Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 19: Psychokinesis Training and Departure

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After greeting the people I knew, I got all the necessary items in my Magic Bag. I decided it was time to go to the river for some training



I’d like to practice shooting stones to attack, which I thought of yesterday, but I can’t control them yet, so it would be a bad idea to shoot them with a swoosh just like [Water].


I guess I’ll have to train my water ball.



I arrived at the river and began to train in the magic power circulation.


As usual, my body glows and then subsides.


After about fifteen minutes of steady practice, sweat began to pour down my face.


Thinking that I would be drenched anyway, I continued for half an hour without worrying about the sweat flowing.



I wiped off the sweat with a hand towel I took out of my Magic Bag and continued to train my Life Magic – Water.


With my palm facing upward, I imagined the size of a golf ball and said, “[Water]!”



There it is!


Water came out at the size of a small car.



The water fell into the river, and I was showered with a lot of splashing water.


Thinking that it was as I had predicted earlier, I tried again.



No, wait.



I’ve been taught that it’s important to have an image of what you’re doing, but this is what happens when I set my image in terms of size, isn’t it?


Why don’t I imagine it in grams or liters?


Oh, no, but sometimes I do, so…


I just have to try it.


A quantity that is easy to imagine is 500 ml of a plastic bottle.


I imagine the water in a plastic bottle with my palms up and say, “[Water]!”



There it is! Water the size of a light car!


Again, I was baptized with the sound of water splashing over me.



Was I off the mark?


It can’t be helped. As long as I don’t understand, I’ll just have to try what I could think of by trial and error.


Oh, by the way, I forgot to consider that this might happen if I do it right after the magic power circulation training.


I’ll try it again at night.



It was the tenth time that I got the size I wanted.


I was able to produce a golf ball-sized water ball, so I used psychokinesis and tried for the second one.


The second one went smoothly this time, so I decided to increase the number of balls from tomorrow.



The next step was to train my Psychokinesis, but I realized that it would be easier to use the water in the river in front of me than to make a water ball.


I went to the riverbank and pointed my palm toward the river.


The image I used on my Psychokinesis was of a firefighter shooting water at the river.



I shouted, “Ha!”



The water in the river rises and moves downstream like a firefighter’s hose spray.


I was right on target, and the water release was more powerful than I had imagined.


After repeating the process about ten times, I realized that I had achieved everything I had imagined.


When I tried to launch the water as a sphere and see if I could do it from two places at the same time, I realized that telekinesis might be more suitable for me than I thought.



I was able to do what I tried with the water, so I decided to go up the bank and try to fly the rocks from the road into the river.



“[Psychokinesis]!” (Louis)



I was able to send the rocks into the river on the trajectory I had expected. But the speed was strange.


The speed was way beyond my imagination.


It was so fast that I could see it was faster than a professional baseball pitcher’s ball or a professional tennis player’s serve.


The moment the stone debris landed on the surface of the river, water splashed out as it had exploded.


The force might be a bit overkill… It might be fine against monsters, but if I used it against people, I might be recognized as a terrorist.


I made up my mind to be careful how I used it.



Until late in the evening, Huey and I repeated the Water Ball training => Water Cannon practice => Stone Shooting.


Thanks to practicing all day, I was able to create up to four water balls by evening and was able to release about 30 meters of water and blow away a bucket of rocks with ease.


I finished today’s training with the magic power circulation training.


I realized that I could make a lot of progress if I concentrated.


It was one of those days where I felt that there was more I could do if I learned more in Lotus Town.



With Huey on my shoulders, I walked through Vista Village at dusk back to the Fruit Tree Pavilion.


I ordered dinner for the two of us, and when I entered the restaurant, I encountered other guests for the first time.


There were three of them.



One was a stocky man with a leather breastplate and chestnut hair, and the other was a slim woman with chestnut hair who was dressed lightly. The other was a woman in a robe with a bit of silver hair showing through the robe.


I bowed my head and sat down at a separate table, waiting for my food to be served. The slim woman spoke to me.



“I’m Hinai from Silver Light, and that’s Matt and Rana from the same group. Are you a newbie?” (Hinai)


“Good evening. My name is Louis. What’s ‘Silver Light’? What do you mean by ‘newbie’?” (Louis)


“Huh? I thought you were a Tamer adventurer because you had a slime on your shoulder, but I guess I was wrong?” (Hinai)



I told him that I was a tamer but I asked her again what she meant by ‘Silver Light’ and ‘Newbie’.



“Silver Light is a party name. Our party has three adventurers, and we are members of Silver Light. Also, newbie means a newcomer.” (Hinai)


“I didn’t know about that. Tomorrow, I’m going to Lotus Town to register as an adventurer. So, I’m not even a newbie yet.” (Louis)


“I see. Well then, do your best once you register!” (Hinai)


“Thank you! I will do my best.” (Louis)



While we were talking like this, the food was brought out and Huey and I ate a lot.


After we finished eating, I thought for a moment and ordered some drinks for the three adventurers and some fruit juice for me.



As the drinks arrived, I moved to the table with the three adventurers and offered to buy them drinks so they could tell me about their adventures and how to prepare for being an adventurer.



I was told that Silver Light is a mid-level party, ranked C, and that the top-tier parties are ranked B or higher.


Each adventurer has his or her own rank, and all the members of Silver Light are C-ranked, and if there is even one B-ranked member, the party is B-ranked.


The quality and quantity of the quests, as well as the personality of the individual, are all factors in being promoted to B rank.


An adventurer who constantly only slaughters bandits, no matter how strong they are, will not be promoted to B rank.



