Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 9.3: Operation Capture an Angel*8

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“Lian was terribly worried. Go see him in the morning.” (Laocles)


“Yes, I will…” (Tougo)



 I don’t know why it didn’t work well this time… I’ll try not to use this method to make paint in the future.



“For now, go to bed. It’s late.” (Laocles)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 I thought it would not be a good idea to go back to sleep after having just slept a few days earlier, but it couldn’t be helped. It’s better to paint in the morning, and it’s also better to show my face to Lian in the morning. The night is the time for children to go to bed.


 And I’m feeling a little lazy and heavy, probably because I’m out of magic. I don’t feel like picking up a brush right now.





“…Well, what? I’m glad you got the color you wanted.” (Laocles)



 Laocles said this.


 I look at the paint again.


 …Yes. It really is a sky-blue paint. The color of the blue sky. The color of Lian and Ange’s eyes. It’s beautifully done, like it’s been cut out of the sky.



“Yep. It’s really good.” (Tougo)


“Then go to bed early. Go to bed and use it tomorrow.” (Laocles)



 Laocles says that with a little chuckle. …Yep.



“Good night, see you tomorrow.” (Tougo)


“Yeah.” (Laocles)



 Thanks to that, I was able to move forward. I’ve become a spirit, but still been out of magic for more than three days now, but at least I was able to create a satisfactory color of paint. I want to paint soon, so I’ll go to bed early. When I sleep, tomorrow will surely come soon.



“What the hell? Why did you collapse?!” (Lian)


“Sorry.” (Tougo)


“I was playing with Angel, and when I turned around, you weren’t there! I thought you were gone, but you just collapsed in the flower garden! I hit you, but you still won’t wake up!” (Lian)



 …I’ve been hit. I see.



“Don’t scare me!” (Lian)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 That was the first time Lian and Ange saw me when I ran out of magic power, and I’m really sorry about that. I wanted to explain more properly before I fell.



“But anyway, I picked up the paint that had fallen.” (Lian)


“Thank you. I like it.” (Tougo)



 The paint that Laocles was holding was the one that Lian picked up for me. I was excited to see the paint last night thanks to him. Thank you.


 I patted Lian’s and Ange’s heads, and Ms. Croix said to me “Absolutely!” After having my cheek pinched, it’s time for breakfast, and after breakfast, it’s time to finish the painting.


 The angel’s eyes are the color of the blue sky. They are clear and shining. It’s the most beautiful part of the painting, so I put my all into it.


  Then I add color to the shadows and balance the colors of the cloth, the angels, and the crib as I finish the painting.


 The color of the painting was somewhat cohesive with the bluish tint. If the color of the shadows is bluish, the shadows of the white bedding and blankets will adjust to the blue world.


 The crib is a shade of blue-gray. The angel’s eyes are sky blue, and by the way, the cloth over the crib is a pale sky blue.


 …So, I finished the angel in seven days, including the three and a half days I was out of magic power after I started painting.



 Three days after I finished the painting.


 I met with Mr. Saphir at the Redgarde house.



“This is the picture you requested.” (Tougo)



 Again, I had Laocles carry the painting. It was a large size, so I think it was hard work for him. I am sorry.



“……oh.” (Saphir)



 When Laocles removed the cloth that wrapped the frame, Mr. Saphir looked at the picture in the frame and his eyes lit up.



“Soft.” (Saphir)






“The atmosphere. Airy, perhaps? The painting looks soft. It’s a blue picture, but it’s not cold. And above all… they look happy.” (Saphir)



 Mr. Saphir happily touched the picture frame.



“Interesting. The angel in the painting looks so happy that it makes me happy to look at it. Hmmm, is the angel that blesses you also the angel that makes you want to bless them?” (Saphir)



 Yes. That’s it. that’s right. I agree with you.


 Mr. Saphir looked at the picture while stroking the frame and smiled with satisfaction.


  I hope this man, his wife, and his baby will “be happy”.



“Even so, it’s a nice expression. I thought that when I saw the portrait of the Redgarde family.” (Saphir)



 Said Mr. Saphir, who had been looking at the painting for a while. I was relieved that he seemed to like it.



“Yes. After all, I want to draw one with the best expression.” (Tougo)



 When I answered that, Mr. Saphir nodded happily with a face saying “I guess so” …And then he raised his head as if he suddenly realized something.



“So, does that mean… You actually saw an angel and painted this?” (Saphir)



 He looked a little mischievous as he said this. In short, he is probably saying that as a joke.


 …But there is only one answer.



“Yes. I had a hard time catching this angel.” (Tougo)



 Mr. Saphir seemed to think I was joking and laughed happily. Yes, well, I’m glad you like it.


 Mr. Saphir showed the picture to his attendants and boasted about it… I feel sort of uncomfortable when people are proud of something I drew. It’s embarrassing. But I am happy.



“Well, it’s time to pay up.” (Saphir)



 And Mr. Saphir paid me.


 …The amount paid was 50 gold coins. That’s a huge amount of money.



“Is this really alright?” (Tougo)



 Of course, it was a lot of money for me. It was money I could have gotten if I painted jewelry and sold it… But I wondered if I could get this kind of money by selling “my paintings”.



“Of course! Thank you for the wonderful painting!” (Saphir)



 …But Mr. Saphir said with a big smile and handed me a bag of gold coins. My painting was indeed valued and appreciated.



 As I watched Mr. Saphir leave, I felt as if I were dreaming.


 This was the first time my painting had been sold in this way.


 I don’t know how to say it… It’s very weird, it’s embarrassing but I’m glad, I wonder if it’s really okay… But I’m truly happy.



 This is how I sold my painting for the first time.


 I felt so fluffy that day.


 I decided to take care of the fifty gold coins I received as a price without touching it.


 …Even after returning to the forest, I didn’t feel like drawing, and I felt fluffy all day long.


 I had never felt like this before!



 The next day.


 I was still feeling fluffy, but my desire to paint was stronger than yesterday, so I painted.



“Let me paint you!” (Tougo)


“A-alright, but…  Are you going to draw us again?” (Lian)


“Yeah. Oh, is Ange okay too?” (Tougo)


“Yeah… Go ahead.” (Ange)



 I asked the two angels to let me draw them right away. I decided to have the two of them stay a little longer. For the time being, it seems that they will stay for the two months that we talked about before. Now that he’s bought Ange, Lian doesn’t need to rush, and they seem to have no problem staying in the forest. That’s good!



“…you look like you’re having fun.” (Lian)


“Yep. It’s fun.” (Tougo)



 I just kept enjoying myself and continued to draw the angels.



 …After ten days of drawing angels in this way.


 The number of angel pictures on the second floor of my house had increased considerably. I wonder if I should build a third floor since I am running out of space.


 I put down one new painting that I had just finished, and there I sensed that Fay had entered the forest.


 I immediately recognize Faye. After all, when he comes in, the forest seems to warm up in an instant.



 I stood outside the house waiting for Fay, and then he came riding on the Red Dragon.


 It was a little unusual for Fay to come riding the Red Dragon. He often rides the fire spirits from the Redgarde house to the forest…



“Tougo! Good news!” (Fay)



 Fay looked at me, and with that glowing expression on his face, he said.



“The next request has arrived!” (Fay)







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