Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 103: Confinement

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 I thought the distance and accuracy of the map was high originally, but after making a contract with Amber, I was able to map the entire country with ease.


 I don’t know if this is due to my relationship with the spirits or not, but the range and accuracy of my mapping, scouting, and [Exploration] have improved dramatically. If I keep on camping out and staying at inns as I have done up to now, I will be able to reach the Royal Capital of Volkran in about two weeks.



 According to previous information obtained in the Kingdom of Avrigny, the Kingdom of Ktevr is a strong and stable country with royalty and nobility united throughout the countryside.


 I heard that there is one deep, unexplored dungeon and several shallow, conquered dungeons.


 I also heard that there is an adventurer training school run by the nobility to help people safely dive into the dungeons, which is very rare in this world.


 I have some interest in schools in this world that train adventurers, but now that I am a C-rank adventurer, I have no need for it.



 On the way to the kingdom of Ktevr, I proceeded as usual, carrying out exploration and defeating monsters as they appeared.


 I found out that Spirit Magic is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.


 For example, if I took out several hundred stones from my storage and telekinetically sent them flying, I could easily make a hole in a tree and knock it down, but if I cast [Stone Bullet] in the same way, the tree would be blown into tiny pieces and a blank area would be created.



 I asked Amber if this was the minimum power, and he said it was the minimum, so I guess this is what happens when I control it.


 I asked him how much I could do with the maximum power. I asked him how powerful it could be, and he told me that with my magical power, I could submerge an entire continent in the ocean or make it rise up like a mountain.


 That’s a weapon of mass murder, isn’t it? I will learn to control it so as not to overdo it.



 Thanks to this, I am now able to confront wolf monsters that used to attack me in numbers and run away from me without fear and with a margin of safety.


 Moreover, when attacking wolf monsters, I can suddenly create a large, deep hole, and instantly create a large number of rock spears waiting at the bottom of the hole, so I can subdue 30 or 50 individuals without worrying about it.


 I was able to obtain a large number of magic stones, skins, and meat in one go.



 Huey also took in more magic stones, and before I knew it, he was able to dismantle the monsters he absorbs. For example, if he was instructed to leave only the magic stone when taking in a defeated wolf monster, he would take in the whole thing and spit out the magic stone after a jiggle.


 It is amazing that he can also do it for both skin and meat, as long as the same instructions are given.



 I bought curtains in a small town along the way and wood for the front door and windows of our house and did some woodworking while camping out.


 The hinges and nails for the front door were made by alchemy, the windows were sliding windows, and the crescent locks were made and installed with alchemy.


 The windowpanes were specially made by Huey, so they are strong, and it would be impossible for anyone to easily break in through the windows.


 The curtains are double layered with drapes and lace curtains, just like the windows in the houses I know.



 I spent most of the trip camping.


 It was more comfortable than an inn, and I could eat good food.



 By the way, I also made a handmade ventilation fan, but I struggled with it because I didn’t have a motor.


 I made bearings out of iron I had on hand and enchanted [Psychokinesis] to rotate it constantly.


 When a magic stone containing magic power is inserted into the hole near the ventilation fan, the fan starts rotating, and when the magic stone is removed, the ventilation fan stops.


 The blades and shaft of the fan were specially made by Huey.


 Since this room would basically never be used by others, I decided to build it without taking it things too seriously.



 The bearings used for the ventilation fan can be used elsewhere, but I know that if you simply develop something that doesn’t exist in this world, it will be a disaster. .


 However, this room is not limited to that.




 I tried to make a stove, but the firepower was too strong, and I was at a loss.


 However, I was able to adjust the firepower by crushing the magic stone and hardening it with Huey’s hardening mucus by arranging one row and two rows in a circle from the center of the stove, and then inserting the magic stone just like in the exhaust fan, so that only the first row ignites or the second row ignites.


 I was able to build a stable stove, a stable oven, and I also took the plunge and remodeled the kitchen into a state-of-the-art kitchen.


 Since the ventilation fan was made, the bathroom and toilet, which were placed outside in the beginning, were installed inside.


 The living and dining rooms were adjusted to make them smaller so that the overall size would not change.


 The bathroom was made to flush and a small ventilation fan was also added.



 While moving and hunting monsters during the day and training and remodeling at night, it took roughly two weeks to reach Volkran, the royal capital of the Kingdom of Ktevr.


 After showing my guild card and going through the gates of the royal city, I entered the town, which was bustling with activity, and the people on the streets seemed young overall.



