Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 115: Killer Octopus Part 2

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 After the meal, which was a bit disappointing, we decided to plan our strategy in our room.


 I would like to see if the Killer Octopus would come toward the shallows during the high tide at night.



 After gathering my thoughts, I decided to go out to the backyard of the inn to train my magic as usual and take a break.


 I went out from the inn late at night and observed the area from high ground where Gael had told me about, but I could not see anything visually. I tried to search for them using [Exploration], and sure enough, there were two of them.


 When I was searching for Kraken, there were five of them, but since Killer Octopuses seem to be more troublesome, I could not let up even if there were only two of them. No, one of them is enough, but there are two of them, so it may not be the time to defeat them.


 After finishing my scouting, I returned to the inn and decided to revise the strategy I had initially devised to take down the Killer Octopuses.



 The next morning, after breakfast, I went to yesterday’s high ground to conduct another visual inspection and search.


 [Exploration] showed that they were gone from yesterday’s location, which I expected, and I believe that the killer octopus is approaching the shore at night. The reason why the damage is done during the day is because the killer octopus understands and learns that humans come out in the daytime on their boats.



 I decided to make the planned battle area easier to fight in the first place. The planned battle site is heavily wooded, so the first thing to do is to remove the trees.


 Even if I say remove, it’s a rough job that has me borrowing Amber’s power to move the surrounding soil with [Land Remodel] and push out the roots of the growing trees from the soil. Beside me, Amber was giggling when I did this. It seems that he couldn’t help laughing because using earth magic was simply funny for him.



 I asked Gael about it and he said there was no problem cutting it down since there was no one to manage it, so I cut down the trees for about two kilometers in diameter to create a level area.


 The cut trees thoroughly had the water removed, dried, and the branches were cut and separated with an axe and before being stored in my Infinite Storage. The bushes and shrubs were also dried in the same way and put into storage.



 Next, with the help of Amber again, two jars with a 20-meter diameter and 20-meter height were made with a mesh bottom.


 To strengthen them, I reinforced them with Huey’s hardening mucus and added my enhanced Magic Shield.


 I tied a wire made with alchemy to the jars and attached a large float I had Huey make to the end of the wire. The float was just a marker and I tied a sliding-type knot so that it would not remain sinking when the killer octopus was hooked. Simply put, when this trap is submerged in the ocean and a Killer Octopus enters the jar, the float will sink for a moment, then float again, and even if the trap moves, the float will not move and will remain floating as a landmark.



 Now I was 80% ready to go, so I decided to wait for the night.


 I told Gael that I planned to execute a strike this evening.



 During the evening hours, I put a large amount of salted orc meat in the jar and sunk it at the planned location, and [Exploration] revealed that small fishes and fish-type monsters were gathering there for the salted orc meat.


 Then, two killer octopuses came, despite the shallow hours of the night, and each moved to the location of the jar. They may have been very hungry.



 After about 30 minutes of observation, I launched Huey’s special boat with a spindle-shaped float attached to a canoe and drove it quietly, and telekinetically raised the jar containing the Killer Octopuses at the planned location.



 The bottom of the jar was mesh-like, so the water came pouring out at a great rate, but we didn’t care and covered the jar with a Magic Shield.


 I carry the two jars to the land while making them float. I am having a headache. At first, I thought because of the weight, but it was because the Killer Octopus is using some kind of mental attack.


 When I managed to carry the two jars to the planned landing spot and put them side by side, I saw the killer octopus poking its legs out from the bottom of the jars.


 I took a deep breath to catch my breath, and while holding back my headache, I instructed Huey to make a hardened mucus cube with the jars inside.


 When Huey instantly made a cube, I gave him detailed instructions to make the top of the mucus into a mesh like the bottom of the jar, and Huey responded exactly as I had instructed.



 Next, I used [Land Remodel] to create a large hearth at the location where the Killer Octopuses were located.


 After checking the direction of the wind, I threw in the shrubs and bushes that had been thoroughly dried by alchemy into the hearth and lit a fire.


 The flames blazed stronger by throwing more and more dried wood for every two-kilogram of the mucus cube.



 As time passed, the screams of the killer octopus began to rise, “Pugggyaaaaa!” but the jar we had made was much stronger than the power of the Killer Octopuses. When the Killer Octopuses screamed, the headache got worse for a little while, but then it subsided and I returned to a clear state. I am now sure it was some kind of mental attack.



 I can’t use Fire Magic or Wind Magic, which can generally finish them off with a single blow, and I can’t do it right now.


 I can use the iron spears, but if it has the same ecology as the octopuses I know, it won’t die immediately even after a few strikes, but if I strike it, the pot, or rather the jar, will break. That’s why I put them in the jar, trapped them, and burned them.



