Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 9: Chant-less and Magical Attributes

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This reminds me of Camus’ alchemy.


There was [Grind], [Extraction], [Permeation], [Medicine Fix]…


Is this also without materials? I realized that I would have to do it after tomorrow.



I suddenly noticed that the sun was getting higher because of my shadow, so I decided to hurry back to the village and have lunch.



I went back to the Fruit Tree Pavilion and ordered lunch.


It was a stew with hard bread and vegetables.


The taste was still too bland. No, let’s just say it had a subtle taste.



Still, I never thought I would miss the food of my previous life after only a day or two.


But it’s important to know if the food suits one’s taste, you know?


When I travel abroad, just because the food is to my liking, it makes me want to love the country.


Well, there’s no point in asking for what I don’t have.



After lunch, I decided to go to Thomas’ General Store to buy some supplies for tomorrow.


I talked to Thomas-san about what I should get for the digging trip I’m taking with Pete tomorrow.



Pete would probably lend me the digging tools, and I could use my current knife as a weapon on the road.


Assuming the weather would not change, I was told that the only things I would need to add to what I was currently wearing would be gloves and a bag that would eventually wear out.


I bought a pair of leather gloves and a cloth shoulder bag, and while I was at it, I also bought some additional pieces of large cloth and washcloths.



And when I told him about today’s event, he said that the amount of water that can be produced by life magic is generally from one bucket to two for most people.


He laughed at me, saying that it was out of the ordinary to chant wrongly and produce a lot of water.



I was glad that the people of the village were so carefree.


I don’t remember exactly, but a normal car weighs about a ton, right? Ten times that means I could release more than ten tons of water.


It’s not just insane, even a slow thinker like me can understand that.


I don’t want anyone to report me, so I’ll keep quiet.


Now I can produce water the size of a golf ball.



In addition, I’m going to ask Thomas-san about something other than life magic.


He even offered me a cup of tea since he was free today. Thank goodness.



It turned into a magic lecture by Thomas-san.


Magic has attributes, and people who can use magic have aptitudes.


There are seven basic attributes: fire, water, wind, earth, holy, dark, and non-attribute.


Many people have the attributes of fire, water, wind, and earth, and even if someone has no aptitude, if they can use magic, they can still use the magic of each attribute.


The holy, dark, and non-attribute are rare, so if you want to know what your attribute is, it’s best to have it checked at a church or by someone with appraisal skills.



I asked her if there was any other way to determine it.


I found out that if you can use [Life Magic], you can already use magic.


To know your aptitude you should use something other than [Life Magic], in other words, a simple way to determine your attribute is if you can use attack magic of that attribute and if it’s powerful.



I heard that attack magic takes a long time to chant, but isn’t it hard to learn? Then I heard, the image was important. I also realized that the chants themselves were actually chanted differently depending on the person.


If there is a teacher, the chanting is done in the same language as the master, so if one person teaches many people, the chanting will be done in the same language, and the language will remain for many years.


That is, if it is published in a textbook, many people will study it and learn it.


It’s an oral tradition, so your master is the textbook.



This means that the power of the same magic can be increased or decreased by changing the words of the chant.



So? If you can use magic without chanting, you can determine your aptitude right away, right?



I told Thomas that I could use life magic with no chanting.


I’m sure there are people who can use magic without chanting.


As a result, he was very confused and asked me to demonstrate.



He placed an empty barrel in front of the store and asked me to fill it with water.


By the way, is it okay to not guard the store? As I was thinking about it, he told me that his wife, Carol-san, would come out when the customers came.


I’ve never met Carol-san, though.



Then I whispered “Image, image,” in my head, putting my hands on the barrel, palms facing down. I imagined the volume of the barrel, and strongly imagined “[Water]!” As I imagined the amount of water in the barrel, I performed the magic.


After a beat, a blob of water appeared on top of the barrel and fell into the barrel as if being sucked into it.



“Oh! It’s definitely chant-less! That’s amazing!” (Thomas)



I stared at the barrel, relieved that it was done, and remembered what we had talked about earlier.


If you try using attack magic and have power, you can determine your attributes.


I tell Thomas to leave the barrel because I will try to use attack magic without chanting.



I’m going to try to shoot fire arrows at it as if I’m trying to make the fire go flying.


I fixed the image and strongly thought [Fire Arrow] in my head, but it didn’t come out.



What about water? I visualize a fireman’s discharge of water, and just as with fire, I solidify the image and visualize it strongly.


[Water Jet] …no such luck.



Imagine a flurry of earth and stones.


[Stone Bullet] …not a pop.



Wind, imagine a vacuum blade like a scythe.


[Wind Cutter] …not a swoosh.



It is impossible to judge about holy or dark without a church or someone with appraisal, and finally, there is non-attribute.


I’m not sure what to think of non-attribute magic.


I tilted my head and asked Thomas-san.



Thomas-san answers.



“Well, how about lifting the barrel upwards?” (Thomas)



So, like telekinesis?



I remember when I was a kid, there was a TV show about how Uri G*ller could make a broken clock move, or how he could easily bend a spoon with just his mind. [T/N: Uri Geller is an Israeli-British illusionist, magician, television personality, and self-proclaimed psychic. This is according to Wiki-sensei.]


I was so excited to try it when I was a kid, but the broken clock stayed broken and the spoon wouldn’t bend unless I put a lot of force on it.



I don’t think telekinesis is my talent…



I’ll give it a try, but I’m not sure if “Telekinesis” or “Psychokinesis” would be a better term for this. [T/N: Both of them are in Katakana btw. Now, I don’t get the whole difference between Telekinesis and Psychokinesis. Google-sensei is giving me mixed results.]

If it’s I should stop messing around, I think I’ll shorten it and think of a good way to call this.



Well, whatever.


I held my hands out over the barrel and held it upwards. The moment I thought [Psychokinesis] had performed the magic, the barrel disappeared. [T/N: He used “念動” or “nendou” or literally “thought motion”. This is the Japanese equivalent of telekinesis and psychokinesis.]



“Where did the barrel go?” (Louis)



I asked with fear in my voice.



“Louis must have taken it somewhere. Where is it?” (Thomas)



I panicked when it disappeared, but I thought it was up in the air because I had imagined lifting it. So, I looked up.



Oh, how will it fall?


There was now a shadow on the spot where the barrel had been…


As I was thinking that a shadow was now on the spot where the barrel had been, I suddenly heard a boom and the barrel exploded.



Fortunately, the barrel was broken, but neither Thomas nor I were injured.



My heart is beating really fast.

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