Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 13: Tamer

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It’s a slime.


But isn’t it big despite being 10 meters away?


I looked at Pete slowly, and his face was pale.



“Pete, that’s slime, right?” (Louis)



“Yeah, but it’s not just a normal slime. It’s probably a Huge Slime.” (Pete)



The approaching Huge Slime seemed to be about two meters in diameter compared to its surroundings.


My dagger won’t work, and Pete’s spear won’t work either.


Pete isn’t able to use attack magic, nor can I.


Are we at a dead-end?


The slime wasn’t moving very fast, so we decided to slip past it and run away.



I can’t help but wonder which of the two of us it senses as prey.


At least if one of us is captured, one of us will be able to escape.


I’ve probably been alive longer than he has, so if it comes to it, I’ll move to let Pete go.


It’s only natural for the elders to do their best for the future of the young.



I held up my knife, but a weapon like a knife was ineffective against a Huge Slime.


Pete looked back at me for a moment and said, “Louis!”, But the Huge Slime seemed to be aiming at me from the beginning and charged straight at me.



I held up my knife, but a weapon like a knife was ineffective against a Huge Slime.


I looked for a way to escape, but there was none, and I was quickly caught by it.


It was covering my face and head, but I wasn’t able to do much due to its size.



I wondered if it was going to take me in and melt me, but it just covered me up and licked my face like a dog…?



What is this? Does the slime like me?



I wasn’t sure if it could understand me or not, but I decided to speak to it.



“Well, I’m sorry, but can you move away from me for just a little bit?” (Louis)



The slime moved back into being a big, round slime.


I can’t read its expression because it doesn’t have a face, but it seems to favor me, so I say.



“Hand!” (Louis)



A part of its body stretched out like a tentacle and touched my palm.


It was cute.


I offered it the hardtack bread that I had left for lunch and it quickly took it inside.


What a cutie. I’ll appraise it.



“[Appraisal]” (Louis)



Huge Slime: Unique Individual, Mucus, Acid, Telepathy.



I’m touched, so I ask.



“Would you like to be my pet?” (Louis)



When I asked it, the space between me and the slime glowed for a moment, and then it disappeared.


(Master, please take care of me from now on.) (Huge Slime)


“What? Did it speak? Where’s its mouth?” (Louis)


“It’s a telepathy. I’m a familiar because I entered into a master-servant contract.” (Huge Slime)


“Is that so? Why not a pet?” (Louis)


“I’m your familiar.” (Huge Slime)



Pete came back while we were having a meaningless conversation.



“Louis! Are you okay?” (Pete)


“Oh, yes, I’m okay.” (Louis)



Pete asked with a confused expression.



“What the heck is going on?” (Pete)


“I don’t know, but the Huge Slime seems to have become one of mine and says he’s, my familiar.” (Louis)


“Did you tame it?” (Pete)


“What do you mean tame?” (Louis)


“I mean, did you make a master-servant contract with the Huge Slime? That’s what I mean.” (Pete)



Do you become a pet because you feel nostalgic? I was surprised to hear that this happened.


It’s too abrupt no matter what you think



I decided to ask the Slime.



“Hey, tell me two things, one, what is your name, and the other is why you weren’t hostile?” (Louis)


(I don’t have a name, so Master will have to decide. And I knew you weren’t an enemy because you smelled good.) (Huge Slime)


“I get to choose your name? I’ll call you Huey then since you’re a Huge Slime. Nice to meet you, Huey. What’s the difference between a good smell and a delicious smell? Also, it’s hard for me if you keep calling me master, so just call me Louis.” (Louis)


(Got it, Louis. It’s not a delicious smell, it’s just a smell we like.) (Huge Slime => Huey)


“Hmm, do I still smell like it?” (Louis)


“Yeah, Louis smells really good.” (Huey)



Apparently, I smell good to monsters.


Maybe it’s because I’m from another world?


When I told Pete that they knew I wasn’t an enemy because apparently, I smelled good to Huey, he misunderstood that I smelled delicious.


I guess that’s what he thinks since we’re dealing with a monster.



Pete added that he had never seen a monster that could communicate.


He said that even if there is a master-servant contract, they don’t talk to each other, they just command the monsters. He’s never seen any other monster except common monsters or tamed Raptors.


By the way, I tried to see if Huey could understand my thoughts as telepathy, and he could.


It seems that both parties can send telepathic messages to those with whom they have made a master-servant contract.


I’m not sure if it’s possible for familiars to talk to each other if I make contracts with more than one of them.



When I activated [Appraisal] on Huey again, I found that “Louis’ familiar ” had been added.


I don’t know when the contract was made.



I can imagine that the lifestyle of a dog or a cat would be different from that of a slime, but if he follows me at his size, I might receive complaints.


When I told Huey that he was too big and that I would have to let him go, he said he could make himself smaller.



Slimes are amazing.



I asked him to try it out and he said he could make it the size of my palm.


He said that if he worked hard, he could get down to the size of a pea, but he couldn’t do it for a long time.


Where is all this mass going to disappear to? I thought about that for a moment, but then I reminded myself not to think too much about it since this was a world where magic was possible and this was a mysterious creature.


Normally, he could be anywhere from the size of the palm of my hand to about 30 centimeters.



By the way, Huey is gummy to the touch, not sticky or gooey, but soft and cool to the touch, which is quite pleasant.


According to Pete, slimes are usually sticky and gooey and are generally small fry monsters.

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