Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 97: Another Rank Up

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 It seems that I would have to pass four or five villages to reach the royal capital Valmy.



 I camped and stayed at inns as we went along, and on the 11th day, when I left the village inn, I learned that the next town was Valmy, the royal capital.


 Since I left the village of Perche, I had continued on while defeating monsters, so it must have taken some time, but perhaps because of the Raptor’s speed, I were able to reach the royal capital just a little bit earlier than I had heard.


 On the morning of the 13th day, we arrived in Valmy, the capital of the Kingdom of Avrigny.



 The Adventurers’ Guild in Valmy has a luxurious feel to its buildings, and the cityscape is very urban. I think Ars, the kingdom of Sunsberg, was more vibrant, but Valmy’s old streets seemed very orderly and refined. To be honest, it is a rube’s behavior to wander around, but I have been to so many remote rural areas that I would like to see a sophisticated urban cityscape. If you want to call me a rube, go ahead.


 As in Ars, there are very few tall buildings, so a castle is easily recognizable from a distance. But I have no use for a castle at all.



 I presented my guild card to the guard at the gate of the royal city, entered the guild, and entered the Adventurers’ Guild.


 I presented my guild card at the reception desk and showed them my purchase order and the request and completion forms for the quest I had received in Perche Village.



 “Oh, you must be Louis. My name is Elsa. Before you make your report, you have been promoted to C-rank for the Kraken subjugation I received in Amphenel. You’re also evaluated for providing valuable information in clarifying the ecology of the Twin-Tailed Viper in Bosque. You’ve risen quickly for such a young man.” (Elsa)


 “Oh, I see.” (Louis)



 Usually, the first-time people saw me, they were surprised to learn that I was D-rank, who is able receive requests for escort services.



 “I have a feeling you don’t seem too happy about it, but anyway, please wait a moment.” (Elsa)



 Receptionist Elsa went to the back with her guild card and came back after a minute or two.



 “Your guild card has been adjusted. You’re C-rank now, so please check it.” (Elsa)



 The color of the guild card she handed me was brown. No, it had turned bronze and showed C-rank.



 “It changes color. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.” (Louis)


 “The guild card with C-rank is bronze, B-rank is silver, A-rank is gold, and S-rank is onyx.” (Elsa)


 “Is there a guild card higher than S?” (Louis)


 “There are, but the material of the guild card itself seems to be different, as is the color. I have never seen them either. Do you want a recommendation for a place to stay?” (Elsa)



 I asked her if she would like to receive the information on dungeons, including a detailed map of the dungeon, the placement and number of monsters, etc., as well as the request to investigate the occurrence of the dungeon in Perche Village, the internal investigation of the dungeon, and the steps taken to conquer the dungeon, and the drop items in the dungeon. When I asked her, she replied that it was unnecessary because she had the request and completion forms.



“Have you confirmed the occurrence of any monsters after the destruction of the dungeon core?” (Elsa)


“I went back in and looked around inside the dungeon, but I didn’t see any outbreaks.” (Louis)


“I see. When a core is destroyed in a dungeon, even if the dungeon stops growing for a while, it sometimes continues to produce monsters of a slightly lower rank than before, and after some time, the core seems to reform again.” (Elsa)


“Before the destruction of the core, the black haze that would have caused the monsters in the square disappeared, so I think the outbreaks have stopped.” (Louis)


“I see. If you have confirmed the disappearance of the source of the monster outbreak, there should be no problem. Thank you for informing us. As for the recommended inn, I recommend the Forest Angel Pavilion, about 2 kilometers from the guild. Many adventurers say they are comforted by the place’s spokesdog.” (Elsa)



 After finishing the report about the dungeon and hearing the recommended inn, I then went to the counter to bring out the monsters and request for their purchase.



 I moved to the purchase counter and requested the dismantling place at the back of the counter since I couldn’t take out all of them at the counter.


