Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 116: We’ll Try It When We Get It, Won’t We?

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 I looked at the quest board again and didn’t see any quests that caught my eye, so I decided to have a cup of tea in the cafeteria and make a plan for the future.


 We have enough food on hand.


 If I have time when I am in camp, I try to increase the production of bread and recreate dishes from the earth.


 Food-wise, we are pretty well stocked except for the lack of sugar and milk.



 If I could get sugar and milk, I would like to make cakes and other sweet foods.


 In my previous life, I liked cooking meat, fish, and vegetables, but I also liked making cakes and other sweets.


 I remember that it was more fun to make sweets by weighing them than to eat them, as if I was experimenting with them.



 I was lost in my thoughts, but I came back to reality when I heard a voice saying, “The purchase assessment is complete.”


 I hurried into the dismantling shop and listened to the dismantler with a beaming smile on his face.



“No~ I didn’t know you were a B-rank adventurer, and I was rude to you. I’m sorry. So, about the Killer Octopus, I’ve already prepared to return the magic stone and the legs to you. The purchase price is 600 gold coins in total. If you add the magic stone as well, it will be 800 for them, how about it?” (Dismantler)


“No? I’ll take back the magic stone and the leg.” (Louis)


“I’m sorry, but I’ll do as you say. I was allowed to dismantle the Killer Octopus for the first time. Thank you.” (Dismantler)



 I received one leg, two fist-sized magic stones, and 600 gold coins for the purchase price at the counter.



 I didn’t have any tenkasu [T/N: Bits of fried tempura.] or red ginger, but I could make takoyaki with whatever ingredients I had on hand.


 I had no choice but to make them! I thought to myself, “I can’t remember what’s in that commercial takoyaki flour.”


 I used to love looking at ingredient lists, but I can’t remember what takoyaki flour is…




 I moved to the place where I defeated Killer Octopus, got out the rocket stove and put on the takoyaki plate I made with Blacksmithing Magic, but I can’t remember the flour.



 I remember seeing and hearing on TV about adding yams to make it more moist, or putting lard on the finish, but I can’t remember the basic ingredients other than flour.



 Anyway, I tried to make takoyaki with whatever ingredients I could think of.


 I put oil in a warmed takoyaki cooker, poured in the water-soluble flour, and when it had hardened a little, I put in the octopus, or rather Killer Octopus chunks, poured in more water-soluble flour, and cooked it, turning it over with a wooden toothpick, then poured my own sauce and mayonnaise over the finished product.



 The taste was a bit bland.


 Not enough umami, is this because of the lack of dried bonito flakes? I decided to use kombu dashi broth to add umami.


 I reduced the amount of water in the water-soluble wheat and dissolved the wheat flour in kombu dashi to make it again.


 The umami became a little stronger, but the texture remained sticky.


 Can this be improved with yams? I felt it lacked the fluffiness of bread, so I dried, crushed, and added yeast.


 Yes, I think it got a little better.


 After making a small amount of takoyaki a few times, I was able to make a compromise level of takoyaki, so I decided to make enough for two or three people.



“Huh? Gael, what’s wrong?” (Louis)


“Oh, Louis. I came here to tell my fellow fishermen how the killer octopus was defeated, but there were no traces left behind, so I was at a loss to explain.” (Gael)


“I see. Well, can you all come over here for a minute?” (Louis)



 After saying that, I had about 10 other fishermen move in close to me.



“I gave all the Killer Octopus corpses to the guild, but I took one leg. Look.” (Louis)



After saying that, I told him and showed him the leg out of storage.



“””Oooooh, wow!””” (Fishermen)



 They all showed the same surprise.


 It had shrunk a little after being boiled, but it was still about seven meters long, so that alone was impressive.



“So, I’m trying to make Killer Octopus into a dish from my hometown, do you want to try it?” (Louis)



 I brushed oil on the takoyaki griddle, added dashi and powder dissolved in water, and began to cook it.



 The smell of burning oil stimulated my appetite and everyone, including Gael, wanted to try it, so I cooked them one after another and served them in a boat-shaped dish Huey had made for me.



“Foo, foo, I’m surprised the Killer Octopus turned out to be such a tasty dish.” (Gael)



 Everyone seemed to agree.



“This dish will be a hit with the kids. Why don’t you bring them all over from home and feed them?” (Louis)


“Are you sure?” (Gael)


“Because there’s so much of it?” (Louis)



 With that, I pointed to a seven-meter Killer Octopus foot and everyone ran out laughing and saying they would bring their kids.



 A few minutes later, about 20 kids were brought in, so I made a lot of additional takoyaki.


 Adults and kids alike were eating them, saying “Foo, foo, yummy.”


 I’m glad I was able to get them to taste that good before everyone else arrived.


 Huey was also satisfied with the takoyaki, but he didn’t make the same “Foo, Foo.” reminder as the other family members did.



 They were all very excited about going out to sea for fishing tomorrow and came to thank me in turn.


 I told them to eat without worrying about thanking me and just kept on cooking takoyaki.



 In the end, even though everyone had eaten their fill, most of the Killer Octopus legs remained.


 When I offered to give it to Gael, he politely declined, saying that no one knew how to cook it and that he would feel terrible to give away my catch after I had defeated it, so I put it in storage.



 I told everyone to do their best tomorrow and left Gael and the others.


 As expected, my stomach was growling, so I took a walk around the town to relieve my hunger, practiced magic and aikido in the forest, and then returned to my lodgings.



 The next morning, I asked Maru for information about the dungeon at the guild.


 He told me that there is no dungeon in the port town of Konju and that if I wanted to dive into a dungeon, I should go to Verdun, a town 400 km to the north.


 The dungeon in Verdun is said to have about 20 levels.



 When I asked him what kind of lodging, he uses as a base when he dives into a dungeon, he replied that it can be divided into two ways. One is to keep an inn and repeatedly go in and out of the dungeon in the shallow levels. The other is the opposite, where people take the time to dive deeper into the dungeon, pulling out of their lodgings and spending several days in the dungeon.



 However, he does not recommend that long-term dungeon dwellers register properly when they enter a dungeon, otherwise they will not be recorded even if they step into a dungeon, and no one will know if they die in it.


 Some people dive for long periods of time while keeping their lodgings, but this is only done by adventurers with high rank and money, he said.



 After confirming that there were no new requests for appointments, I asked the guild for a letter to the Soy Sauce Workshop, as I would be leaving today for the next town. The letter stated that they had defeated the killer octopus and that they were leaving Konju for Verdun, a city with a dungeon.



 I did not tell anyone that I had met Amber, the earth spirit.


 Considering what Amber told me, I think it would be best not to tell them that I made a contract with the spirit.



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