Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 120: White Fang Party

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“We’re a C-rank party, White Fang. Excuse me, but could you share some potions, please? Of course, I’ll pay for it.” (Adventurer)



 The wolf-eared man who bowed his head with a sad face asked with a glance toward the Yuzuriha members, and their leader, Laura, answered.



“I’m sorry, but we don’t have potions because we have a healer.” (Laura)



 Ah, that’s right. Well then.



“You can use mine.” (Louis)



 I told him and handed him my advanced potion.



“Thank you. Let me use it.” (Adventurer)



 The seriously injured beastman was wearing a robe like a magician. He downed the potion and was able to recover at once.


 The man breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his companion had recovered.



“Thank you. I am Aldo, leader of White Fang. This is Karon, and Joe is the one who used the potion. How much do I owe you for the potion? It’s an advanced potion, right?” (Adventurer => Aldo)


“No, I don’t need the money, it’s a win-win situation. By the way, are you hungry? Would you like to have a meal?” (Louis)


“What? Free food? A potion? Is that okay? We’re beastmen, you know?” (Aldo)



 Hmm? What in the world is he surprised about?



“Oh, no, it’s not like I am forcing you to eat if you don’t want to, you know?” (Louis)



 After answering, I looked at Aldo.



“Oh, well, thank you. I just couldn’t believe that I would receive such kindness from a human…” (Aldo)



 He said with an apologetic expression.


 I made the same menu as before and served it to the three of them.


 They started to eat as if they were going to eat the whole plate, so I asked them while I was grilling some more orc meat.



“Hey, would you be offended if I served you a rice dish?” (Louis)


“No? Well, I wouldn’t be mad, but rice isn’t good, you know?” (Adlo)


“I think that’s because you don’t know how to cook it.” (Louis)



 I said that and started to cook the paella after serving more orc meat.


 After about 15 minutes, the paella was cooked just enough to make the rice toasty, so I served it in a bowl and they took a bite and exclaimed,



“”Yummy!!”” (White Fang)


“I didn’t know rice food could be this good!” (Aldo)


“The charred parts accentuate the flavor of the paella and make it so delicious!” (Karon)



 The paella was also eaten with great gusto.


 When I looked at the Yuzuriha party, they seemed to be envious, when I asked them if they wanted some, they immediately said yes. I served them a plate of paella and they responded the same as Aldo and the others.


 When they finished eating, I offered them tea, and they introduced themselves to me again with a sense of gratitude.



“Thank you again. I am Aldo, the leader of White Fang and the werewolf spearman.” (Aldo)



 He was a slim, silver-haired macho.



“Thank you. I’ve never received such kindness from a human before. I am Karon, a werecat and spearman.” (Karon)



 His orange fur, or rather, his hair, looks like a tabby cat. I want to fluff him so bad. I suppress my fingers from moving unintentionally.



“Thanks for the potions and food. I’m Joe, the party’s wizard, a werewolf who can use fire and water magic and heal. I realized how much trouble I’d cause the party if I was incapacitated.” (Joe)



 Joe’s hair is more gray than silver, and he has a little bit of hair standing up on the tips of his ears, which is kind of cool.



“I’m Louis, a Tamer, and this is Huey, my familiar. I think this is might be fate, so please take care of me.” (Louis)



 All three of them were surprised that I was a tamer. It is a common belief that tamers cannot fight.


 The three members of Yuzuriha also introduced themselves again, and Laura added that I was also a genius blacksmith recognized by the famous Hector blacksmith, the White Fangs are also surprised, but that is an overestimation. I showed him a cheap short sword I had.



 When I came in, I thought it was almost evening. It was almost dusk when we entered, but we realized that it was already dark.


 I told everyone to break up and get ready for tomorrow, and we went into our respective tents.



 It had been a while since I had used a tent, but I found that my usual earthen house was much better. I felt differently about how to get rid of fatigue.


 In the morning, I grilled fish on the rocket stove for the group and served grilled rice balls on a platter to everyone. The drinks were vegetable soup in a cup, and I did not serve miso soup, as it was not well received by the guests.



 Everyone was happy to eat the grilled rice balls and grilled fish.


 After cleaning up, I called out to everyone.



“Have you all been to the floors beyond here?” (Louis)



 Laura and Aldo answered that they had been to the thirteenth floor.


 I asked them to tell me about the monsters on the next floor, and Laura told me.



As you know, the pathways and scenery change every day, so a map won’t do you much good. The monsters that come out also change, albeit slightly. From the eleventh floor to the thirteenth floor, I noticed that the forest has become a little more dangerous. There will be more wolf- and deer-type monsters. They come in groups, so solos like Louis have to be very careful.” (Laura)



 As I was being warned, Aldo said the same thing.



“I have the same impression. We beastmen are sensitive to sounds and smell, so if a monster gets close to us, we can figure it out to some extent, but if there are too many of them, it can be like yesterday. It would be dangerous to be surrounded by that many people solo, wouldn’t it? I think you’d better come with us.” (Aldo)



 Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Aldo’s words, but I told them what I thought.



“Huey is here, so I’m not alone. I’ve received information up to the thirteenth floor, and I’m thinking of moving with all my strength from here. So, I’m going to leave you all here. Thank you.”



 They told me that they were the ones who had been taken care of and that they should be the ones to thank me. Then they encouraged me to take it easy since I was going solo. We all went down the same way until we reached the stairs to the lower floor, but after descending to the eleventh floor, I immediately enhanced my body with magic and made a dash for it.




 Yuzuriha and White Fang couldn’t keep up with me as I dashed as fast as I could, and from afar they shouted, “Go for it!” “Be careful!” I could hear their voices from afar. Yes, from here on, I decided to prioritize speed and proceed with the goal of moving properly.



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