Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 11: Continuing to Practice Magic

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I appraised myself and found some items marked with “?”, Am I unable to appraise myself accurately? Is it something that [Appraisal] does not grasp?


No matter how much I think about what I don’t know, I still wouldn’t know.


I’ll leave it at that for now, maybe I’ll figure it out sooner or later.



Okay, now for “exploration”.


What do I think of Exploration, like a ship’s Aegis radar? Or sonar on a submarine? [T/N: Google-sensei said Aegis or “Aegis Combat System” is an integrated naval weapons system developed by the US and is now used by navies worldwide.]


I vaguely remember that radar is the reflection of radio waves, and sonar is the reflection of sound…


The sound will tell us where we are, so I guess radar is the best for exploration.


I don’t have any enemies, but I’ll give it a try.



The suitable image for [Exploration] is radar



I saw a map of the village and a light spot in my mind.


Is the map limited to the village?


No, when I focused on the distance, it expanded.


I don’t know the scale, but the map extended to the mountains.


Hmm? I saw some red dots of light at the edge of the map, but what were they?


Is it the mountain, or is it the front of the mountain on the map?


I’m sure I’ll figure this out as I use it. But for now, this is okay.



Exploration can also be used.


Maybe I can do the rest tomorrow?


No, I should think about it, even if I don’t know, it’s important to remember.



When I appraised myself earlier, I found blacksmithing and alchemy.


I know what blacksmithing is.


It was faster than Pete’s and the quality was better.


But I didn’t experience alchemy because I didn’t have enough materials.


Nonetheless, alchemy was shown in the appraisal results. This meant that I could also do alchemy.



If I can use Holy Magic, I will be able to heal wounds with magic instead of potions, but if I can use Alchemy, I will be able to manufacture and sell potions.


This means that if I train myself, I won’t have to worry about my income! Hooray.



I feel a little relieved to have a glimmer of a way to live.


Thank you, Jupiter-sama.



A lot of time had passed while I was thinking about it.


I’ll do some magic training in the backyard before dinner.



I can see a way to live, so I lightly run to the backyard.


I did 15 minutes of self-defense-style magic circulation on my body clock.


Maybe I’ll try some yoga meditation next time.


I was drenched in sweat after 15 minutes, but I didn’t really care as I made a water ball.



I turned my palms upward and thought,


It would be the size of the ball was a golf ball then, “[Water!]”



For some reason, the size of the water that came out was a basketball.


Size aside, it didn’t stop there.



“[Psychokinesis – Hold]” (Louis)



The water ball stops before it hits the ground and is just barely floating in the air.



“[Slow Rise]” (Louis)



I pointed both hands at the ball and slowly moved it upward as if I were pulling it up, and it rose gently.



“[Hold]” (Louis)



Stop at about 30cm above my head.



“[Spin]” (Louis)



The water ball slowly spins in place.


I thought to myself, If I put detergent and laundry in it, and spin it alternating between both directions, it will have the same effect as a washing machine.


The moment I thought that the water ball fell.



Oh, maybe it’s because I messed up my concentration?



There are two things I need to reflect on, the fact I messed up my concentration and the size of the water ball became strange again.


Let’s try again.


Palm facing up, size is a golf ball, [Water!]


This time, it was the size of a golf ball.


I couldn’t help but shout, “Yeah!”.


I manipulated the water ball with my psychokinetic powers and proceeded to rotate it in the same way as before, fixed it from left to right rotation, raised it to the limit of my vision, turned off the telekinesis, and let it fall naturally.


The golf ball-sized water ball scattered in the middle of its fall and was lost in the air.


Manipulating a water ball with psychokinesis is more fun than I expected.


I can’t control the size of the ball the way I want to, but I’m going to take some time and get the hang of it.


Training is important.



After finishing my training, I decided to head for dinner.


When I ordered at the cafeteria, the menu was the same as yesterday: hard bread, potage, and pickled celery.


I enjoyed the delicate taste and finished my supper.



I was not satisfied with the lack of a bath, but it could not be helped.


I filled the tub with water, wiped myself with a hand towel, and relaxed.


I wondered if the inn was safe with no other guests.



After taking a break, I went to the backyard to train my magic again.


After the magic circulation training, the size of the water ball became the size of a balance ball.


Since it became troublesome, the water ball was floated to the limit of my sight with my psychokinesis and was scattered.


Should I train near the river tomorrow after all?


I kept doing the same thing again until the water ball was the size of a golf ball.


Feeling like I had a terrible grasp on Life Magic, I wiped off the sweat and cleaned up before going to bed.

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