Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 2: At the Reincarnation Destination Part 1

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Rui’s consciousness becomes clearer.


It seems to be a little open grassland beside a town road, and when Rui looks around, all he can see is the grassland and the town road.


The sky was clear and cloudless, and the sun was shining brightly as he held out his hand and looked up at the sky.



Checking his surroundings, Rui looked at his hands and arms.


Then, with both hands, he touched his head, face, shoulders, stomach, and legs.



“Oh my, so soft, my skin is very young, but I can’t see my face. Oh? My voice is quite high!” (Rui)



He said I would be an adult, so I must be twenty? I should be, right? But my voice sounds like a child’s… [T/N: in Japan, you are considered an adult at 20 years old. They even have a term for being 20 years old (Hatachi) and they have a coming of age festival too.]



The clothes are carefully sewn, but the design is simple.


The collar is missing, the neckline is adjustable with a string, and the pants are made of a slightly tougher fabric than the vest, with no pockets.


The shoes were short boots with adjustable laces, a leather belt with a knife in a thick cloth sheath, and a leather drawstring bag.


I think this is what Villager A and Traveler A look like on stage or in movies.


I don’t know what more I can verify.



I switched my thoughts to checking my abilities first.



I can’t imagine what he was talking about when he said that I should “learn magic”…


What kind of magic can I do in the first place?


I should try to remember the movies I’ve seen and copy them.



I can think of one movie that I can remember that had magic in it…


It was a movie about a fantasy novel written by a world-famous British author.



I remember it, but I think it was “Something, Leviosa”.


Is that how it’s supposed to be? No one’s watching, so I’ll just chant.



“Something, something Leviosa!” (Rui)





Yeah, that’ll do, right? It’s kind of embarrassing.



I don’t think anyone can see me, but I feel like I’m being judged.


It seems that magic can’t be used without proper knowledge, so I have to look for someone to teach me.





I take a deep breath and think about my next move.



Speaking of which, Jupiter-sama said that he would give me the money I need to live, but is it in the drawstring bag? I thought, so I picked up the bag and opened it.



“Woah!?” (Rui)



I was surprised when I opened the mouth of the drawstring bag.


The bag’s mouth was covered with a mysterious mist, so I couldn’t see what was inside.


I thought that this is a world where magic is available and there must be magical tools, so I fearfully put my hand into the mist, and the moment I did, my mind was flooded…


100 gold coins

100 Silver coin

100 bronze coins

100 common coins


…as information.



Oh! it’s amazing!


I was amazed and at the same time, I remembered the blue cat-shaped robot making a “tada~” sound as they take out a special tool.



Is this what Jupiter-sama was talking about when he said, “You’ll figure things out”? I’ve been given something amazing.


I can’t help but say, “Thank you, Jupiter-sama.”



As I imagined getting a gold coin, I put my hand into the bag one more time and was able to pull out a gold coin.


When I put my hand into the bag again, I found that the number of gold coins in the bag was 99.


This is grand.



I put the gold coins back into the pouch and took out the knife.


As I put my hand on the bag, I thought of letting my face reflect on the knife.



My face was reflected on the blade of the knife.


What is reflected in the face of an unknown child.


Why a foreigner’s child? A child? How old am I? Am I not 20? Is this really my face?


My hair is straight and blonde. I have blue eyes and a fairly normal face, well I could be a child model in a leaflet or signage on a store? In a word, I don’t look bad, but it just feels strange.



As a Japanese, I can’t properly tell the age of foreigners.


Jupiter-sama said I would become an adult, but from what I can see, I look like an elementary or junior high student.


Oh! Is it possible that the age of adulthood is different in this world?



I’ll have to meet other people to find out more about myself.


Anyway, let’s meet people and gather information.





I’m not sure if I’m happy to have memories of my previous life.


I think it would be better if I came to this world without knowing anything about it so that I could accept it as ” this is how it is” from the beginning.


Maybe it’s because I’m comparing this world with a more advanced civilization.



Well, happiness differs from person to person, so I guess I’m going to feel bad if I think about it too deeply.



Anyway, I’ll make it my goal to move around and meet people.


It’s not a job, but is it Early Small Success? One by one, one by one, I really want to build up my small successes as soon as possible. [T/N: Early Small Success is literally written by the author as アーリースモールサクセス. It sounds weird but it’s the way it is.]


I’ve got money, but I’m worried about not having food and water, and if I screw up, I’ll be risking my life trying as I decide on which direction to take.

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