Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 14: Blacksmithing

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I don’t want any more monsters to come near me, so I decided to go back to the village.


By the way, the palm-sized Huey is riding on my shoulder.


As I walked along the road, I asked Huey what he could do, and he told me that when he fights other monsters, he fights them by emitting mucus or acid, or he fights them off with his full size and mass.



Slimes are super omnivores and will eat anything, so as long as they don’t refuse to eat it, they can feed on rocks, leaves, or even monsters they’ve killed.


That way, it doesn’t cost much to feed them. It’s just a shame that I can’t see his expression.



I was able to get a lot of materials, so Pete and I talked about making a sword when we got back to the village.


When I arrived at the village, I dropped by Camus’s place and gave her some Hirupo grass, but she was baffled by the amount.


She said there was enough for half a year, but I thought it would be good because she could dry it and store it, but she said she had to buy it or go collect it herself, and with this amount, she couldn’t even pay for it.


I told her it was my way of thanking her for teaching me magic, and she reluctantly agreed to take it for free.



After that, I went to Pete’s workshop to learn how to make swords, but the only weapon I knew of was a katana.


Moreover, my knowledge of swords was at a vague level, like I had seen some on display, or I had seen on TV that they were forged using tamahagane. [T/N: Tamahagane is Japanese-style steel that has 0.5-0.7% carbon by mass, but some could reach 1.7% carbon.]



At the workshop, Pete and I talked, and at first, we decided to strengthen Pete’s spear instead of making a sword that I had never actually had the chance to make.



Then we decided to make my sword.


I got the ingots for the sword and Pete got the rest.


Since I was allowed to use the workshop, it was only natural that Pete should get more.



By the way, the spear Pete is using now is a staff with one end sharpened and a steel haft.



Before we started, I drew out the design on a piece of parchment so that I could recognize the general shape, and Pete took charge of the large mallet and I took charge of the small mallet until we had a definite shape.


Pete will make the small mallet, and I will make the spear point using the handle of the spear I was holding earlier.


I was in charge of the finishing touches.


I had requested Pete to receive more experience, and he was happy to oblige.



We raised the temperature of the furnace and when the ingot was hot enough, we started.


I swing the mallet in sync with Pete’s rhythm.


I was sweating with each stroke, and when I had achieved a certain shape, Pete made eye contact with me, and I nodded and stopped hammering.


We switched positions, and I used a smaller mallet to further shape the piece, making sure it was as designed.



While Pete was sharpening, I shaved the tip of the handle to make it easier to insert the spearhead.


After the sharpening was done and the spearhead was inserted, I wrapped the end of the handle with a leather strap to hold it in place.


It seems to be much better made than expected.


At least it looks like a normal spear.



Next, we made a sword in the same way.


It was a so-called one-handed sword, but it didn’t feel like it could cut anything.


I ended up with a sword that looked like an imitation sword.


I would like to reforge it in the future when my blacksmithing skills improve.


I thanked Pete and called it a day.



He asked me what I was going to do tomorrow, and I told him that I was going to go digging again tomorrow and would like to borrow his workshop for a while.


He nodded his head and said that there was little danger, thanks to the fact that Huey had joined me, and that thanks to the Magic Bag, I would be able to carry on alone.


He told me that I would be fine, seeing that I had killed a goblin by throwing it down.


As a thank you for the many ingots I received, I was given a pickaxe.


It was a good thing I was planning to buy one.



I called out to Huey, who was sitting quietly in the corner of the workshop, and when he was on my shoulder, I said goodbye to Pete and headed for the river in the village.


I decided to train my magic in the village river before dinner.



I arrived at the river shortly after and started training with Huey standing behind me.


When I let the magic circulate, my body glowed slightly, and I felt a sense of magic power surging through me.


After about fifteen minutes of circulating magic power, I heard a telepathic message from Huey.



(Louis, you’re glowing, what are you doing?) (Huey)


“It’s my training on magic circulation. Though, I don’t know why I’m glowing.” (Louis)


(You smell even better than before.) (Huey)


“Is that so? I can’t tell why.” (Louis)



Even if he said I have a scent… I can’t understand it.


While having this conversation with Huey, I began to train my Life Magic – Water.


Pointing my palm forward and upward, “Water!”



There it is! About the size of a mini-car.



Plop— And it was poured into the river.


The surging water splashed on me, and I was soaked again.


I gave up on getting wet because it happens every time and tried to visualize the amount and size of the water, and after a few times, the water got smaller and smaller until it was the size of a golf ball.



Once again, I invoked, “Water!” and telekinetically stop the small water ball before it falls into the river.


The next step was to spin it right, left, move it in figure eight, etc., and throw it up into the sky to scatter it.


Tomorrow, I’ll try Life Magic – Fire at the mining site.



I’ll also have to check out Huey’s abilities today.

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