Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 117: The Food Dungeon

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 After that, I left Konju and proceeded to defeat every single demon I encountered on my way to Verdun. The monsters I encountered were the usual goblins and orcs I encountered several times alone, but they were all monsters that I could easily defeat now.



 I continued to camp in good weather and talked with Amber and Huey often.


 Amber said she was so happy to be able to experience so much with me, and when I told her that we would be going into the dungeon, her eyes lit up and she said she was excited.


 Huey sent me a reminder that he was looking forward to it, too, even though he had been in dungeons before.


 I, too, am curious to know what the difference is between a wild dungeon and a dungeon in the wild.



 We proceeded to encounter and defeat the occasional monster, and it took us about a week to reach Verdun, where we presented our guild cards and entered the town. The guards told me that adventurers were welcome and took the initiative in showing me where the guild was located. We were grateful.



 After going to the guild, we first looked at the quest board, but there were no quests for B-rank or higher adventurers, and most of the quests for C-rank and lower were permanent quests.


 I looked closely and found that the purchase price of medicinal herbs was a little higher than in previous guilds. This is probably because many adventurers buy potions.



 When I presented my guild card at the reception desk and asked for information about the dungeon, the receptionist gave me a brief explanation.



“My name is June, the receptionist. The dungeon here in Verdun is called the Food Dungeon, and there are currently 20 floors known. On each floor, there are monsters that drop vegetables and meat. We have received reports that the structure of the dungeon changes depending on the time of day, so please be careful when entering each floor. The purchase price is generally fixed, and the lower the floor, the more expensive the item will be.” (June)


“I see, so I can’t expect any drops other than food, such as materials for weapons and armor, and has someone already captured the dungeon?” (Louis)


“We have not received any reports of non-food drops at this time. If there is a drop other than food, it would be a new record. Moreover, we have not received any information on adventurers who have completed the dungeon.” (June)


“Okay, thank you very much for the information.” (Louis)



 That’s about all the information I could get. After completing the procedures to leave the Raptor with me for a week, I headed for the dungeon, which was about a kilometer from the guild.



 About a kilometer from the guild, there was a fort, or rather a small building, in front of the dungeon. A sentry was standing there. I could see a tunnel entrance made of brick-like stone blocks on the mountainside at the far end.



 It was my first time entering a dungeon, so when I asked the sentinel what kind of procedures to do, he told me to show him my guild card and take records before entering the dungeon because there was a man named Rob inside the building.


 By the way, the building also doubles as a weapon and armor store, and they sell potions, so I was advised to prepare my equipment before entering, so I have a magic bag with everything I need. After telling him not to worry and thanking him for his advice, he entered the building.



 The weapons and armor on sale were quite crude compared to those in Hector’s blacksmith store. Despite this, potions were sold at a price 20% higher than in Hector’s shop. This may be normal in a place where demand is high, but I felt that it was a bit harsh.


 There was an office-like space with a small window, so I called out to him.



“Hello, my name is Louis and I’d like to register to enter the dungeon.” (Louis)


“Oh. I’m Rob. Please lend me your guild card. Let’s register.” (Rob)



 He was a man in his mid-twenties, with short brown hair, wearing the same gear as the guards outside.



“You’re a B-rank adventurer but be careful when you enter.” (Rob)


“I understand. Thank you for registering.” (Louis)



 After receiving my card, I left the building and entered the dungeon.


 After passing through a black haze, I saw that the inside was dimly lit, but the walls glowed slightly brightly.


 What was that? It looked a little different from the wild dungeons I had seen.


 The ground and walls were paved with stone blocks, and the passageway seemed to be nearly five meters wide.


 It’s about 3 meters high with a flat ceiling, just like a normal stone corridor. It looks nice.



 I quickly unfolded the map.


 Ah, it’s surprisingly spacious. The road turns into a square at the end of the corridor and then branches off in four directions. The road branches and merges in the same way, and finally the upper right corner of the map leads to the lower level.



 I tried to explore, but there was not even a sign of monsters.


 I found a staircase leading to the lower level by relying on the map. I guess “out of the loop” is the word I would use in such a situation.



 When I went down to the second level and unfolded the map, it was the same as the first level, but it showed the names of the monsters that I had never seen before. Killer Mushroom, Poison Carrot, Rush Tomato, and Rock Potato. What is this? Vegetables?



 While holding my short sword, I proceeded according to the map.


 The first one I encountered was a Rock Potato.



 It jumped in just as I was in attack range of the Rock Potato.


 It seemed to be the default for this monster to be present in groups, not just one, and it lunged at me the moment I got in close, but the impact was as if I had been hit with a Rock Bullet. The size is about the size of two fists, but as its name suggests, it is as hard as a rock.


 It is always deploying its Magic Shield, so it can be defeated unscathed, but it is not good for the heart. And it seems that a dagger is more compatible with this monster than a short sword. I switched my weapon to a dagger and proceeded with about four layers of Magic Shield.



 After this, I had an encounter with a Rush Tomato, but it was a weak monster, it was not as deadly as a Rock Potato, just a large tomato splashing juice everywhere.


 However, the amount of juice was not a lot. The tomatoes would pour juice until the tomatoes themselves became shriveled up. The problem is that the fruit juice attack makes them look bloody at first glance.



 Rock Potatoes dropped potatoes, and Rush Tomatoes dropped bottled tomato juice and tomatoes themselves. I thought it was surreal to see bottled tomato juice, but who cares?



 Killer Mushrooms and Poison Carrots also attacked me, but they were weak monsters and I killed them instantly, and the drop was a vial of poison. These aren’t food, are they? I tilted my head and stowed them away.



 The third level had similar passageways, but the monsters were different.


 Goblins, hobgoblins, and slimes appeared one after another, but for some reason, vegetables were the only thing that dropped after defeating them.



 The vegetables dropped on the third level were “bean sprouts, radishes, cabbage, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, and bell peppers,” a lineup that had no consistency at all. I appraised each drop just to be sure before tossing it into storage, but I suppressed the urge to tell him that I was a grocer.



 I was tempted to ask the dungeon core what was going on since there were no monsters that seemed to be bosses in this dungeon and the drops were vegetables, while there was something boss-like in the stray dungeon.



 The fourth and fifth floor had similar passageways, and the monster that appeared was the same as in the third level: slimes, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, and other small fry monsters. The vegetables were mixed with fruits such as lemons and oranges.



 The dungeon’s structure changed dramatically on the sixth floor. There was no ceiling, and it was empty.


 What is going on here?




 The map shows no passageways from one end to the other, a plain with shrubs, and many monsters such as wolves and boars. But it’s vegetables that fall, right? I muttered to myself.



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