Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 25: Adventurer’s Guild

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 I went back the way I came and arrived at the guild, but it was crowded as before.


 I decided to go inside first, and if the reception desk was crowded, I would reschedule my visit, and if it was not crowded, I would wait in line.



 There were three counters, but there were only two receptionists.


 One was a beautiful woman with semi-long hair who looked pretty, and the other was a young lady with short hair who looked cute. The Beautiful woman looked cool and collected, her line seems to be faster too.



 As I had done office work in my previous life with the motto of “fast, precise, clean, and affordable,” I decided to get in line with the cooler woman, but before getting in line, I checked to see if there were any details about the registration procedure or fees posted anywhere.


 As I was looking around at the walls around me, a guy with dull-colored blonde hair and a suspicious-looking face approached me.



“Yo! You little kid! Newbie? My name is Zadok! Call out to me when you’re done registering! I’m going to teach you a thing or two about how to be an adventurer!” (Zadok)



 I could tell he seemed like a bad guy when I saw the adventurers around him scooting away with dubious glances.


 I was treated like a child even though I was an adult because of my short stature.


 Resisting the urge to snark, I glared at Zadok and replied,



“My name is Louis, but I have to go somewhere else after registration, so if I need you, I’ll be the one to approach you.” (Louis)


“Then I’ll go to the window with you.” (Zadok)


“What? I don’t need you to.” (Louis)


“No need to be shy!” (Zadok)


“I’m not shy, I say I don’t need you to!” (Louis)


“You know, many new adventurers die because they think they can do anything and don’t listen to the veterans!” (Zadok)



 Listen to me! I don’t want it! While I was having a back-and-forth with the “What’s the matter there?”, the cool beauty at the reception desk called out to me loudly,



“You, there! Don’t make a ruckus in the guild!” (Cool Beauty)



 What? Me? I turned around.


 Right next to me, Zadok clicked his tongue and walked out.


 Thanks to the noise, the line with this receptionist was empty.


 I went to the receptionist nervously and said, “Thank you very much for your help. I would like to register as an adventurer.” I asked.



“Of course. My name is Sophia. Please be aware that the adventurer earlier got into trouble with new adventurers a year ago. Anyway, there is a registration fee of five silver coins. Can you write down your name, occupation, magical attributes, etc., or you can tell me verbally if you prefer.” (Sophia)



 Huh? A year ago? What is it? Well, okay.




“Yes, my name is Louis, and I will write on my own, so please give me the form.” (Louis)


“Please fill out this form.” (Sophia)



 I wrote “Louis” in the name field, “Tamer” in the occupation field, and ” Non-attribute” in the magic attribute field, and submitted the form along with five silver coins.



 I could put down Alchemist and Blacksmith, but I may not be able to get a job if I write down a production-type profession, but if I put down Tamer, I expect that there will be a little demand for Tamers because they can fight using tamed monsters even if they can’t fight themselves.



“Non-attribute magic how rare.” (Sophia)



 So, you’re more interested in that than me being a Tamer? I thought so.



“I don’t know if it’s rare, but it is, isn’t it?” (Louis)


“Well, Yes, I’ve never seen anyone with this attribute before. Oh, please wait a moment while your registration card is ready.” (Sophia)



 With that, she brought the parchment to the back and about a minute later brought a metal card.



“Please leave a drop of blood on this card.” (Sophia)



 She handed over a card and a needle, so I pricked my finger with the needle and a drop of blood was sucked into the card.


 Wow! Here was another magical phenomenon fantasy trope.



“Yes, your registration is now complete. Please be careful not to lose your card, as it is also your identification. There is a fee of 5 silver coins to reissue the card. I will also give you a booklet about the guild and its system, would you like me to it explained to you?” (Sophia)


“Please.” (Louis)



 The explanation I received was almost the same as what I had heard from the members of “Silver Light” the other day.


 The explanation was divided into several sections, but it was generally about the usual things.


 Adventurers have individual ranks, starting at G-rank, and moving up according to their achievements.


 When registering for a party, the party rank is determined by the member with the highest individual rank.


 Quests can be accepted up to one rank higher than the individual’s rank.


 If you fail a quest, you must pay a penalty of 20% of the estimated reward.


 For monster subjugations and the like, bring the parts of the monster to be killed.


 Get a signature on the quest form from the client.


 The guild will purchase the monsters, but there is a possibility that the guild will refuse to purchase them at their discretion.


 You may choose not to sell the monsters, but to use them for their own purposes.



 The next part that bothered me a little was the following


 Adventurers are to work for the citizens.


 Guilds can impose punishments for disputes between adventurers.



 Yeah, I guess they don’t want to devalue adventurers.


 Besides, it’s only natural to think that fighting amongst ourselves won’t help us get rid of monsters, and if we die in a fight, it would simply be a negative, as there would be no more potential fighting force.


 It’s an easy thing to do, isn’t it, considering all the rules and regulations of my previous life? That’s what I think.



 After listening to the explanation and receiving a booklet, I asked about the location of the Alchemists’ Guild and found out that the Alchemists’ Guild was renting a room in the Adventurers’ Guild.


 I moved to the third window where the reception desk was closed, and all I had to do was register additional contents on my adventurer card and pay two silver coins.


 I asked Sophia at the reception desk if she could tell me anything I could learn about the Alchemists Guild, but she told me that some alchemists don’t do quests as adventurers since they don’t like to distribute inferior potions and the like. She said that a contact person for alchemists is needed somewhere, but since there are not many alchemists themselves, it would be appropriate to create a combined contact person somewhere and that the Adventurers’ Guild often serves as the contact person for alchemists.



 Therefore, she urged me to pay attention to the notice board and the bulletin board, where I can find notices and information about the Alchemists’ Guild.


 She also complained that the two silver coins were only a commission for the Adventurers’ Guild and that no operating expenses were being paid.




 At any rate, I was able to start as an adventurer and alchemist, so let’s take on a quest.


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