Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 3: At the Reincarnation Destination Part 2

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As I was thinking about such things once again, I saw a figure that looked like a carriage in the distance down the road.


Yes! Anyway, I decided to go towards the figure, hoping to meet someone and find out more about the surrounding area.


As I walked towards the figure for about five minutes according to my internal clock, I saw a carriage approaching, but the figure was not a horse, but… a small dinosaur?


Like something I saw in the movie Ju****** Wo***…



Are they friendly? I’ll think about it later, but I need them to stop.



“Excuse me! Please stop! Please!” (Rui)



He was a slightly overweight, good-natured man of about 40.



“Oh! You’re not a bandit. A child? What is wrong, boy?” (Man)



He looked at me nervously as he checked his surroundings, but I smiled at him, happy to see another person.



“I’m Louis, and I was wondering if you could give me a ride to town. I’ll pay you for the ride.” (Rui) [T/N: He said ルイ not , both can be read as Rui. However, ルイ is in katakana so it would be more normal for it to sound western like Lewis or Louie or Luis or Louis. I chose Louis because it sounds nice.]



The man then replied with a slightly relieved expression.



“I’m Thomas from the village of Vista. I’m Thomas from the village of Vista, on my way back to the village from the town. No need for a fare because we’re already quite close to the village, so you can just ride at the back.” (Man => Thomas)



Rui replied with a smile.



“Thank you, Thomas-san! I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but would it be all right if we sat next to you instead of on the back of the truck while you talked to me?” (Rui)


“Oh, it’s fine. Get on quickly then.” (Thomas)


“Thank you so much, nice to meet you!” (Rui)



As soon as Rui was seated, the carriage started moving.



“It’s best we move quickly because you never know when bandits will appear on the streets. So why were you there by the way?” (Thomas)


“Yes, well, in my family, you have to leave your home when you come of age, but… well, I left my home, but I didn’t know what to do or where to go, so I was feeling troubled.” (Rui)


“Wahahaha! I thought for a moment that you were a child of a noble family because of your polite tone. So, you’ve already come of age. You must be 15 years old then. But you look quite small for that. I’ll teach you everything I know until we get to the village, so you can ask me anything.” (Thomas)



I believed that it wasn’t my fault that I was short, but I was relieved that he hadn’t asked too much. Moreover, I am thankful for his willingness to share his knowledge.



“I’m so embarrassed. Thank you for your kindness. How long does it take to get to the village? Also, is there an inn in the village?” (Rui)


“It takes about two or three hours to get to the village. There is also an inn.”



Two to three hours is that close? He has a different perspective on time, huh?


The difference was refreshing compared to the trains that ran every few minutes, and this gave me a chance to ask a few questions.



First, I asked about Thomas and the dinosaur pulling the carriage, then I asked about the prices of things like lodging and food, what kind of jobs people usually have when they reach adulthood, and other things that anyone would know about the nobility.



Thomas-san and his wife run a general store in the village.


I also learned about the Raptor, a fantasy dinosaur.


But Raptors are not a dinosaur, but monsters.


They are cheaper to buy than horses, require less food, are more powerful, are faster, and have more endurance than horses.


However, they shake more than horses when ridden or pulled in a carriage, so the nobility rarely uses raptors, even if they are cheaper than horses.


By the way, it’s not efficient to train them once they become adults, so they are often tamed and trained from juveniles before being sold.


From what I could gather, there are three continents and countless small islands.


Each of the three continents has a certain number of countries, and the name of this country is the Kingdom of Sunsberg, and Vista Village is the territory of the Frontier Count Twice.


According to Thomas, it’s a land where taxes are low compared to other territories and it’s easy to live in.



The occupations include knights, guards, and the like. There is also being a farmer, fisherman, or merchant. There are craftsmen like blacksmiths and in some rare cases a healer or apothecary. Those are the more popular jobs but there are many more.



In general, the eldest son takes over the family business, and the second and subsequent sons often become guards in search of food. For those within the production profession, they often become disciples before becoming adults. All of them aim to become proper craftsmen.



I was warned to pay more attention to the nobles than necessary, especially the domineering ones, or they might kill you out of the blue.


Is it the same as a samurai’s unprovoked attack? It’s terrible to be killed out of the blue.


There was no way I would have gotten to know a nobleman unless you are connected to them somehow.


In fact, I don’t want to be actively involved with such dangerous people.



In terms of counting time, weeks, months, and years, a day is 24 hours, a week is 7 days, a month is 30 days, and a year is 12 months or 360 days.


The count is similar to that of the earth, so it is easy to remember.


The climate here is pretty much similar to early summer all year round, and it never snows.



The literacy rate is very low though.


Those who go out of the village, like Thomas, are able to read, write, calculate, and have enough strength to defend themselves.


They seem to be capable of wielding a weapon, not to kill people, but to protect themselves.


People who work in the village, run inns, stores, etc. can read, write, and calculate.



I had heard from Jupiter-sama that their civilization was lagging behind…


As a person who has graduated from compulsory education, high school, and college, I wonder how this is possible.



I asked about dragons, which I had been curious about, and was told that it was rare to see a real dragon.


From what I had heard from Juppiter-sama, it seemed like there were a lot of dragons, but maybe he was wrong.



Thomas told me that you can sometimes see sub-dragons.


Flying dragons and three-necked dragons are subspecies of dragons, so-called sub-dragons.


The sub-dragons cause damage to towns and other areas once every two to three years, and when they do, they are defeated by the soldiers.


Even a well-trained army can do a lot of damage in defeating a dragon, so when you hear about a dragon, be it a sub-dragon or anything else, there is a lot of tension in the town.



And while three-headed dragons are 100% targeted for defeat. The flying dragons, wyverns are a little different.


Every country keeps taming flying dragons as weapons, and the more dragons a country has, the more powerful they have.

People who ride dragons are called Dragon Rider, and I thought it was quite cool.



By the way, sub-dragons are said to have delicious meat.


However, the three-necked dragon spits out poison and attacks you, so you have to be prepared to die to defeat it, and you rarely get to eat its meat in your lifetime.


I’d like to try it at least once if I have the chance.



Jupiter-sama gave me 100 coins each, though not all of them were coins.


It seems that two to three silver coins per night is the norm for an innkeeper in the village, so with the money I have on hand, I can rent a place for a while.


It’s not a bad thing to have, so I’m grateful for the money I can spend.



While I was thinking about such things, I could now see the village.

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