Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 15: Huey and My Current Abilities

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I decided to ask Huey again what kind of attack he does when he encounters an enemy, and have him show me if possible.


For fast opponents, he would first stall them with mucus and then either pour acid on them or crush them to death with his mass.


Immediately spewing acid at slow-moving opponents is his preferred method when encountering an enemy. If the enemy was strong enough to chase after Huey even if he ran away, he would set a trap using mucus and survived the situation until he can escape.



By the way, how strong is the acid?


When he sprinkled it on a pebble in the vicinity, the stone melted away with a sizzling sound.


The soil underneath it also melted, leaving a hole.



A human would only last for a few moments… Thank goodness Huey was not an enemy.



When I listened carefully, it seems that he can make mucus that is string-shaped, a trap is made by combining several types of mucus like a spider making a web. When he showed me some of the actual mucus, I found out that Huey could make it any way he wanted, in terms of strength and viscosity.



I was told that if the viscosity is reduced and the liquid is spread thinly, it can be made into a thin sheet that easily makes an opponent slip, and if it is placed in succession with high viscosity mucus, it has a combo strategy of defeating the opponent by spraying a strong acid liquid on the spot where the opponent is stopped suddenly by the rapid adhesion after slipping.


He said proudly.


I think it’s hard to find traps because the mucus is transparent even though it’s emitted from his light blue body.


It’s a world where the strongest eat the weakest, so I admired his ingenuity to survive and patted him, and he shook and trembled with joy.



That was enough training for now, let’s go back to the inn.


I’ll have to explain to them about Huey at the inn.



Back at the inn, I told Rumi-san that I had tamed a slime and asked if it was possible to have it stay overnight.


She told me to just add their name to the innkeeper’s book, but to be careful of the inn’s rooms and facilities, as any harm done to others would be the responsibility of the master.



She had seen tamer adventurers stay at the inn before, but she had only seen the type that usually has outdoor monsters, such as raptors, so the small Huey seemed to be a rare sight for Rumi-san.


The way she looked at Huey was like looking at a pet animal.



I ordered dinner at the cafeteria after I finished filling out the guestbook.


It was for the two of us and also for Huey.


I was told that Huey eats leaves and stones, but since I consider him a friend, I decided to feed him the same food.


By the way, dinner was the same as last night, hard bread, vegetable potage, and pickled celery.


After I finished eating and before going to my room, I ordered two sets of provisions for tomorrow.



After wiping myself off in my room, I lay in bed to sort out today’s events.


The first was that my search for materials was a success.


However, since I didn’t know any materials other than iron, I wasn’t able to use my searching ability to its fullest.


If I had some kind of materials encyclopedia, I would be able to collect more kinds of materials, and I would have a better idea of how to use them.


Absolutely need more knowledge and experience.



Secondly, I need to learn how to use Alchemy more.


I think I can use more than [Separation] and [fusion].


This is also a lack of knowledge, just like Exploration Magic.



Thirdly, I realized that I need to have the ability to attack.


Remember that this world is filled with monsters, and if you don’t kill them, they will kill you.


It’s definitely a world of the strong eating the weak.


If I only defend myself, I’ll be outnumbered and I won’t be able to fight with that imitation sword.





No, I’m not going to count them one at a time until I’ve raised the overall level of what I can do and become as good as anyone else.


If I only think about what I can’t do, I’ll fall into a cycle of self-loathing.



Overall, I don’t have enough knowledge or experience in this world. And I don’t have enough ability to defend myself.


This is something that became clear to me when I looked back on this day.


Tomorrow, after gathering materials, I’ll consult with Thomas-san.



In my previous life, I felt that many things were too much for me as I got older, but since I was reborn in this world, my body has been able to move freely and my memory has become much more reliable.


I’ve encountered the unknown in the form of magic and monsters, and I’ve even been threatened by death simply by going outside, but I can’t shake off the spirit of curiosity or excitement.


The people I’ve met have been generous and kind, but I don’t know what the future holds.


If I am to live in this world until the age of my previous life, I need to improve my abilities.



The only thing I know for sure is that life is shorter than I thought from my previous life experience, so I should decide what I want to do and go for it.


But it’s obvious that I’m not suited for anything dangerous, since I don’t have any strong offensive magic attributes.



I thought about it and went to bed early today.



The next morning


I woke up at the sound of the morning bell and went down to the dining hall to get ready.


I ate breakfast with Huey, received my provisions, and went out to dig for materials.


We didn’t encounter any monsters today and were able to reach the mining site.



At the mining site, I used my Exploration Magic to dig for iron ore.


I was able to dig in a little less time than Pete and I had done yesterday.


It’s amazing what you get used to.


And even though I was using every ounce of my body, I hardly felt tired.


Is it because I’m young, or is it because I have an excellent body that Jupiter-sama gave me? Well, I guess it’s one or the other.



I mass-produced ingots with the Alchemy Magic [Separation] and threw them into my Magic Bag, then decided to have an early lunch next to the remaining stones.



While I was eating lunch with Huey, it occurred to me.


Can the rocks after removing the iron be used as food for Huey? No, now that he’s a friend of mine, I’ve basically decided to feed him normal food.


If I harden this rock with Huey’s mucus, can I use it like a brick?



“Is Huey’s mucus resistant to fire and water?” (Louis)


(I used it in the forest, and it didn’t get wet, so I think it’s good against water, but I don’t know about Fire.) (Huey)


“Well, let’s give it a try.” (Louis)



I used [Grind] on the rocks and instructed Huey to harden the crushed rocks into brick using his mucus.


Huey produced the mucus, but he could not shape it into bricks.


So, I molded the two bricks in the proper shape and cast my Life Magic on one of the bricks.



“[Water]!” (Louis)



This time, as I had expected, a bucket of water came out.


There was a splashing sound and it fell into the deformed brick, but there was no visible change.


As I was thinking that I might need to soak the bricks in water for at least an hour or two to see any change, Huey sent me a telepathic message, “It is fine with water.”



“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s become a habit of mine to use Life Magic – Water. Fire’s next.”



I then pointed both palms at the other deformed brick and activated [Fire].


The fire magic was cast from a distance of about 30 centimeters from my palms, with blue flames shooting out like a gas burner about 30 centimeters further away with a whooshing sound.


It seemed to be a stronger version of the gas burners used for searing in sushi bars and pubs.


This time, I seared it for about a minute.


The results confirmed that the ugly brick was unaffected.


The mucus seems to be resistant to both fire and water.


If that’s the case, then I can [Grind] the remaining rocks from yesterday and today, mix them with Huey’s mucus, and form them into a building material.



Once I realized this, I immediately started working on it.


Huey needed time to form the blocks, so I instructed him to reduce the viscosity of the mucus a little and adjust the time for me to form them, and it worked.


We made a lot of bricks or blocks, so I threw them into the magic bag one by one.



I’ll think about how to use them later.

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