Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 16: How to Use Salt

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After taking a break for lunch, I looked around again.


Yesterday and today, I was so eager to dig that I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.


When I got out to the ground from the bottom of the spiral-shaped pit I dug, I observed the surroundings for a while and saw a whitish rock surface a little farther up the mountain.


Could it be a different kind of ore? Could it be a gemstone? I approached the rock and appraised it with dollar symbols in my eyes.



It was rock salt.



I dug a little bit of the rocky surface of the mountain, [Grind] it into small pieces, and used [Appraisal] on it.


I knew it was salt!


I licked it and it was salty.



I was so absorbed in digging that I ended up digging five to six times as much as I had done with iron.


I crushed it all up and threw it all into the Infinite Storage and kept only a handful in my magic bag.


I didn’t refine it, but since I only took out the pure white part, I think I can use it as is.


The appraisal results only said “salt”.


I decided to take the salt home as a souvenir to Thomas and the Fruit Tree Pavilion.



It was earlier than I planned, but I wanted to talk to Thomas-san about the future, and I wanted to make some pots and pans at Pete’s workshop, so I decided to leave early.


On the way back, I remembered to collect some Hirupo grass in the forest and throw it into the Infinite Storage.


I secretly vowed that one of these days I would get some glass bottles and other tools and try to make potions.



When I arrived in the village, I decided to go to Pete’s workshop and rent tools to make pots.


There were two pots. One was a frying pan about 30 centimeters in diameter and a little deeper for convenience.


The other was a Dutch oven-type pot, thicker and with a lid to match.


It was quite difficult to make the handle, but I was satisfied with the result, as I had imagined.


The real Dutch oven is made by casting, but I don’t have the equipment or the knowledge, so it turned out to be a thick Yukihira pot with a lid. [T/N: Yukihira pots are those Japanese-style pots with repeating dents/dimples on the side of the pot.]


I gave Pete an extra ingot as a thank you for making the pot I had planned and told him where I had dug up the rock salt, and he told me that it was in an area where strong monsters were present.


He warned me that I was lucky that I wasn’t attacked.


It seems that even if people know that they can get salt in that area, there are strong monsters so they can’t just walk in.


I’ll just have to be positive and consider luck a part of my skills.



He accepted the ingot in a pleasant mood, and I left the workshop with the finished pot in my magic bag.



I then went to Thomas’s General Store to ask him about two things.


The first was about work and magic.


Apparently, I have an aptitude for blacksmithing and alchemy, but I don’t have enough knowledge, so what should I do?


To be frank, if I lived in Vista Village and started the same job, I just trouble Pete and Camus-san, so I asked them if they could tell me how to earn a living while training in magic, alchemy, and blacksmithing in a big town.



“Surely one of them would go out of business if someone tried the same business in this village. Hey, I’m going to Lotus Town in two days, do you want to go with me? The only thing I know of is the merchants’ guild, but I can at least get them to meet you.” (Thomas)


“That’s right. Speaking of which, can I become an adventurer in Lotus Town?” (Louis)


“Oh, that’s a good idea. Yes, you can register as an adventurer, but it’s a job where you can be attacked by monsters and die. Louis, you couldn’t use attack magic, right?” (Thomas)


“I can’t do fire or water attack magic, but I have an aptitude for non-attribute magic, as well as holy and dark attributes, so once I learn how to fight, I should be able to fight normal level monsters.” (Louis)


“I see. It’s a good idea to do what you think is right. It’s much better than regretting not doing it.” (Thomas)


“That’s right! Thank you very much. Then, please give me a ride to Lotus Town in two days. Also…” (Louis)



The second thing I wanted to talk to him about was the salt.


The total amount of salt in the storage was more than 300 kilograms, so I asked, “Can you buy 100 kilograms?”


I asked him if he could buy 100 kilos, also that it was not packed in bags or boxes of several kilos each.


Thomas-san said that he had 15 pots that could hold 10 kilos of salt and that he could buy 100 kilos, so he led me to the pots. There were 15 pots and 12 of them were empty, so I filled all of them and told him that he should only pay for 10 pots.


He told me it was about five gold coins, but I only ask for three gold coins since the rest was for giving me a ride to Lotus Town.



“Is that really alright?” (Thomas)


“Yes, considering you gave me some good advice and I’ll be traveling with you, so thank you and see you in two days.” (Louis)




I left Thomas’s General Store and headed back to the Fruit Tree Pavilion.


At the Fruit Tree Pavilion, I told Rumi-san that I would be leaving the day after tomorrow morning and that I wanted to give the Fruit Tree Pavilion some salt.


Rumi-san hurriedly told me to stay where I was. But where did she think I was going? I wondered.



Out of breath, she pulled someone from the kitchen and brought him in.


It was Ron-san, the owner, and her husband.


I hadn’t seen him since I came here.


I was told that he usually stays in the kitchen and doesn’t go out in public. I wondered if he was shy or simply didn’t want to be bothered.


I greeted him and asked him to bring me the salt pots from the kitchen.


There were three 10 kg pots, two were empty and one was running low.


I looked at Rumi-san, who seemed to have just bought some more, and she looked so happy and relieved.


Ron-san kept his head down.



When the salt was replenished, he thanked me, and I said, “You’re welcome,” and went out again.

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