 The voice from the Killer Octopuses died out, their legs stopped moving altogether, and it stopped even when I poked them, so we put out the fire with water and returned the hearth back to flat ground.


 I instructed Huey to dissolve the mucus and then put the jars in my Infinite Storage, and two boiled octopuses, or rather boiled Killer Octopuses, with legs curled up, were formed from inside.



 Having accomplished my goal, I decided to return to the inn to get some sleep since it was late at night and just leave the two Killer Octopuses in my Infinite Storage.



 The next morning, I went to Gael and reported that I had killed the two Killer Octopuses. I went with him to the place where we had fought and showed him the two boiled Killer Octopuses out of my Infinite Storage.


 Gael was stunned at first by the size of the two beasts and moved around them before saying to me, “You did a really good job. Thank you.”


 I told him that I would take the Killer Octopuses back to the guild. I put it in my Infinite Storage again and walked with Gael to the port area.



“Now I can go fishing with peace of mind. I apologize again for my rudeness when we met and thank you. I’m sorry and thank you.” (Gael)



 When we arrived at the landing, Gael bowed his head and apologized, and thanked me again.


 I smiled and said I was glad we were able to defeat them safely. Then I held out my right hand.


 As a cool sea breeze blew through the air, Gael grabbed my hand with his large, rough hand, and we shook hands firmly before parting.



 After parting with Gael, I went to the guild and reported that I had defeated two Killer Octopuses and completed my quest.



“Eeeeeee? Did you really subjugate a Killer Octopus?” (Maru)



 I nodded and answered as Maru asked in surprise, her eyes almost popping out of her sockets.



“Yes, I must have been lucky, because I was able to kill two of them.” (Louis)


“You were lucky… Anyway, please give a detailed report to the Guild Master.” (Maru)



 After saying that, she ran to the back.


 When she returned a short time later, she led me breathlessly upstairs to an office.



“I’m Ricky, the Guild Master. Nice to meet you. Is it true that you really managed to kill two Killer Octopuses?” (Ricky)



 He must be about 40 years old, with short brown hair and green eyes. He has a muscular body and looks very intimidating.


 In my mind, Guild Master is becoming equal to macho.



“Yes, I was lucky enough to defeat two of them. Before coming to the guild, I showed Gael the Killer Octopuses that I had killed before reporting here.” (Louis)


“Wait a minute, it’s not a monster that can be defeated by luck. I’m sure you made careful preparations, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to know the details of how you subjugated them.” (Ricky)


“I was well prepared.” (Louis)



 I told him again about the steps to subjugate them and that I was able to do it because I was a Non-attribute Magic user and had a reliable familiar.



“Hmmm… Then, using Louis’s Psychokinesis and your familiar’s special ability to confine it, you then set it on fire.” (Ricky)


“That’s right. If I had been able to use Fire Magic, I would have been able to defeat them in a much shorter amount of time.” (Louis)


“I understand, thanks for the details. I’m assuming you’ll be in town for a while. If we have any other quests you would like to take, I will be sure to call on you. I’ll have the reward ready for you as soon as you’re done.” (Ricky)


“I would like to enter the kingdom of Ekran and some nearby dungeons, so I will be in this city for another just two or three days, I can do it if it is within that time.” (Louis)



 While we were talking, Maru brought 400 gold coins in a leather bag for the two subjugation rewards.


 I took it, kept it in my Infinite Storage, and stood up.



“Then that’s it for me. I’m going to sell the Killer Octopuses.” (Louis)



 I bowed and left the office and went to the dismantling area behind the counter.



“Hello. I’d like to sell Killer Octopuses, please.” (Louis)


“Huh? Killer Octopuses?” (Dismantler)


“Yes, it is. I have subjugated them last night, so I would like to have you purchase them. Can I put them out here?” (Louis)



 I asked, pointing to a large empty space in the dismantling area.



“I don’t mind… is it really true? Did you really subjugate one?” (Dismantler)



 I answered yes and took out the two boiled Killer Octopuses in the designated area.



“Oooh! It’s real! That’s great! It’s really real!” (Dismantler)



 You said that twice because it was so important? Did they think I was lying?



“Please, give back the magic stone and one leg to me, and you can buy the rest. I’ll be inside the guild or in the cafeteria, so please call me when you’re done.” (Louis)


“Oh, sure. Oh, I understand.” (Dismantler)



 I received a very plain reply with a complicated expression of both nervousness and enthusiasm. While I was waiting, I checked the quest board to see what new quests were available and found that “2 Killer Octopuses Subjugated” was posted on the quest board.




 Hmmm, I knew that Maru was working fast, but was subjugating Killer Octopus treated as a permanent request until now?



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