Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 26: An Adventurer Called Zadok

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 I looked at the board, thinking that I would need to decide on a place to stay since I would be staying at the inn for a while after returning from today’s quest.


 The quests I can take will be G or F rank, but they include gathering medicinal herbs and antitoxin, cleaning houses, streets, and sewers, and exterminating vermin, rats, or Monsters of that sort.


 I decided to go here in order to collect medicinal herbs and antitoxin.



 For monster exterminations, I took the request form off the quest board and brought it to the reception desk to have the request registered and a certificate of completion issued.


 When you have finished defeating a monster, get the client to sign the certificate and bring it back to the reception desk to complete the quest.


 If the person making the request cannot write, he or she will make a unique signature when issuing the request form, and the request form will be made using the magic of the contract, so even if it is called a signature, it may look like a scribble.


 They said that medicinal herb gathering and poison herb removal are not to be taken off the request form, but just to bring the herbs. However, even if you have the right number of herbs, the quest will not be completed if the way you collect them is not good, so it is essential to be careful.



 I know Hirupo grass, but I don’t know other medicinal herbs and antitoxin herbs, so I decided to go to the reception and asked for materials for information gathering.



 They opened a thick book and showed me the page on the antitoxin herb, and it was called Ampo grass.


 She told me that Ampo grass sometimes grows in clusters and can be quite profitable if you can find it. However, it seems to have become an urban legend, as I have not seen anyone bring in a bunch of it in the past few years.


 I’ll give Huey a telepathic reminder so I don’t make a mistake.



“Huey remember this grass too, okay?” (Louis)


“Of course.” (Huey)



 I thanked Sophia-san, the receptionist, and left the guild.


 As I was walking out of the guild toward the gate, Zadok and two of his men stood in my way.



“Hey, lend me your ear.” (Zadok)


“What? I’m busy right now, can we do this some other time?” (Louis)


“Oh? How about I kill you right now. Just come with me.” (Zadok)




 I had no choice but to follow him, exhaling with a sigh, but this is what I promised, right?


 A few minutes walk down the alley, Zadok’s voice grew more gruesome.



“Hey! If you apologize and leave me money, I’ll let you go.” (Zadok)


“Is that all you have to say? Then I’m going.” (Louis)



 I spun around and saw a knife fly right next to my face from behind me.


 When I turned around, he gave me a nasty smile.



“Next time I’ll hit you.” (Zadok)


“I was taught that adventurers are not supposed to fight each other.” (Louis)


“That’s just a statement what they say. You can’t beat us since you’re just a tamer. What are going to do?” (Zadok)



 Huh? I didn’t tell them I was a tamer, but they know I’m a tamer, which means that some lackey of his was staking out the guild?


 It’s a piece of cake if I attack them with a lot of rocks and gravel, but I can’t go easy on them without killing them, and with three of them, it’s going to be tricky…



 When I communicated to Huey my plan to incapacitate them he replied with, “Yes! I understand!” what a carefree reply.



 Well, I’m sorry to cut short his excitement, but I have to quickly clean up the mess and go to collect medicinal herbs.



“Huey!” (Louis)



 As Huey gets off my shoulder and returns to his original size, Zadok raises his guard and says to the two small fries.



“Hey, you guys, this slime is C rank. It shouldn’t be a problem since I have the two of you.” (Zadok)



 Wow, I didn’t realize Huey is C-rank.


 Hearing that, I drop a massive amount of water using Life Magic on the two small fries.


 Even a well-trained adventurer can’t stand straight when a massive amount of water the size of a light car suddenly pours down on him.


 Huey sprayed them with mucus, and the sticky substance made it impossible for them to move.


 Zadok yells angrily and shouts from a distance.



“Water Magic, huh? Oh, oh, you’re not just really a tamer, aren’t you? Damn it!” (Zadok)



 I replied with a blank look on my face.



“I’m actually tamer.” (Louis)



 Zadok pulled out his sword with an angry look on his face.


 I used my Life Magic to summon three water balls around me, and then telekinetically sent them into orbit around me.



 Zadok desperately dodged the three balls of water that were heading toward him at high speed.


 He stumbled out of his stance, but I didn’t follow up. Instead, I pulled out four fist-sized rocks from the infinite storage and sent them spinning around me in a chaotic orbit.



 I stifled my emotions and said,




“Next time, I will increase their numbers, so what will you do?” (Louis)


“Earth Magic? Damn it! I’ll remember this!” (Zadok)



 Leaving a few words of abandonment, he spun around, turned away, and dashed away.


 Leaving his minions behind.



 I called out to the two small fries as a warning.



“Well? It looks like you’ve both been abandoned, remember this. Next time, if you do something similar to someone, I won’t be as forgiving.” (Louis)



 I let a large number of rocks appear above my head from storage for a few seconds and then put them back.



“Huey! Release them.”


(Yes) (Huey)



 Huey replied with laid-back telepathy and move on to the two small fries to remove the mucus.


 The two small fries staggered away with a “hiiiii”—a sound I haven’t heard before.


 I saw them and thought to myself, “I’m glad they’re still alive and well.”



 Just to be safe, I decided to return to the guild and briefly explain what had just happened before heading off on my quest.



 The guild asked me some detailed questions, but I simply told them that I have just shown them how I moved the rocks in my Magic Bag with Non-Attribute Magic.


 It was okay to retreat and run away for self-preservation, but since those people have a habit of getting people in trouble whenever they run away, it is often less troublesome to fix things immediately.



 The sword was drawn, but no one was hurt, so it wasn’t a big deal.


 I told the guild first because I was worried that Zadok would pose as a victim of violence and lie to the guild about the incident.


 I didn’t want to be accused of violence and injury as soon as I became an adventurer.


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