Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 86: Departure

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 Harold asked me with a serious look on his face, so I decided to summarize what I’m thinking right now.



 It is true that the kingdom of Sunsberg and the royal city of Ares are nice places to live, but I have not yet decided to make this my base of living, and I want to have more time and opportunities to see the world. I told him that although I cannot use the four major Attribute Magic, I want to maximize the ability of the Non-Attribute Magic I can use, and for that reason, I would like to meet someone who can at least use powerful Non-Attribute Magic.


 And I know that as I get older, I feel awkward about moving around… That’s why I think I should move wherever I want while my body does what I want it to do.



“A powerful Non-Attribute mage, huh? As far as I know from the guild information, the only person who uses the rare Non-Attribute Magic offensively is you, Louis. Besides, you might encounter dragons if you go to the Dragon Continent, but you might not be able to communicate, and searching for spirits is like catching clouds, you know?” (Harold)



 Harold-san says half admonishing me.



“Is the guild’s information comprehensive enough to cover the Green Continent and the Dragon Continent? I want to see the world with my own eyes.” (Louis)


“The Adventurers’ Guild only has partial information on the Green Continent and the Dragon Continent, but…” (Harold)


“You can’t get the information you want unless you go and get it yourself, can you? I’m an adventurer, so I think it’s important to broaden my knowledge.” (Louis)


“I see. Can I assume that if you tour other places and find Ares to be a good place, you may come back again?” (Harold)


“Yes, of course. Maybe I will lose my life in some land, but I am an adventurer, so I am prepared for that too.” (Louis)



 The Tiger’s Roar members seemed unable to say anything after hearing I am also an adventurer.


 The Guild Master broke up the meeting, saying that he would request another C- or B-rank party and Tiger’s Roar and nominate them in a week’s time, depending on their availability.


 I was stopped by Alan and asked to talk to the Tiger’s Roar members in the guild cafeteria.



“Hey, are you really leaving town?” (Keith)



 Keith asked with an anxious look on his face.



“Yeah. I decided before I started the Soy Sauce Workshop that I was going to do it here in town. I’ve done most of what I wanted to do in the city, and now that I can get in touch with the guild, I’m going to leave the workshop to others.” (Louis)


“I always thought Louis and us could do the quest together.” (Vinnie)



 Vinnie spoke with a tearful face, and Margot nodded.



“I’m glad you feel that way. But you know, I think we all had a little idea that I’d be gone someday. Otherwise, everyone would have invited me to join the Tiger’s Roar, wouldn’t they?” (Louis)



 Everyone turned their heads and Alan, who had been silent the whole time, opened his mouth.



“We’ll send Louis off with a smile on his face. Louis was right, we were thinking that somewhere in our hearts. Louis, you’re going to show your face again sometime, right? I’m looking forward to it.” (Alan)


“I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know when I’ll be able to achieve my goal, but I’m planning on five years. Then we’ll come back to Ares and have a good meal and a few drinks together.” (Louis)



 Vinnie and Margot shook my hand as I held it out to them, tears streaming down their cheeks.


 After talking with the Tiger’s Roar members, I left the guild and went to the Sinker Trading Company.



 At the Sinker Trading Company, as usual, I had a discussion with Robert-san in his reception room.


 First of all, I asked him to purchase the soap since it was all I had in stock.


 I told him that I could give him the recipe, but that he would not be able to make the same thing unless he could procure the alkaline solution.


 As for the ingredients for the Soy Sauce, as we discussed recently, Terry-san will continue to handle them at his workshop.


 We decided that the Sinker Trading Company would compile the rewards for the Reversi and other entertainment products, Hank’s bakery, and the Donburi House, and send them to me via the guild.



“You really do have more drawers for business, don’t you?” (Robert)



 Robert-san asked with a sly look on his face.



“Yes, I do. I do, but right now I have other things I want to do, so I’m going to focus on those. If I do decide to settle in another country, I’ll come back and see you in about five years.” (Louis)


“Then, please let me know about new products and recipes.” (Robert)


“Until then, I will consider it positively.” (Louis)



 I smiled and replied vaguely, but since I was the one who had information about new things and other worlds, I would probably get involved with the Sinker Trading Company again.


 After making all the decisions, I asked if I could get a Raptor right away, and was told that there was one Raptor available after being canceled by the buyer, so I made a quick decision.


 I decided immediately that I would get him at a reasonable price because the buyer had paid a lot of money for the cancellation.


 It came with a saddle for riding.



 After leaving the Sinker Company, I gave a brief prayer at the church and then went to the orphanage to say goodbye.


 Finally, I showed up at the Soy Sauce Workshop and told them that I would not be able to return for about five years, and told Terry-san that the business would go ahead as planned.


 Terry-san tried to stop me, saying I need to show up for a while, but I pressed on, saying that my priority was to meet with the spirits and that I would leave the rest to him and ask him to take care of it.



 Terry-san, half-crying, agreed.


 I told the employees that I would be back in five years, but that they should listen to Terry-san as I ask him to take care of the business, and they all said, “Okay! I’ll leave it to you!” They all responded with a hearty, “Yes!”



 I went home, had dinner, and rethought where I would go on my trip tomorrow.



 Looking at the information I’ve collected so far and my map information, the current Sunsberg Kingdom is located in the center of the Central Continent, but to the northwest is the Rakaz Kingdom, to the west is the Varadier Kingdom, and to the south is the Ekran Kingdom. There is the Kingdom of Espanes to the northeast of the Kingdom of Sunsberg, the Kingdom of Ktevr to the southwest, and the Kingdom of Avrigny to the south. I was told that the areas directly west and east are ruled by powerful clans with no country names and that civil strife is continuing.



 Across the sea to the east of the continent, there is a larger continent, which is the Dragon Continent, but we do not know much about dragons. There is too little information available; in fact, I would say there is none at all.


 It seems that the northeast of the Kingdom of Espanes is connected to the Dragon Continent.



 Conversely, crossing the sea to the west of the continent is the Green Continent, which is said to be ruled by beastmen, but there is not enough information on this land either.


 However, the Green Continent has been able to import rice, so it is expected that there is an exchange between the continents and that the land is rich, as the name of the continent implies.



 Avoiding the lands ruled by powerful clans, I would first aim for the Kingdom of Avrigny in the south, then cross clockwise from there to the Kingdoms of Ktevr and Ekran, and cross to the Green Continent by ship.


 I would like to follow the same itinerary, going clockwise around the Green Continent, crossing to the Kingdom of Paradis by ship, then to the Kingdom of Rakaz, the Kingdom of Espanes, and then to the Dragon Continent, which is connected to the Green Continent by land.


 If there is any information on spirits along the way, I will change my destination preferentially.



 We have a rough idea of where we want to go, so all we have to do is to leave tomorrow.



 The next morning, I finished breakfast with some grilled rice balls I had left over, threw the furniture into the Infinite Storage, and cleaned up the room.


 When I left the house and went to the Sinker Trading Company to return the key, everyone from the Soy Sauce Workshop, the Tiger’s Roar members, the children from the church and orphanage, Hank the baker and his family, and even Hector the blacksmith were there to see me off.



 Each of them gave me words of encouragement such as “Hang in there” and “Be well,” and I felt a little like crying.


 Holding back my tears, I kept smiling and said to everyone, “I’m off!” and I called out to everyone and rode the Raptor.



 First, go out through the South Gate and head for the Kingdom of Avrigny.





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