 Starting with the Red Boar, Poison Viper, and Orc that I subjugated near the stray dungeon in the village of Perche, I also subjugated Big Boar, Forest Wolf, War Mantis, and others along the way…


 In total, I took out a little more than 70 monsters, only the Red Boar was dismantled and I wished to take it back.


 Because if I hear it is good meat, I’ll take it.


 The purchase price was 324 gold coins, which was a pretty good price.



 I put the gold coins in my Infinite Storage and asked the receptionist, Elsa, about volcanoes, valleys where the wind always blows, beautiful springs, untouched mountains, and other places that lacked specificity.



“I have never heard of such places, but there is a place near the border of the Kingdom of Ktevr that is a tower that no one has ever entered, or something like that. Just…” (Elsa)



 It’s a terse answer, but I’m very curious.



“Is it near the border? A tower that no one has ever entered? But if it’s a tower, then it was built by people, right?” (Louis)


“There are people who go sightseeing because of its unusual shape, and some of them even try to climb the tower. It’s not a tower, but is triangular and cylindrical, with a window-like hole at the top, but it’s not inhabited. That’s what they say.” (Elsa)


“Triangular and round? I’m not sure, how far is it to the border?” (Louis)


“From Valmy, I think it’s about 1,000 kilometers. Are you going?” (Elsa)



 She looked at me over the counter with a concerned expression.



“I won’t be going right away. I’ll do some sightseeing on my way to the Kingdom of Ktevr.” (Louis)


“If you go, please don’t try climbing. It’s too dangerous.” (Elsa)



 I had already received an answer, and this was probably “the untouched mountain”, the place where Gnome, the spirit of the earth, live.



 I nodded and left the counter.


 First, I checked the quest board to see if there were any quests in the border area. But there were none.



 So, what should I do? I decided to calm down and plan my strategy.


 I don’t want to take any quests today, I want to buy more clothes, update my equipment, and use the dropped items, [Scorpion Stinger], [Lesser Vampire Fang], and [Bell of Enchantment], to find out how to use them.



 First, for clothes, I quickly found a clothing store and bought several collarless and collared shirts each for underwear and about five pairs of pants in different colors and materials.



 Next, I went to a weapons and armor store and asked them to find me some equipment that would fit me.


 When I told them that I was a tamer, they gave me a subtle look, but this time I wanted to buy a jumper because I could wear a sword belt and it would give me more defense, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.


 I asked the owner if it was possible to bring in a monster’s skin and have it processed, he said yes. So, I gave him the Big Forest Deer skin and told him the design I want and asked him to make it for me.



 However, I was told that Big Forest Deer skins are heat resistant, but not very protective. That being said, the hardness was similar to that of ordinary deerskin.



 Even so, the craftsman seemed willing to process the Big Forest Deer skin because he could handle it, and I was glad to hear that he could make it in just two days.


 I paid the processing fee in advance and look forward to the day after tomorrow.



 When I asked about the uses of the materials I have at this store, it seemed that all but the Bell of Enchantment were used as materials for blacksmithing, so I went further and asked what kind of weapons and armor would be made if they were used as materials.



 The Scorpion Stinger is used as a so-called [dark weapon] as when it cuts the target, the scorpion’s poison can poison the target, causing the target to suffer and die.


 A knife with the venomous effect is said to be worth about 150 gold coins. I heard some great news.



 The Bell of Enchantment is used as a tool in its original form, not as a material.


 Although it is called a bell, it does not make any sound because there is nothing inside.



 For example, he said, you can charm or confuse a monster by shaking the bell during a battle with it, and you can even make it join you and fight with you.


 However, when this bell is shaken, it is famous for the fact that it can also charm allies fighting with them, causing them to stop moving, or that it does not charm the target, or that it does not produce the effect when you want it.


 I see. If it is so useless, no one will want it.



 Now it has been decided that it is a dead stock item, but I don’t mind because it can be stored indefinitely.


 Now that I knew how to use the materials, I told him I would come back later to pick up the garment and left the store. 



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