Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 8.2: Operation Capture an Angel*7

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 After that day, I had the Celeste siblings have a slow bath to warm them up, dressed them in clean nightclothes, and carried them into their home and put them in bed.


 Ange was already drowsy, so I put her in the bed and she fell asleep in no time. Buried in the white duvet and blankets, she looks like an angel sleeping with a piece of cloud as a bed. I want to draw this too.



“…Hey.” (Lian)


“Yes.” (Tougo)


“Is this really okay? Are we really allowed?” (Lian)


“It’s alright. You earned this.” (Tougo)



 Lian was restlessly squirming on the bed, but when I said this, she looked surprised.



“Your beauty is yours, and you are the one who gives it expression. You have facial expressions, movements, emotions… That’s why I found you beautiful. I thought I wanted to draw it. That’s the recognition from me that you won.” (Tougo)



  I understand your confusion at the recognition and appreciation you have suddenly been given. I was the same way.



“But no one has ever told me that before.” (Lian)


“Yeah. I’m lucky to have met you. We both are.” (Tougo)



 But hey, I’ve appreciated him. With that alone, the reason why he should be here has already been made… All that’s left now is to relax and have him understand that.



“So, relax. The day after tomorrow, I’m going to have you work as a model for me.” (Tougo)


“Oh, oh…” (Lian)



 When I closed the door, Lian was sitting on the bed absent-mindedly, but before long he looked at Ange and made a relieved face… Then he dived into the bed happily trying to get his spirits up. Yes. Good night.



 The next day, I devoted myself to drawing the fairies.


 They were fluttering around, but when I asked them to pose for me, they would stop on a flower and let me make a quick sketch them.


 Then I would take out my watercolors again and quickly color in the flowers. Yes, this is a lot of fun.


 Fairies look like humans, so the way I draw them is almost the same as humans. Their skeletal structure and the way their flesh is attached to their bodies make them look like smaller versions of humans.


 However, they are beautiful. Fairies are sparkling and very beautiful. So, I wanted to express the shimmering shades of light well with coloring. …But perhaps this sparkling, shimmering feeling can be expressed better in oil than in watercolor…



 Around noon, Lian and Ange started playing in the forest. Lian is still a little awkward, but Ange is quickly getting used to the forest, perhaps because she is so young.


 They found the bark of the trees in unusual shapes, enjoyed looking at the flowers, and ran around and lay down in the meadow. They are running around in the meadow, lying down, and doing all kinds of things.



“Looks like fun. Yeah, I feel relieved.” (Fay)


“Yeah. Me too.” (Tougo)



 As I watched them with Fay, I began to think about what kind of composition I wanted to use for the painting.


 The two angels playing around are angelic enough by themselves, but the commissioned painting is a “painting of angels blessing humans”.


 Besides, this painting is supposed to be hung in the entrance hall. So, I thought it had to be a picture that would look good to some extent. Should I use a variety of colors and make it as gorgeous as possible, or should I use fewer colors and make it more subdued?


 Hmmm… is a point of hesitation. The coloring may depend on the composition. Then I have to think about how to get the two angels to bless the human being.


 I’m praying for the safe birth of the baby in Mr. Saphir’s house, and I want the painting to be a celebration of the baby’s birth.





“I want you to bless people.” (Tougo)


“Huh?” (Lian)



 I asked Lian, sorry to ask on her day off.



“…what is a blessing?” (Lian)


“…what is a blessing…?” (Ange)



 I know it’s not for me to ask, but what is a blessing?


 I asked Fay, who was standing next to me.



“Hey, I wonder what a blessing is…” (Lian)


“What is it? Let’s see… Umm, oh, yes. Let’s see. …I think a blessing is something you say to people to make them happy, right? Yep.” (Tougo)



 Oh, right. That’s good. Okay.



“…No, no, wait a minute. You’re not very good at explaining things, aren’t you? You just say, ‘Be happy’ right?” (Fay)


“No. I think that’s fine.” (Tougo)



 I kind of understand how Fay feels. Well, an angel’s blessing, if it’s true, might have a mysterious power at work there. However, I think that if I condense all of it, the only thing that will remain is a wish of “be happy”. That’s why the word is “blessing”. So, I don’t think Fay is wrong, probably.



 …However, Lian seemed to be troubled when he heard that.



“Huh? Even if you said that, I never thought about it…” (Lian)



 While muttering such a thing, he thought about something, and then said what he thought.



“Normally, there’s no way a pickpocketing brat would want someone to be happy, you know?!” (Lian)



  Well, if you put it that way, I guess so.


 Lian’s dad keeps making debts, forcing Ange to be sold, and he’s been pickpocketing all by himself to buy Ange back… So, there’s no way he could ever feel like blessing anyone while living such a life.


 I know very little about how he has lived his life, but if his whole life has been like that, then surely, Lian would have…



“…But now, I’m almost thinking about it.” (Lian)



 Lian looked up and looked at me with eyes painted by the blue of the sky.



“I hope you will be happy. Yeah. I can do it.” (Lian)



 I couldn’t say anything at the moment, but Lian continued to add words in a rush.



“Hey, look, you helped Ange. I’m glad I got away from my father, too. And the food was delicious. And the bed was fluffy. And thanks to you, Ange slept well, and she seems to be enjoying herself right now…” (Lian)



 When I looked at Ange, she was dancing with the fairies in the flower garden. She spun around, fell on her bottom, and then burst out laughing. When her eyes met mine and Lian’s, she smiled and waved her tiny hand.


 Seeing that, Lian also smiled. It’s an expression that I can’t imagine, so, I took my art supply out of my bag.



“…I still don’t understand why you are doing this for me… and I still don’t understand why you told me I earned this either… but I’m glad you did.” (Lian)



 Lian said so while facing Ange.



“That’s why I don’t mind giving you back that much. I don’t think I’ll be able to give you anything you want, nor Ange, but that’s why… If it’s just wishing someone ‘be happy’. I am capable enough.” (Lian)



 I was looking at Lian, who was blushing at the edges of his ears as he said this, and I suddenly remembered my teacher.


 I also got a lot of things from him. That’s what made me the person I am today.


 I didn’t know why he gave me all those things, and even now, I don’t know all the reasons. But… yes. I am the same. Same with Lian.


 I want to give back what I received. That’s what a blessing or wish of “Be happy” is all about.


 I see. The only people who can wish happiness to others are those who have received it. Those who can bless others are those who have been blessed.


 …In other words, the angels I should draw are “angels who bless others” and “angels who are blessed by others.”


 As I was thinking about it, the composition of the picture gradually came into my mind.


 It is an angel with a happy face.


 That kind of face of an angel who has had a hard time because of humans, who has been wary of humans… but has become happy, and who, for the first time, wants to make others happy.


 …Yeah. I want to draw this.



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