Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 10: Appraisal and Infinite Storage

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“Louis, it turns out that you’re a user of non-attribute magic. You don’t seem to have any aptitude for fire or water, but having non-attribute is rare. Good for you.” (Thomas)


“Yes! Just knowing my attribute is progress. I’ll try to control it.” (Louis)



Then because of the barrel bomb, Camus-san came out of her store and called out to us.



“Hey, what is all that noise? Is there a fight?” (Camus)



Thomas-san and I looked at each other and laughed.



“I’m sorry to have disturbed you. I was just checking my magical attributes.”



I apologized and told Camus-san what I had done so far.



“I’m sorry about that. I should have confirmed it with the Magic Circle.” (Camus)



Eh? What is that? Is it another magic tool again?



“What is it?” (Louis)


“It’s not common for people outside of the church, but people like me who look at job aptitude are often asked to check magical attributes, so I sometimes have a magic circle scroll to help me check. As soon as people were born, or at the oldest 10 years old they are checked, so I didn’t bother to look at yours, but I should have asked. I’m sorry.” (Camus)


“Oh no. f you don’t mind, would you let me check it now?” (Louis)


“Sure, sure. Please come to the store right away.” (Camus)



Thomas-san and I walked into Camus-san’s store and waited for a few minutes.



“Sorry for the wait. Touch this scroll and let your magic flow through it.” (Camus)



On the paper, or parchment, that was spread out, there was a geometric drawing that looked like a mandala. [T/N: A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols used in various spiritual traditions as a tool for focusing the practitioner. This is according to Wiki-sensei.]


When I put my palms on top of it and released magical power from both hands, The circle in front of me glowed, and the circles on either side of it glowed a little dimly.


The one farther away from me does not glow.



“So, Louis has the highest aptitude for non-attribute and a good level for holy and dark. You are however no aptitude for fire, water, wind, and earth. If you prioritize learning non-attribute magic, you will learn it faster.” (Camus)



I looked next to me and saw that Thomas-san had a shocked expression on his face.


Non-attribute, holy, dark, also Chant-less have very few practitioners! Of course.



Camus-san told me what she thought.



“As far as I know, it seems that non-attribute is used for appraisals and exploration, holy attribute can be used for healing and detoxification, and dark attribute can be used for summoning magic. But I’ve never seen anyone use dark magic, and I’ve only heard about it.” (Camus)



Well, I can’t even imagine…



I think I can understand appraisal, exploration, healing, and detoxification with modern science, but what is summoning?


If you’re trapped somewhere, can I summon food?


I’m not sure, but I can’t do anything about what I don’t know right now, so I’ll put it on hold.


I thanked Camus-san and Thomas-san again and decided to go back to the inn and try to sort out my thoughts.



Back at the inn, I lay down on the bed and thought about things.



Let’s try to sort out a few things.


I was reborn in a young body, and now I can use magic.


I can use non-attribute magic, holy magic, dark magic, and I can’t use fire, water, wind, or earth magic.


Huh? I think I heard that people who can use fire and water can also use wind and earth even if they have different attributes, but I guess I’ll have to check that out later.



Also, I got a magic pouch from Jupiter, but I don’t know the capacity.


I’ll check it out tomorrow when Pete and I go digging for materials.


I also found out that I can use [Psychokinesis].



Now I just need to train my magic.


If I train in a different way than what I was taught, my body will glow slightly.


But it didn’t cause my hair to stand on end or my muscles to rise suddenly like in some anime.


I have no idea what this means.


Oh, by the way, Jupiter-sama said that we could meet if I prayed at the church before we parted…


After confirming my abilities and what I can do in Vista Village, I should try to get to a church.



I still have some time left today, so I should think about magic a little more.


I’d like to make a note of what I’ve come up with, but Thomas’s General Store didn’t have any paper for sale, and the magic circle that Camus-san had was parchment.


Maybe paper is a luxury item…


I’ll give up on the memo this time, but I’ll keep it in mind.



Life Magic was practiced by training and adjusting the amount of magic power.


I think I need to practice psychokinesis as well.


I’ve heard from Camus-san that it is possible to do “appraisal” and “exploration” with non-attribute magic, but since I don’t need to make fire or water or move anything, I can do it in my room.



I decided to stop thinking about it and try appraisal and exploration.


Once I’ve done that, I’ll go to the backyard to practice magic training and Water Life Magic.



I took out the potion I bought from Camus Apothecary, held out my hand, and tried to activate [Appraisal] without chanting.



[Beginner potion: Effective for abrasions, cuts, and fractures, has a slight restorative effect; can be drunk or applied; made from Hirupo grass]



Oh! did it! very!


It’s quite helpful to think of it as being like carrying around an encyclopedia.


It’s a world where there are many things I don’t know.


A beginner potion can also heal broken bones.


Civilization lags behind, but this kind of thing is advanced? No, it’s a miracle.



Next, let’s try to appraise myself.


(Target Louis, [Appraisal].) (Louis)



Louis: Human, 15 years old, Otherworlder, Magician (Non-attribute, Holy Attribute, Dark Attribute, Taming Magic), Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Infinite Storage, ???, ???



Huh? Is it possible that the [Infinite Storage] is the pouch?


Truly, Jupiter-sama has given me something amazing. Thank you very much.


Oh, but should I check it just in case?



When I strongly thought of [Infinite Storage], a black mist appeared in front of me.



What? I almost shouted in confusion.



It’s not the pouch, there’s another storage!


I put the potion I appraised earlier into the [Infinite Storage] and found that I could use it with the same reaction as the pouch.


The pouch may be finite, not infinite, but does that mean he gave me two of the same capabilities?




Is [Infinite Storage] rare?


If so, did you give me the pouch as a decoy?


No, I can’t think of anything else, so I’ll use it that way.



I’ll have to confide in Pete tomorrow because I can’t carry the materials.

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