Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 4: Arriving at Vista Village

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Thomas-san says with a smile



“Welcome to Vista Village. I’m glad we’ve arrived safely.” (Thomas)


“Yes, thank you for your help. Thank you for all the things you taught me.” (Rui)



When I looked towards the village, I saw that the entrance and exit from the road and the village were surrounded by a wooden fence, and there was a man with a wooden spear standing at the entrance and exit.


I asked him about the guard, and he told me that the men of the village take turns guarding.



Mister guard on duty… Thank you for your hard work.


Thomas-san stopped the Raptor carriage at the entrance and called out to the man.



“Thanks for your help, Pete. This is Louis, the boy I picked up on the street. He’s small, but he’s an adult. I’m taking him to the Fruit Tree Pavilion.” (Thomas)


“I’m glad you made it home safely, Thomas-san. Thank you for your hard work. Is he an adventurer?” (Pete)


“It looks like your shift is about to come to an end. Please let us both pass.” (Thomas)



He called out to me with a slightly disappointed expression.



“Did you say you’re Louis? I hope you find a job soon. Come on through.” (Pete)



Adventurer? What kind of work is it?


I feel like I’m in a different world from the Raptors.


Also, I don’t want people to focus on the fact that I’m small.



“Well, Louis seems a little naive. I’ll be in the store, so if you want to know anything, just come and ask. Oops, the inn in the village is there. You can get off here.” (Thomas)


“Thank you very much for your kindness, but there are still some questions I want to ask you, so please let me learn more when I come by the store. Thank you very much.” (Rui)



Louis got out of the Raptor carriage and bowed his head in polite thanks.


After seeing Thomas off, he walked to the “Fruit Tree Pavilion” inn in the village and looked up at the building.



It was a two-story building with a central entrance in the front, two windows on the first floor, and two on the second floor.


Come to think of it, in my previous life, I used to look at the plans and the building to help settle a problem with a client.


I don’t have any good memories of resolving problems, but thanks to that, the theories and ways of looking at the blueprints are still fresh in my mind.



Oh, there is no glass in the window? Is it standard to have no glass?


I looked at the houses around me, and it seems that there are no glass windows, but rather windows with slatted boards or shutter-type windows.


Either way, I guess it’s going to be too dark inside without glass.


It was interesting to see how different the buildings were from those in Japan.



I guessed it was around 3:00 pm.


That’s when you can check in at a hotel, right? I thought and then opened the door.


When you enter from the entrance, there is a counter in front, a dining room-like hall on the left, and a door on the wall on the right, so is it a house at the same time?


Accommodation will probably be upstairs.



“Hello~ I’d like to stay here.” (Rui)


“Yes~!” (Innkeeper)



With a cheerful reply, a woman about 30 years old appeared from the door of what seemed to be the residential room.


She responded with a smile on her face.


“Hello, welcome to the Fruit Tree Pavilion, my name is Rumi. You are staying here, right? We charge three silver coins per person per night, not including meals, and you must pay in advance. If you are staying for a series of nights, please note that there is no refund of the room charge even if you leave earlier than planned. I need to write your name in the ledger, can you do it by yourself? And… are you alone?” (Rumi)



Huh? Is it possible that the last word is me being treated like a child?



“Well, seven days, please. I’m alone.” (Rui)



The innkeeper handed me a pen and she was surprised and asked me, “Can you read? Do you need help to write?” That made me think. Then, I remembered that I was told by Jupiter-sama that I understood all languages, so I turned to the ledger.


Oh, I can read, and I could write…



“I’m okay.” (Rui)



During the trip, Thomas had told me that only nobles had last names, so I wrote down only the name “Louis”.



“Louis-san. It’s nice to meet you. Your room is number 202 on the right at the back of the second floor. The dining room is open when the bell rings in the morning. We also serve alcohol after the evening bell.” (Rumi)


“Yes, thank you.” (Rui)



I told her so and paid for seven days’ lodging, two gold coins, and a silver coin, and then asked her.



“Ah, can I have a meal at this time?” (Rui)


I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but it’s almost time to start preparing for the night, and I can’t serve you right now because I’ve already turned off the fire in the kitchen. I’ll try to open a little earlier in the evening, so you can wait until after the dining room opens.” (Rumi)


“Yes, I understand. Can you tell me where the stores are in the village?” (Rui)



She told me about Thomas’ General Store, Camus’ Medicine Store, and Pete’s Blacksmith Shop.


There were no clothing stores in the village, so they either sewed their own clothes or went into town to buy ready-made or even tailored clothes.


My luggage was in a mysterious pouch, so I didn’t have much to pack, and I thought I’d check my room first to get the supplies I needed and gather information.


I’ll think about who I am and what I’m going to do during these seven days.


I went to my room and found it to be a simple room with only one bed.


The window was still just a wooden slatted door with no glass, just as it looked from outside.



After leaving the room, I left the inn as I had been instructed, turned left, and walked a little to find two stores.


I went to Thomas General Store.



“Hello Thomas-san.” (Rui)


“Oh, Louis? Did you find the inn?” (Thomas)


“Yes, I got it. By the way, Thomas-san, can you tell me about the jobs available? I’d also like to buy a toothbrush, a cup, and some washcloths.” (Rui)


“Toothbrushes are on that shelf. And if you’re looking for a job, why don’t you ask Camus-san to check your aptitude?”



I wanted to get a feel for what kind of jobs were available in this world, but when I heard that Camus-san could assess my aptitude, I changed my mind.



“Can they see my aptitude for jobs?” (Rui)


“Oh, they usually do a couple of aptitude tests and work experience when you’re around ten.” (Rui)



I heard that one’s aptitude for a job can change between the ages of about ten and twenty, so it is not advisable to have one’s aptitude assessed at a very early age. I guess it narrows down the possibilities.


I was told that the owner of the Camus Apothecary next door could see my aptitude for such jobs, so I picked up my items, thanked Thomas-san, and headed to the Camus Apothecary.


“Hello, Thomas-san next door told me about this store.”



A person came right out from the back.


Oh, they are…

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