Mid Boss Chapter 1: Thousand Hands Narugoa

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 Thousand Hands Narugoa is my name.



 I look almost similar to a human youth, but I’m still a monster.


 The proof of this is my unique ability called “Thousand Hands”.


 I was born with the ability to summon my own “hands” at will, within the same space.



 This hand does not look like my normal hands, it can perfectly be described as looking like a “demon’s hand”, but it can perform surprisingly delicate movements.


 The hand is capable of chanting magic by itself.


 Of course, it can also physically hit enemies to inflict damage, so I literally have a lot of hands.


 The number of hands I can use is four, and if you include the hands of my main body, I can perform five different actions.


 This rare characteristic caught the eye of Demon King Garhelios, and I was promoted from a normal monster.


 A small dungeon “Cave of Silence” is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Gaiar, the main camp of the heroes.


 My role was to manage and operate this dungeon in order to overthrow the heroes who would eventually come.



 —What I mean was, I was appointed as the Mid Boss!



 I was so happy.


 I’m just a guy who does a little more than others do, though I’m called the Mid-Boss.


 I was in a good mood and headed for the Cave of Silence, far away from my hometown.



 But what was waiting for me there…



“What is this…?”



 I was shocked at the miserable state of the dungeon.



 The security was full of gaps.


 Traps have been left unattended for many years and do not work.


 Unmotivated employees (monsters).



 The dungeon has hit rock bottom.


 The fact that I, who looked almost as good as a human, was able to walk right through to the deepest part of the dungeon was proof enough.


 No, this is no longer a dungeon.


 It is a ruin, just a ruin…



“Ah, are you the new boss?” (Poison Slime)



 A Poison slime, whose whole body and movement are sluggish. Possesses neither elasticity nor luster passed by while giving a dull greeting.



“Oh, there’s someone new here. I don’t think I need him.” (Alraune)



 Said a sickeningly pale Alraune with a withering flower on her head, looking somewhat annoyed.






 The vampire, Kyuuketsu, did not even look at me.


 She just flies away looking quite pale.


 I wonder if she is sucking blood properly…



 Anyway, anyway.



“–This dungeon is no good!”



 I shouted while slamming the table.


 I was already in a bad mood after receiving a sudden sick call from the employee.


 While messing around with her golden hair around her fingertips, Alraune said,



“No… What do you know about us just from your first day of assignment?” (Alraune)


“I know! This no longer functioning as a dungeon! Even a lost child, let alone a brave man, can survive unharmed!”


“That said this is the very first dungeon.” (Poison Slime)



 Poison slime disagreed with me.


 The more I see it, the sloppier his body looks, and his other side is sagging.


 Alraune continues to say, “Uhuh, uhuh.”



“In the first place, this the closest dungeon to the heroes’ base, and on the other hand, our dungeon is far from the Demon Castle. Also, there aren’t enough manpower and supplies at all.” (Alraune)


“Because I’m full with my daily work… I’m cannot eat at all…” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyuuketsu protests with an exhausted/dying voice.



“In addition, when the heroes start their activities, we will be the first to be conquered anyway, even if we try our best… okay?” (Poison Slime)


“Yeah, we will do it properly, properly.” (Alraune)


“Oh, you guys… Do you not have any loyalty to Garhelios-sama…!”


“…Who?” (Alraune, Poison Slime & Kyuuketsu)


“The. Demon. Lord!”


“Oh, I’ve never seen our employer and even receive money.” (Alraune)





 Aside from me, who is utterly disappointed, they all stand up.



“Wait! The meeting isn’t over yet!?”


“It’s over, it’s over, we will do it the old-fashioned way, stop talking too much, Mid Boss-san.” (Alraune)



 I cannot stop them at all.


 Their backs are getting farther and farther away.



“By the way, he seems to be able to do five times at once.” (Alraune)


“Unusual… But that sounds useless…” (Kyuuketsu)


“He’s thrown in a place like this, so he is just a handyman, huh. What job should I take if this dungeon collapses?” (Alraune)


“Oh, I want to be my own bakery” (Poison Slime)


“You can’t do food-related things …” (Kyuuketsu)



 Soon everyone is gone.


 He was left alone in the conference room, trembling and muttering.



“… Did you say there wasn’t enough manpower?”



 There is no anger, no sadness, or despair.


 He was trembling with a sense of mission.



 The Demon King entrusted me with this dungeon. Even though I am just one monster.


 Then there is one thing to do!



“—My “Hands” are enough! I’m the Thousand Hands Narugoa! I’ll definitely turn this Cave of Silence into an impregnable dungeon and engrave fear on the hearts of those heroes! Now, this the beginning of a major reform!”



 I started to act immediately.






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