Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 1: Reincarnation

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Rui Satou, General Affairs Manager of a local construction company, is a middle-management old man who will be turning sixty this month and entering retirement age.


It’s a sunny afternoon, and he’s on his way home from work.



“Watch out!” (Rui)



Rui yelled and pulled a woman waiting at a traffic light near an intersection.


The woman fell on her back.


Rui couldn’t fight the momentum as he pulled the woman, and soon he was rammed by a truck whose driver fell asleep. Rui died instantly.



It is said that at the moment of death, people see their lives flash by, and Rui felt as if he had glimpsed a fragment of happiness as he traced his life so far.


When he came to, he found himself in a completely white space.



In front of him, a man of about 20 years old was smiling and looking at him.


He was dressed in a white cloth, a toga, like something out of Greek mythology.


“Cosplay?” Rui said absentmindedly, tilting his head, as the young man called out to him.



“Rui Satou-san, you were involved in an accident and passed away.” (Young Man)



Rui replied, remembering what had just happened.



“What? What do you mean…” (Rui)



As soon as I looked around and realized that I couldn’t see anything but an empty space, I felt a shiver run through me.



“The woman you saved was supposed to die, but you died instead. I’m using my power to keep you in this space for now, but since we don’t have much time, can I tell you about your choices?” (Young Man)



The man asks with a pained expression on his face.


Rui somehow understood that the man was telling the truth.



“Tell me about my choices.” (Rui)



The man started talking.



“I’m sorry for the late introduction, but my name is Jupiter. I am what you call a god. As for what will happen next, I cannot bring you back to your original world, so you will have to choose between being reborn in another world or returning to the Circle of Reincarnation of this world.” (Young Man => Jupiter)


“Eh? What do you mean? I have the choice of dying or being reborn in a different world? Isn’t reincarnation the only option? I’ll be sent to a different world at my age?” (Rui)



Rui asked with fear in his voice.



“If you choose to be reincarnated, you will have your current memories, a rejuvenated body, a full language comprehension adapted to the new world, and the power to adapt to the new world.” (Jupiter)


“What is the other world like? How old will I be when you reincarnate me?” (Rui)


“Well, civilization is a little behind the world where Rui-san lived, but it’s a world where magic can be used and there are dragons, and so on. The age, I guess an adult?” (Jupiter)


“Dragons? That sounds like something out of a fantasy movie. But if I have the ability to adapt and have no problem with language, I think I can make do with that. So, I choose to be reincarnated.” (Rui)



Jupiter listened to Rui’s words and nodded, smiling calmly.



“Oh, uh, excuse me. Can I meet my family even for a while before I am reincarnated?” (Rui)



Jupiter thought about Rui’s request for a while before replying.



“Well, it’s not a bad idea, well… sure I’ll let you talk to them.” (Jupiter)



Jupiter’s right hand moved and he held it in front of Rui’s face. Soon Rui was facing his wife, Machi, in their room.


Machi hugged Rui while crying, but Rui was in a state similar to a ghost or mirage.


They couldn’t touch each other, but their words can reach each other, and so Rui told Machi about what had happened and thanked her for the life they shared.


And so he conveys his final words.



“Thank you for everything, Machi. I’ve been my happiest after meeting you. I hope you and Maki (Satous’ daughter) will be happy together. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to see Maki, but I want you to tell her. Thank you for all the memories we shared.” (Rui)



Machi replied with tears in her eyes.



“Thank you so much. You made me happy too.” (Machi)



With those words, Rui disappeared from in front of Machi’s eyes.


Machi gets up from her futon and checks the room.



“I wonder if it was just a dream…” (Machi)



While pondering that, the thought about Rui’s words and looked out from the window for a while.


The moon was very bright that night.



After returning to the white space, Rui said to Jupiter,



“Thank you very much. Now we both can move on. I look forward to being reincarnated.” (Rui)



Jupiter smiled gently and quietly held out his right hand to Rui’s face.




“I’ll give you a little money as well. You should also learn how to use magic, as it can be difficult to control. If you pray at the church, you will be able to meet me. And then… Oh, you’ll figure things out. Have a good life.” (Jupiter)

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