Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 8.1: Operation Capture an Angel*7

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“Welcome home. …You brought more than expected.” (Croix)


“Yeah. I’m home.” (Tougo)



 When I returned to the forest, Ms. Croix was surprised. Yes, well, I knew she would be.



“For the time being, the errands. Bread, cakes, cookies, tea leaves, knives. Beautiful pebbles and glass fragments.” (Tougo)



 I laid them out on the table and showed them to her. Then, Ms. Croix took the piece of glass and smiled at me.



“Thank you. It’s a nice souvenir. I can tell where you found your angel just by looking at it. It’s lovely.” (Croix)



 With that, Ms. Croix placed the piece of glass on the desk again, as if it was something priceless.



“Fairies too.” (Tougo)


“Eh?” (Croix)



 I put the fairy out there. The fairies that came out of the bag jumped out one after another and lined up on the desk. Yes, they are the souvenirs.



“…I never thought a fairy would appear.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix poked one of the fairies lined up on the desk with her fingertip and chuckled.



“This forest is going to be a lot livelier, isn’t it?” (Croix)


“Yes, there will be two more angels and a lot more fairies.” (Tougo)



 The fairy seems to have taken a liking to Ms. Croix, so they started playing right away. They were playing with Ms. Croix’s fingertips and the tips of her hair. …Even so, they tend to be much more reserved than playing with Lian and Ange. The difference is about the same as when you touch your favorite stuffed animal or a beautiful bisque doll. Lian and Ange are angels, but Ms. Croix may be the queen of the fairy kingdom.



“Fufu, thank you. They are wonderful souvenirs!” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix gently let go of the fairy that was playing with her fingertips, and happily chuckled and said,



“By the way, where do these fairies live?” (Croix)


“I’m thinking a flower garden. It would be in the neighborhood of Ms. Croix’s house.” (Tougo)


“Oh, wonderful. Then I can always enjoy the scenery with the fairies.” (Croix)



 Is that okay? The fairies lined up neatly and nodded their heads repeatedly. Yes, I feel they are looking in awe of me.



“…these fairies have a lot of admiration for you.” (Croix)


“Yeah. I wonder why…” (Tougo)



 As far as I’m concerned, I don’t mind having them as playmates like Lian and Ange did, but the fairies just gently touch my fingertips, the tips of my hair, and the hem of my clothes. I can’t say anything because they throw a sparkling smile every time.



“Well… I often forget, but you’re a spirit, aren’t you?” (Croix)






“Isn’t it something rare and special to be able to speak to a spirit and see a fairy?” (Croix)



 I wonder. Even if you say that, it’s a little troublesome.


 However, Ange, who was listening to our conversation, talked about something with one of the fairies… and tried to say something shyly.



“We are honored to meet the great spirit and to be invited to his home…” (Ange)



 …I see. yes. Well, if it pleases me, it’s more important than anything else, hmmm.


 After all, I, have stopped being human…



 I then simply fixed up a house for the Celeste siblings.


 Having said that, I had prepared it so that the guests could stay right away, so the only big job was moving some beds. Moreover, It was not my job, but rather Laocles’ job.


 …Laocles moved two beds into one room, so the Celeste siblings can now sleep together. They are siblings to be reunited for the first time in a long time. They will probably want to sleep in the same room. But if they want to not share a room, I will have to ask Laocles to do move the beds again.


 Then I drew a vase.


 It was a rounded piece of pottery, colored like the egg of a robin, with only a few gold decoration.


 I put it in their house and arranged flowers on it. The flowers were chosen by Ms. Croix. Now it’s nicer even if fairies come to visit.



“Then, let’s have dinner soon.” (Tougo)


“Oh, sure…” (Lian)



 With that, the maintenance of the two houses was finished, so it was time for dinner.


 …By the way, dinner is prepared by Ms. Croix. I’m always grateful for her help, and with two more people, it’s getting harder and harder for Ms. Croix. I wonder if I should send out a summoned beast or something that can cook dinner?



 Since the number of people eating dinner has increased, it has become a very lively sight.


 Fay, Laocles and Ms. Croix, and the Celeste siblings of Lian and Ange. At last, there were six people at the table, including me. The number has increased, hasn’t it? It’s getting too small for my house.



“…it’s kind of strange.” (Lian)



 And then, while eating, Lian suddenly said,



“Oh, I wonder if it didn’t suit your taste.” (Croix)


“No, no! It’s really good! It’s very good, but it’s… something.” (Lian)



 Lian mutters awkwardly.



“…Um, can we really stay here?” (Lian)


“Yeah. I need you to stay here.” (Tougo)



 But for me, of course, I’m in trouble if they don’t stay. I’ve got an angel that I’ve captured. I’m not going to send him back to the sky until I’m done painting.



“Let’s take a break tomorrow. I want you to rest a lot. The day after tomorrow, I’ll have you model for me.” (Tougo)


“Eh, um, what else?” (Lian)



 …what else?



“Well, cleaning and washing, gardening, that sort of thing…” (Lian)


“Yep… nothing else.” (Tougo)


“Why…?” (Lian)



 Well, I don’t understand. On the other hand, it’s kind of like why do models have to clean and do laundry…



“Ah, are you thinking? We’re slaves, aren’t we? Both me and Ange are slaves you bought, you know?” (Lian)


“Yep, angels.” (Tougo)


“You kept saying angel…” (Lian)



 Yes, angels. I can’t wait to draw them. But they’re both little, so I can’t force them too much. Tomorrow is their day off.



“Fufufu, it can’t be helped. Give it up, little boy. This is what happens when you are brought by Tougo. You can’t do anything.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix chuckles and patted Lian’s head. …If a lady stroked his head, even an angel would have no choice but to be quiet. Even though he was confused, Lian decided to accept it for the time being.



“…If you really have to, I’ll teach you some work after I’ve finished drawing the commissioned painting.” (Tougo)


“I’d be happy to help you, as long as we don’t get hurt.” (Lian)


“But you know, a child’s job is to grow up healthy. Don’t think too much about working.” (Tougo)



 Yes, they are both angels and children. I think the most important thing is to keep them healthy.


 …Healthy people are better models.



 After that day, I had the Celeste siblings have a slow bath to warm them up, dressed them in clean nightclothes, and carried them into their home and put them in bed.


 Ange was already drowsy, so I put her in the bed and she fell asleep in no time. Buried in the white duvet and blankets, she looks like an angel sleeping with a piece of cloud as a bed. I want to draw this too.



“…Hey.” (Lian)


“Yes.” (Tougo)


“Is this really okay? Are we really allowed?” (Lian)



“It’s alright. You earned this.” (Tougo)



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