 First, I would gather information at the guild, and then I would receive the reward for the wyverns I had defeated in Valmy.


 I soon arrived at the guild and went inside to have the Raptor taken care of.



 I went to the receptionist, presented my guild card, and took the necessary steps to have the Raptor kept for a week.


 The receptionist looked at my guild card and seemed to get an idea of what I was looking for, so she called out to me as she took care of the Raptor.



“I am Giselle, the receptionist at the Adventurers’ Guild. Louis has received a reward for defeating the wyverns in Valmy and a payment from the Sinker Trading Company via the Ares Branch, so could you please come to the Guild Master’s office?” (Giselle)


“Oh, yes.” (Louis)



 Giselle led me to the Guild Master’s office on the second floor.


 When Giselle knocked on the door of the room, I heard a soft voice saying, “Come in.”


 I followed the directions and entered the room to find a 40-year-old macho man with blond hair and blue eyes.



“Welcome, Louis, it’s nice to meet you. Louis, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Winston, the Guild Master. You’ve received a reward for defeating the wyverns in Valmy and a payment from the Sinker Trading Company via the Ares branch. I want you to accept it.” (Winston)


“Yes, I understand.” (Louis)


“The reward for defeating the wyvern is four white gold coins, the equivalent of 400 gold coins. The payment from the Sinker Trading Company is three platinum coins, which is equivalent to 3,000 gold coins. The payer took care of the fees for both, so all you have to do is accept the money, okay?” (Winston)


“Well, I don’t have any use for platinum coins, so can I receive the money in gold coins, instead?” (Louis)


“I can give you 400 gold coins right away, but it will take about 20 days to get 3,000 gold coins out from the platinum coins.” (Winston)


“20 days…” (Louis)



 Should I dive into the dungeon for 20 days?



“Then, while we prepare the money, I would like to give you a nominated request for a month, so could you accept it?” (Winston)


“That depends on what you’re asking?” (Louis)



 Suddenly a nominated request. It was more suspicious than a request to take down a wyvern, but I decided to listen to what he had to say.



 I asked him about it and found out that he was asking me to be a temporary teacher at his school.


 The reward was 20 gold coins for a month, and I had no idea if that was too much or too little.


 I can’t imagine someone my age calling me teacher at all.



“Actually, we’ve received a report that most of the wyvern subjugation was done mostly by you. In addition, if you can gain achievements such as subjugating a wyvern class or a large number of monster subjugation while you are in Volkran, we can promote you to B-rank. We’ve been contacted, that if you take this monthlong lecturer request it will have the same evaluation as a high-ranked monster subjugation.” (Winston)


“I’m not really interested in getting a promotion, and a D-rank is more than enough. Besides, if it’s a large amount of monster subjugation, I did it on the way here. I was thinking of asking you to buy it after receiving the reward for subjugating the wyvern.” (Louis)


“How much is a large amount?” (Winston)


“There were a lot of wolf monsters along the way. I think there were 50 Forest Wolves, 50 Red Wolves, 40 Wind Wolves, 10 High Orcs, 40 Orcs, 20 Hobgoblins, 10 Red Boars, 10 Giant Boars, 4 Killer Spiders, 6 Poison Vipers, 2 Four Armed Bears, and that’s about it.” (Louis)



 Actually, there were 3 Jewel Boars and 20 Red Deer, but it doesn’t have to be given now.



“That’s a hell of a lot. And all that by yourself?” (Winston)


“I’m a tamer, and my familiars do their best, so I just have to finish them off.” (Louis)


“Even if you call it a familiar, it’s just a slime, right?” (Winston)


“My slime is a special type of monster, so it’s very strong and useful. In addition to the monsters, I mentioned earlier, I’ve killed about 200 goblins, but my slime has taken down most of them.” (Louis)


“Is that slime out of the ordinary, too? Well, I’d like to ask you to be an instructor for newbie adventurers. Please.” (Winston)



 Come to think of it, I was in charge of training new employees when I was the general manager of the General Affairs Department in my previous life.


 I was so glad when he was being polite to me.



“All right, then I’ll take on the job. But only for one month, with no extensions.” (Louis)


“Of course. Thank you very much.” (Winston)



 And so, I agreed to be a temporary teacher for one month.


 After working out a few details, the Guild Master asked me to come back tomorrow to draw up a contract, so I received 400 gold coins and left his office.


 I didn’t expect to be stuck there for a month just to exchange money.



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