Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 21: The Convenient Uses of Psychokinesis

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Can I catch those fish? I want to at least catch one.


If I catch them, I want to appraise them to see if they have the same name as on Earth.


If I had a fishing line, a hook, or a net… Still, I might be able to manage to make a line from Huey’s mucus, but a hook is impossible. A net would be even more difficult.


Damn, I can see the fish easily, but I can’t catch any…



Ah! Hey, I got an idea!



I sit down on the riverbank and quietly watch the silhouette of the fishes.


I designated the area where the fish were concentrated and telekinetically lifted them up.


Not only the water but also the stones and soil on the river bottom were lifted up in one big pile, about the size of a minibus.


I’m ready! The water was flowing into the river and fish were jumping.



“I did it!” (Louis)



I asked Huey to make some jar-like vessels out of hard mucus and threw the fish into them.


The fishes were still bouncing around, so their tails slapped my arms and face as they entered the jar mouths, but I didn’t care, I just kept throwing them in.


I counted them and found that there were as many as 40 fish in the jar.


When I gave 40 fish to Thomas-san to eat after I had caught them from the river, he asked me how many fish each of us was going to eat. And he laughed at me.



We decided that if we could process what we could today, we could grill it and throw it in my Magic Bag and give it to the Raptors and Huey.


I decided that if we both processed the fish, we could do it in half the time and that I could work on my magic after the meal.



All we had to do was open the belly of the fish, take out the guts, and remove the head.


I realized I didn’t have a cutting board, so I asked Huey to make a suitable board by hardening his mucus and started the process.



It was an easy task for me, having cooked for my family during the holidays.


I processed thirty-two fish and Thomas-san processed eight.


The fish were salted and prepped, and Huey had already taken the guts and heads and disposed of them.



I was going to grill the fish by skewering them one by one with a dead branch I had picked up, but I realized that I could not use the fire pit right away because I had a pot in the pit, so I made another small pit and built a fire and grilled the fish one by one.


Thinking about it, I wonder if my life magic would have been able to roast them using the Fire spell.


I was working while occasionally casting an exploration spell to keep an eye on my surroundings in case the smell attracted monsters, but I didn’t get any hits.



The fish I had started grilling at the same time the soup was ready was also grilled.


The menu for dinner consisted of grilled fish, vegetable soup, and hard bread.


I felt very satisfied thanks to the grilled fish.


I gave Huey a few more fish, hoping that he was someone who could be satisfied with grilled fish.


Oh, I was so distracted by the magnificence of Psychokinesis that I forgot to appraise the fish. Oh well.


Thomas-san seemed to like the fish so much that he ate the fifth fish.


When he finished the fifth fish, he muttered, “That was delicious.” He seemed satisfied.



I finished grilling the rest of the fish and put them in the Magic Bag.


Now we could eat freshly grilled fish again tomorrow morning.


Salt is good, but I wanted to eat it with soy sauce if possible.


I can never get tired of seasonings when there are so many different flavors to choose from.


When I get to the town and start earning money, I’ll try to get some seasonings.



After we finished eating and putting away the pots and pans, I went back to a place a little further away to work on my magic circulation training, Water, and psychokinesis.


I stood at a place away from the encampment and circulated magic power in the same way as before.


However, unlike yesterday, I felt warmer, but not really hot.


Incidentally, I also tried the circulation method Camus-san taught me, but it did not make me feel warmer.


I continued for about 30 minutes and finished the magic circulation training when I started to sweat a little.



Then, I was able to make a water ball the size I wanted in one shot.


I was able to make up to six multiple water balls.


Perhaps I improved a little after the battle today? No, I guess that’s possible because of my level.



I stopped just before using Water Cannon because there are fish.




Today, instead of telekinetically moving rocks and debris, I decided to just keep collecting rocks and stones from the riverbank into the Infinite Storage.


When rocks are not around, such as when the road is paved, snowy, dirt, or sand, there are many possible scenarios where there are no rocks.


This is the same work required to maximize the attack I can make now, that is, like putting bullets in the magazine.



Since the stone gravel was powerful enough to tear off a goblin’s arm, it should be even more powerful if the mass of the stone gravel is increased.


I don’t know if I have the necessary magical power to move that kind of mass, though.



I was also horrified to see the goblins who escaped from Huey and headed for the Raptor chariot in today’s battle.


I knew that a moment’s lapse in judgment could see the death of not only myself but also those close to me.


I should just be prepared to avoid that.


If I don’t have to use it, I don’t have to use it.


If my preparation is not good enough and I can’t use it when I need it, it will lead to a situation that I can’t even imagine.


Thinking about this, I stored rocks and stones until there were so many filled slots in the Infinite Storage, and finished today’s training, rather, my preparation.



I returned to Thomas-san and asked him about the specialties and delicacies of Lotus Town, which we could reach tomorrow evening.



I learned that Lotus Town is famous for its large lotus flowers.


I see, so the town lives up to its name.


The whole town has lotus ponds, and there are lotus plants that are big enough for a person to ride on, and the specialties are lotus roots that can be eaten.


I remember seeing a huge lotus when I traveled to Kyushu.


It would be fun to see how different they are here.



When we ran out of small talk, we decided to determine the order of the night watch.


To be honest, I was fine with the fact that my body didn’t feel too tired after one night of hard work, but Thomas-san wouldn’t be happy about that, so I offered to take the night watch first.



“I offered to do the night watch first. Please take over for me when you wake up. If bandits appear, Huey will do his best, so don’t worry too much.” (Louis)


“I see. I’ll be counting on you then. It’s nice to have someone who can fight in times like these. I’m counting on you too, Huey.” (Thomas)



Huey responded with a small jiggle.



I’ve asked Huey to take care of the perimeter, so it should be fine.


When Thomas-san fell asleep in the carriage, I took out an iron ingot and decided to try an experiment.


I would try to see if I could change its shape and forge it with telekinesis and blacksmithing magic without hitting it.



Holding the ingot with both hands, I imagined the shape of a dagger.


I kept the image of the shape as it was and searched for the “feeling of knowing where and how much to strike” that I felt during the forging process.


I concentrated for about 20 minutes, but the sensation of striking did not come.


I drink a glass of water filled magically and calm down.



Next, I tried the usual magic circulation after 15 minutes.



The shape of the dagger… Probing using my smithing senses…



The ingot changed shape pliantly in my hand.


I let out a short huff.


Though it was like clay shaped into a dagger, it was not sharp at all.



Was it the wrong image to use? Did I fail to fully probe using my senses?


Maybe both were bad.


But there is no doubt that I could have done something like blacksmithing by magic.


With more training, it will get better… I hope.


I did small guts pose, careful not to make a loud noise since Thomas-san was sleeping.


I am honestly happy to be able to do more.


I’m happy about what I can do, even if I’m 60 years old on the inside.


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