Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 17: Magic Training

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The time is already evening, but I decided to train my life magic in the river.


Huey has been sitting quietly on my shoulder the whole time.


I arrived at the river and started the magic circulation on the bank.


My body glowed and subsided as it had yesterday, so I started with Water.






What came out was water the size of a mini-car.



Just as I thought.



After the water flowed out, I remembered what happened at lunch.


In the afternoon, I was able to get a water ball of the size I wanted from the start.


What was the difference? I then thought to myself, I couldn’t control Life Magic right after the magic circulation training, that is, right after my body emitted light, but I could control it when I didn’t do the magic circulation training, right?


Looking back on everything I’ve done, I feel like it’s always been that way.



When I trained in magic circulation, I felt my body glowing and full of magic power, but I couldn’t tell the difference from when I didn’t train.



Hmm? Wait, what if…?



What if, as a hypothesis, this training method would supply more magical power than necessary?


I felt like I was being filled with it, so maybe it’s not improbable?


No, no, no, just because the distribution of magic power has been changed doesn’t mean that the amount of power will suddenly increase, or the efficiency will suddenly improve.


It’s just Life Magic in the first place…



I can’t confirm what I don’t understand.


I’ll put this thought aside for now.


With that in mind, I decided to concentrate on training my control.



A dozen times later, I was able to make the ball the size of a golf ball, but today I was going to try to keep the first one in the air telekinetically and see if I could make the second one.


It was more difficult than I thought to keep the first ball in the air when I tried to activate the second one.



Even though I was able to keep the first one, the moment I tried to create the second one, the first one would fall.


After about 50 attempts, the fall of the first one suddenly stopped for a moment with a slight dip. But before I could hold on to the second one, the first one fell.



But I saw a glimmer of hope, so I kept trying.


It wasn’t until about the 200th time that I was able to keep two in the air…


Actually, I stopped counting after the 50th time, so I might have actually done it about 300 times.


I finished by telekinetically shooting the water ball I was able to keep into the sky.


After that, I did the magic power circulation training again for about 15 minutes and then finished.



I returned to the inn and ordered dinner.


Today I had bread, potage, pickles, and a small plate of fried vegetables.


It was probably a thank you for the salt.


I would have preferred some meat, but I didn’t say so, just thanked them and finished my meal.


The taste was thicker than usual today.


Maybe it wasn’t an elegant lightness of flavor, but just a lack of quantity.


Huey was also taking in the food with gusto.



After the meal, I went back to my room to reflect on the day and think about my plans for tomorrow.


The rock salt was a lucky find.


I’ll tell Pete where it is tomorrow.


Tomorrow, I’ll greet everyone I know and get ready to travel.


In my free time, I will train my magic.


Let’s see what I can do when I get to Lotus Town.


First, I’ll register as an adventurer to earn some money and improve my magic.


The magic I can do now is Life magic, Non-Attribute Psychokinesis, a little bit of Alchemy and I feel that Blacksmithing can’t really be called magic.


Because I’m just hammering.



It may be a form of magic to somehow know where to strike or how many times to strike, but since I’m using a tool, it’s a skill, isn’t it?


I’m not sure what the standard is, but with knowledge and experience, I’m sure I can bend a spoon more freely than Uri G*ller can.



I think I can use some of the Alchemy Magic I’ve seen, but I’ll need tools.


And if I train myself to control the water ball, I’ll get a little better at using psychokinesis.


It’s a good idea to learn to control life magic without overdoing it.


I’m not going to be able to do it all at once if I’m in a hurry, so I’m going to take my time with it.



Before going to bed, Huey told me a little about the other monsters.


Apparently, there weren’t many opponents in that forest that Huey couldn’t beat.


I thought it was amazing that he was able to devise a way to fight by combining several kinds of mucus.


He was able to use mere rocks as building materials.


When I get a chance, I’ll have to try out other kinds of mucus.



Oh, I can use Psychokinesis power to blast those blocks and rocks around to fight monsters?


I’ll add that to my magic training.


It’s important to spend time thinking like this.


Just as I was relaxing thinking about this, I remembered something important.



I have to go to church!


There isn’t one in Vista Village, but I’m sure there’s one in Lotus Town, so I need to see Jupiter-sama!


I want to say thank you and ask him some questions.


Now I have something to look forward to.


I hope I can have a good dream and go to bed.

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