Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 52: The Value of the Vampire Knife

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 In my haste, I was able to backstep and duck the scythe, but I fell on my butt.


 The praying mantis swung at me again, but I managed to keep my distance by rolling to the side and ducking.



 I quickly pulled out dozens of rocks from the infinite storage and threw them in, and the praying mantis was slaughtered without being able to avoid it.


 I searched the area just to be sure, but there seemed to be no monsters around.


 I asked Huey about it, but all he could say was that it had appeared out of nowhere.


 I knew that the search was not a panacea, and above all, the suddenness of the situation made my heart rate soar. [T/N: Why Panacea? Why not omniscient or omnipotent?]



 When I try to appraise the corpse


 [Big Flower Mantis: praying mantis monster that uses mimicry, likes to attack people, usable parts, inedible]


 It is not edible. If even insects can be used as materials, I’ll take them home and try to sell them.


 I was told by Hector the blacksmith that basically bones can be used as material, but what about insects? Hmmm, that’s a mystery…


 I put the carcass of Big Flower Mantis into my magic bag, shaking my head to clear my mind.



 I enjoyed a bath in a blind spot, just off the path on my way back to town, and then returned.


 The orange soap was nice and my bath time was great.


 On the way back to town after cleaning up the bath, I thought about moving out of the inn and renting a house.


 The rooms at the inn are small, and I don’t feel comfortable renting a kitchen to do my own cooking.


 Space can be fully utilized thanks to magic, but space is still needed when handling a lot of soap for a short period.


 I should find a house tomorrow.



 Back at the guild, I bought and reported the collected items and Big Flower Mantis.


 The guild was surprised at the sudden appearance of Big Flower Mantis, a C-rank monster.


 They said I was lucky to beat it solo, and I honestly thought I must have been.



 The guild was looking out for adventurers who focus on collecting.


 Adventurers who focus on gathering are mainly E to G rank, and their fighting ability is probably low, so information about such dangers is very important.



 Incidentally, when I asked which parts of the Big Flower Mantis could be used as materials, I was told that the scythe part could be synthesized with the blade of a sword or spear to improve their sharpness, and it can also project the illusion of a sword or spear when it is used to attack.


 If the result is different, it may be due to the skill of the blacksmith.



 After a short wait, I went to the counter when I was called to say that the assessment was finished.


 300 Hirupo Grass for 6 gold coins, 150 Ampo Grass for 3 gold coins, 5 Cure Grass for 2 gold coins and 5 silver coins, and the Big Flower Mantis for 30 gold coins, making a total of 41 gold coins and 5 silver coins.



 As I was putting the money for the purchase into my magic bag, I was approached by the guild receptionist.


 She told me that both Hector-san, the blacksmith, and Robert-san, the Sinker Trading Company merchant, had contacted her to call me for a meet-up for tomorrow.


 I agreed and decided to return to the inn.


 I guessed that Hector-san had sold the dagger and Robert-san would probably place an order for more soap.


 The next morning, I visited Hector’s workshop.



“Good morning. I’m Louis, is Hector-san available?” (Louis)


“Good morning. I’ll get Hector-san.” (Shopkeeper)



 Hector-san appeared in a hurry when the young female shopkeeper went to call him.



“Yeah! You’re here. It’s sold! The price is still very high. 220 gold coins.” (Hector)


“What? Even though it’s just a dagger!?” (Louis)


“If it had been more elaborately decorated, it would have sold for 300 coins. It’s more potent than a common magic sword.” (Hector)


“What? What do you mean? The effect is better than a common magic sword?” (Louis)


“It’s good because even if it is just a dagger. It’s a great effect. It can be used as a weapon or a tool. As a weapon, you can stab the opponent at close range and instantly kill them. As a tool, you can draw blood in an instant. Unlike a sword, it’s small and easy to carry.” (Hector)


“Yes, that’s right, but I was surprised at the amount.” (Louis)


“Oh, that’s right. Let’s settle that immediately. Your share is 200 gold coins and I’ll take 20.” (Hector)


“Shouldn’t it be 198 and 22?” (Louis)


“I don’t care about the details. I just sold your dagger. If you get another one, you can sell it to me at a discount. You could do that right?” (Hector)



 Hector the blacksmith is quite the man. I can instantly calculate my share to the nearest yen due to my previous life, so I regretted that I had said something so detailed.


 I agreed, took the money, and promised to give it back the next time I got some materials and left the store.


 I feel like I’m getting a little rich.




 Now that is over, I asked him about the sword that radiates quite the presence behind the counter of Hector’s store. He told me that all blacksmiths do the same thing, that by displaying the best sword they can strike at present, he is showing his skill without words. Blacksmiths, unlike merchants, don’t sell swords and spears with words. I also thought he was overly honest and that merchants who are good with words probably sell better.


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