Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 95: The Villagers’ Choice

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 The next morning the villagers gathered in the meeting hall for a meeting, and Chief Orville explained the four options to everyone and asked for their opinions.



“So, we have four options now, but we don’t have time. The dungeon is growing, we may be overrun by monsters, and it is up to the adventurers to decide when they are ready to accept the request to conquer the dungeon. Let me know what everyone thinks.” (Orville)


“We could ask the guild to manage everything and have adventurers stay in the village to help it grow. Let’s ask the guild.” (Villager)


“If we ask the state to take care of everything, they will send guards in case the place is overrun with monsters, right? Isn’t the country better?” (Villager)


“I don’t want a dungeon full of monsters, I want adventurers to go through it quickly so that we can live in safety.” (Villager)



 It seemed difficult to reach a consensus with everyone’s varying opinions.



“I think we should ask the adventurer in the village to break through the dungeon. It won’t take long, and as soon as we break through and destroy the dungeon core, we can get back to our lives.” (Assistant)


“Huh?” (Louis)



 I made a strange voice.


 When I looked around, all eyes were on me.


 It was the man who had been accompanying me who had made the outlandish comment.



“I’ve been to the second level of the dungeon in the Sunsberg Kingdom, but I’ve never broken through it. Even then, I only did an investigation, and I don’t think it would be possible for a single person to break through a dungeon.” (Louis)



 I am not lying. Though, my magic control, swordsmanship, and martial arts are far better now than when I left Sunsberg Kingdom, but there is no need to put that into words now.


 In the end, a majority vote was taken and a request would be made to the guild, but since it would take time for the guild to arrive with a survey team, he asked me if I could thin out the monsters and do some preliminary scouting. I really wish I had the personality to kick them on the curb at a time like this.



 I reluctantly agreed to take the preliminary survey, but the first floor was already known, and in order to get to the second floor, I had to defeat those two big scorpion monsters. I’m going to die if I don’t do a proper job, aren’t I?



 Yesterday and today, I ended up diving into a Stray Dungeon, but if I continue like this, the possibility of dying is huge.



 I walked around thinking things over, and after reaching the Stray Dungeon, I first tried to see how much the Magic Shield I can strengthen the Magic Shield by adding more layers.


 This allowed me to layer the shield up to 10 layers.


 It might be possible to do more if I took the time to supply the magic power, but 10 layers is what I could do in an instant. Even I was surprised at my rapid growth.



 Although I was able to reach the 10th floor quickly, I decided to proceed through the dungeon as usual, deploying a multi-layered Magic Shield at and casting Stealth. In such a case, my risk of failure is lower if I use such a method.


 I’m actually subjugating or planning on breaking through because this is a preliminary investigation, so I’m going to make a map up to the lowest floor reachable with a ninja-like act of sneaking through the floors in a stealthy manner.



 First of all, 5 goblins at the same time, that’s a team formation, isn’t it?


 I read in a Chinese book about the old tactics of the Three Kingdoms that the “corporal” in a team formation is the weakest unit of infantry, or something like that. …I thought about something unimportant and tried to go through the map stealthily. I tried to pass through the area by leaving it to Stealth.


 However, I was quiet and I could erase my presence, and I found out that if I got close enough to touch the enemy, I would be noticed, so I subjugated it in the end.



 I could kill the goblins with my short sword and proceeded to cut down 20 goblins as per the map. I chuckled at the thought that I was pushing my strength after all.



 As soon as I turned to a 90-degree corner, the War Mantis was waiting for me and attacked me by surprise, which was a nasty plan. Surprise attacks are effective because the attacker is unaware of the attack. When the magic stone dropped, I let Huey absorb it and proceeded.



 At the junction of the first level, we saw three caves, but we went into the leftmost one without hesitation and proceeded.


 After about 200 meters, we came to a domed, fairly spacious place.


 There were also two Big Killer Scorpios on the area, and they were positioned in front of me, so it looked like one for a moment, but when I turned to a corner, there were definitely two.



 I was careful of the poisonous stingers on their tails, because they are scorpions… However, they were about the size of last night’s Red Boars.


 I quickly pulled ten iron short spears out of my storage and flung them, spinning them around like bullets.



 Magic is amazing, I think. I killed two Big Killer Scorpios instantly.


A drop item called “Scorpion Stinger” was appeared.


 Both dropped the same thing, but is there a demand for this? I couldn’t imagine who would use it, but I put the drops in my magic bag.



 Behind Big Killer Scorpio, there was an entrance to the floor below, and the stairs appeared as soon as I passed through.



 Come to think of it, I wondered if the orcs and goblins in the other plaza had moved to this one. And I remembered the dungeon’s mysteries, that even in a Stray Dungeon at the Sunsberg Kingdom, the stairs did not have any monsters.



 When I descended to the second floor and started mapping, I found that it was quite large.


 A dome-shaped space of about 800 meters in diameter had been created, and it seemed that we would have to search for the entrance and exit to the lower floor.


 I checked the layout of the monsters in the map and found names such as Zombie Wolf, Ghoul, Vampire Bat, etc. and all were moving.


 Except for the bats, the others’ speed is not that fast, but I found one monster with a different name on the map, a Lesser Vampire.



 I thought the Lesser Vampire might be the boss of this level, so I decided to go for the Lesser Vampire.



 However, this floor stinks. The stench of decay was so bad that I swallowed and suppressed what was about to rise up from my stomach as I walked along. I tried to pierce the Zombie Wolf with my iron spear, but it turned out that it did not stop it from moving.



 It was weird because its body was sewn to the ground with the iron short spear, but it was still moving around.


 It’s dead from the start, so even if I pierce its body, it still seems to move.


 I want to get through this floor as soon as possible for mental health, but I still decided to try two things.



 The first is to cut off the head.


 It was a method that was effective in zombie movies, and when I cut off the Zombie Wolf ‘s head, it stopped moving. This would work.



 Second, I tried using Purification.


 I thought it might work, since Purification was effective in exorcising ghosts, so I pinned the second Zombie Wolf to the ground with my short iron spear and casted Purification.


 The wolf zombie disappeared, emitting white smoke and more rotten smell.


 I knew that this would work on zombies, but not on Vampire Bats, based on my previous experience.



 While I checked the map and found that Purification was effective against Zombie Wolves and Ghouls, so I went straight for the Lesser Vampire while out of its range and cast Purification.



 A Bloodsucking Bat attacked me, but Huey’s acid easily defeated it and left only a magic stone.


 I could see that Huey was getting stronger, perhaps due to the effect of having him absorb magic stones.



 When I arrived at the Lesser Vampire’s area, the Lesser Vampire had pale skin, gray hair, sharp claws, red eyes, and bared canine teeth and attacked me, but its attacks were monotonous as if it was attacking me on instinct alone.


 Since its appearance was almost the same as that of a human, I cut-off its arm and threw it far, and when it fell down, I shot a short iron spear through it and used Purification when it was unable to move.



 However, after purification, the skin and flesh became ashy, but it recovered it again. I thought it was a Lesser Vampire and it was really lesser, but I realized that its personality and ability to think were the main things that had deteriorated, however its physical strength and resilience might not be lesser like its name.


 Hopefully it’s not like in the movies from my previous life, that only a silver stake can work. No, no, this is a different world… However, it’s also frustrating, you know?



 When I decided to increase my magical power and release a boosted Purification on the Lesser Vampire that was wriggling around pinned to the ground, this time the body turned to ashes in an instant.


 In the ashes fell, leaving [Lesser Vampire’s Fangs] and the [Bell of Enchantment].



 I don’t have much time, so I decided to appraise them later when I have the chance.





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