 After that, I watched the fairies for a while.


 The fairies seemed to be able to talk to Ange. Ange seemed to be enjoying herself.


 I wonder if Lian can understand the fairy’s language to some extent. The fairies seemed to be truly enjoying themselves, occasionally playing with Lian while hopping around as if they were teasing him.



“Angels and fairies… what an amazing view.” (Tougo)


“You know, Tougo. Is it because the spirit is attached to me that’s why they like me?” (Lian)



 And the fairies are playing with me too. …No, maybe she is holding back, but the fairies’ playing with me is much milder than that of Lian or Ange.



“They’re beautiful.” (Tougo)



 Even so, these fairies are very beautiful.


 They have wings that look like they are made of thinly sliced gemstones. They are glittering with light particles with the appearance of playing with angels, perching on flowers, and flying around.


 …If there were fireflies shimmering in the daytime, they might look like this. No, if they were flying at night, that would be beautiful.  A flower garden under a blue sky would look good, but a bamboo grove under the moonlight, for example, would also look good.



“…I want to draw.” (Tougo)


“…hey. Are you going to bring the fairies back?” (Fay)



 I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I think they’re beautiful and I’m sure Ms. Croix will be pleased with them.



“Um, fairies.” (Tougo)



 For the time being, I tried calling out to the fairies.


 Then, the fairies suddenly stopped moving and straightened their posture on the spot. Hmmm, um… well, okay.



“Is there anyone who wants to live in the forest?” (Tougo)



 As soon as I heard that, the fairies rushed around me.


 …Oh, I see.


 For the time being, I did it, so…



“…Ms. Croix, I wonder if you’ll like my souvenirs.” (Tougo)


“I don’t think Ms. Croix would expect that a large number of fairies migrating to the forest would be her souvenir…” (Fay)


“Are they souvenirs? Are these fairies souvenirs?” (Laocles)


“Um… migrants, and souvenirs.” (Tougo)



 …And then we left the Royal Capital.


 I put Lian on Fay’s Red Dragon and Ange on Laocles’ Alicorn. And I am flying with a bag full of fairies on my back, holding on to the Houopu. At first glance it looks like a kidnapping, but we arranged the bag with the proper agreement. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to carry them with their small bodies.



“Even so, your forest is becoming more and more amazing…” (Fay)



 Yes, it is. From now on, it will be a forest where fairies fly around. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to draw it. I want to show it to Ms. Croix.


 I looked at Redgarde territory, which was getting closer and closer, with excitement. 



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