Hinai is the mid-guard, uses a bow, has wind as her magic attribute, and is also a scout because she is nimble.


Matt is in the vanguard and uses a sword. He can’t use magic, but his skill with a sword is on par with an A-rank adventurer.


Lana is a magician and rearguard. She can use advanced magic in the three attributes of fire, water, and wind, and she can use the earth attribute at the beginner level.



Matt showed me his sword, and Hinai showed me her bow.


The blade of the sword had a worn feel to it. There were no chips on the blade, and it seemed to have been well taken care of.


Her bow was a short bow, and since Hinai was also a scout, she didn’t use a longbow because it would make her unable to easily use it.


Lana showed me her staff and I could see that it was a knobby staff, but I couldn’t understand what was so good about it.


So, when I asked what kind of effect a staff had on magic, She said it would act as a catalyst, making intermediate magic as powerful as advanced magic and speeding up the activation of magic.



They asked me if I could use any magic, and I told them that I had no aptitude for fire, water, wind, or earth, and that I knew I had an aptitude for Non-Attribute magic, but that I had little idea how to use it, and that I wanted to become an adventurer and learn magic after I went to Lotus Town.



I noticed that they all looked at me warmly and I asked them if I was not suitable to be an adventurer. They said that as far as they knew, there were a few rare people who were strong enough to fight, but they had never seen a Non-Attribute magic-user at B rank or higher.


I told them that I was becoming an adventurer to earn a living and that I wasn’t interested in raising my rank, and that I had an aptitude for Alchemy and Blacksmithing and would rather improve my aptitude for Alchemy and Blacksmithing.



Lana told me in a relaxed manner.



“Well then, when you get to town, you can register with the Adventurer’s Guild and the Alchemist’s Guild as well.” (Lana)


“What? Is it okay if I register with two guilds?” (Louis)


“If you ever need three or four instead of just two, you just have to register. If you want to open a store or something, you have to register with the Merchant Guild as well.” (Lana)



I understood that was the way it was.


After this, I listened to some of Silver Light’s tales of adventure and realized that being an adventurer is a dangerous job.





I went to my room and thought about what I was going to do in Lotus Town.


First, I had to register as an adventurer at the Adventurer’s Guild.


After that, it was the Alchemist’s Guild.


I’ll be running my own business, not finding a job, but I understand that the abilities I’ve received from Jupiter-sama will be enough to survive.



If I hadn’t been so shy about talking to girls more about magic and otherworld matters, maybe I would have had more knowledge.


Well, I went to bed thinking that I should expand my world a little more than I am now and learn what I can.



As I fell asleep, I remembered that I was going to do a magic circulation test at night, but I gave up and went back to sleep.



The next morning, I woke up to the sound of the morning bell, packed up, and went to the cafeteria.


It seemed that the three members of Silver Light were not there yet.


I finished my breakfast with Huey and decided to check out.



My luggage was already packed in my Magic Bag, and I went to the counter dressed as usual to greet Rumi-san, and Ron-san came out from the back to see me off.


They told me to come to stay with them again when I became an adventurer.


I gladly said, “Hi! Thank you very much. Please give my regards to everyone in Silver Light,” before leaving the inn.



When I went to Thomas’s general store, I found that he was preparing the Raptor carriage.


I tried to help him, but he told me not to worry about it because the carriage was almost empty and there was only food for the raptors.


His wife, Carol-san, came out of the store.


She had red hair and seemed to be about 30 years old, but I wondered if she was too old for Thomas-san. As I thought about it, Thomas-san behind me called out to me.



“This is my wife, Carol. We may be a few years apart, but we’re still happily married.” (Thomas)



He introduced me and I said hello.



“Nice to meet you. Thomas-san has taken great care of me.” (Louis)



Carol-san answered avoiding making eye contact.



“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you have a safe trip.” (Carol)



I was wondering what was going on, but Thomas-san told whispered to me.



“Carol is not very good at talking to people. She’s fine with me, though. Well, that’s why she’s not a good storekeeper. Thanks to Louis, I won’t have to buy salt anymore, so I’ll be able to leave a little earlier.” (Thomas)



I bowed to Carol-san and looked back at the carriage to see Pete.



“Pete…” (Louis)


“Louis, do your best. I may regret it in the future, but I’ll do my best working as a blacksmith.” (Pete)


“Yeah, okay. Good luck to you too, Pete.” (Louis)



I said goodbye, but with some mixed feelings, I got into the carriage with Thomas-san.


When Thomas-san called out to the Raptor, the Raptor cheerfully pulled out the carriage.



Waving my hand, I left Vista Village after separating from Pete.



It would take two days and one night from Vista Village to Lotus Town, arriving in the evening of the next day.


The return trip would take two nights and three days since the cargo was empty on the way there and will be loaded on the way back.


There are several campsites on the way and the way back, but Thomas-san refrains from camping in the same place.



After a while, Thomas-san told me to pay close attention to bandits as a precaution during the journey.


Stay vigilant! Thieves don’t hesitate!


He said it as if it were a mantra, but clearly, it was true.



I asked him if he had ever encountered them before, and he replied that he had.


I asked how did he make it out alive, he just said that it’s not often that someone will take your life.


In this kind of countryside, farmers who can no longer afford to eat often lose themselves to banditry, and so people can secure their safety by handing over their cargo of food.


However, it is important to pay close attention to the bandits because if they take your goods, you will have nothing to sell and you instead will be in trouble.


The basic idea is to run away, but if you can’t get away, the choice seems to be to hand over your cargo or fight.

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