Mid Boss Chapter 2: Dungeon Reform Plan

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 “–What is this!?” (Alraune)



 Tomorrow morning, Alraune’s screams echo in the Cave of Silence, and soon she rushed in.



“Alraune it is just morning and you are already noisy.”


“Ah, ah, what have you done!? What did you do on my floor?” (Alraune)


“Well, I just…”


“Hey, come on!” (Alraune)



 She grabbed me by the arm and forcibly dragged me.


 I was brought to the area Alraune was in charge of.


 It is the second level of the Cave of Silence. Fairies and plant-based monsters run the area.


 It used to be a humid and dark space with lots of mold everywhere —now it is different.


 The floor and ceiling were faintly glowing, and the entire level was brightly lit.


 This dim light matched the atmosphere of the cave, giving it a kind of mystical atmosphere.



“This! What’s going on!? What happened!?” (Alraune)


“What … I sprinkled luminous moss. Alraune, did you not ask my predecessor?”


“Why do you know that…?” (Alraune)


“I heard from the fairies”



 I pointed to the fairies flying around the second level.


 Hmmm, until yesterday, they were just sleeping in the corner of the dungeon-like shriveled vegetables. They are now moving more vigorously.


 Fairies are sensitive to changes in the environment.


 Dungeon that is devoid of life get a D-rating without question during the dungeon audit from the Demon King’s army that comes regularly, This is a well-known fact.



“Al-sama! Look at this twinkling!” (Fairy)


“The Mid-Boss-san did it overnight!” (Fairy)


“With this, we can hang out in the sun without having to go out!” (Fairy)


“Oh yeah… That is good…” (Alraune)



 At this time, I certainly saw that Alraune crack a tiny smile.


 Then she immediately faces me while glaring.



“You’re wrong if you think this is going to raise your standing with us! You have only added more work for us! Luminous moss is difficult to care for! It’s another nuisance on top of our daily workload…!” (Alraune)



“Well, Al-sama, why are you saying that?” (Fairy)


“The previous Mid-Boss didn’t listen to us at all, but this time the Mid Boss didn’t just listen he also fulfilled our request~~” (Fairy)


“I see! Al-sama is just shy!” (Fairy)


“Th-this! You guys!” (Alraune)


“Um, of course, I don’t think my standing will go up at this level, there’s a lot more work to do.”



 I hand a few bundles of paper to her, who is clinging to one of the fairies.



“What is this?” (Alraune)


“It’s a picture book of how to care for luminous moss, it’s that kind of manual because Fairies can’t read and write.”


“… What a crappy drawing.” (Alraune)


“Don’t say that. I cannot get any better at this. Now, I’ll leave the rest to you.”


“What? You are just leaving it to me?” (Alraune)


“Anyway, a picture alone can convey all of it, you have to show, tell, and let them know. You’re far more familiar with plants than I am, right?”


“That’s right…!” (Alraune)


“Then, please share the information with the fairies. You manage and maintain the luminous moss by supervising the fairies. I have to clean up something next.”



 I turned and quickly left the second level.


 My next destination is the first level, where Poison Slime is in-charge.


 I might need the help of a cat’s paw. [T/N: So a cat’s paw can mean a person or tool involved in fooling or making a fool of someone.]





“What’s going on here, mid-boss!?” (Poison Slime)


“What’s going on?”


“This! That!” (Poison Slime)



 Poison Slime protests, as his sluggish body shakes.


 When I saw him, there were dozens of slimes about the size of a cat behind him.



“Thank you for your hard work, Mid-Boss!” (Slimes)


“Thank you for your hard work too!”



 They greeted me in unison, and I replied, “Good day!


 I was glad to see that they were in good spirits.


 They look refreshed, firm, and lively.



“They are the new ones I hired. Well, these employees (monsters) have a lot of potentials.”


“New employees (monsters)!! …? How self-centered…!” (Poison Slime)


“The Cave of Silence has a chronic labor shortage, apparently the result of your negligence, including my predecessor.”


“What do you know? When you just come!” (Poison Slime)



 Poison slime is finally angry.


 His body is trembling, even his voice is trembling and rough.



 … I thought I would get this kind of reaction from him, so I brought them.



 I take a stack of paper out of my pocket and read it aloud.



’ No one taught me the job’


“!?” (Poison Slime)


“‘I couldn’t imagine myself improving in this workplace.” “The seniors were always tense and are making me anxious.” “I am always ignored.”


“Well, that is…!?” (Poison Slime)


“These are all reasons given for leaving by the employee (monsters) who left within the past year, and I discovered last night that my predecessor had suppressed them, that’s just part of it, right? Still, I can feel the spirit of someone trying to raise newcomers here.”



 I slapped a stack of papers.



“The shortage is the result of a few seniors running the job on their own and neglecting the newcomers.”


“I know that…” (Poison Slime)


“Well, I know you know, because most of the main force of the Cave of Silence was raised by you.”


“How do you!?” (Poison Slime)


“I’m sure there will always be traces of your efforts somewhere, and of course I know you’re lamenting your current situation inwardly… You feel guilty, right. You know that no matter how much you train them, they will quit soon.”


“… That is right… Everyone wants to quit, looking quite sad… It’s so painful and frustrating…” (Poison Slime)


“That’s why you dared not take newcomers.”



 Poison Slime nods.


 He is also a victim of the vicious circle done in the Cave of Silence.


 ――But that’s over today.


 I tap Poison Slime’s shoulder (?).



“From today on, don’t worry about such depressing thoughts, do your best to train the newcomers.”


“But!” (Poison Slime)


“The Cave of Silence will change, I will change it. So do what you need to do, ‘Sergeant Poison’!” [T/N: I’ll just call him Sergeant since Poison Slime is just too long.]


“… You even know my old nickname. Such a ridiculous Mid-Boss came to such a remote dungeon.” (Sergeant)


“Leave the rest to me, so I will leave you in-charge, okay?”


“-Yes, I understand, Mid-Boss-san! I will take responsibility for training them into a good main force!”



 Poison Slime immediately corrected his posture.


 His sluggish body suddenly firmed up.



“Then I’ll leave it to you, Sergeant, I still have something to do.”



 With that said, I leave the first level.


 Next, I would like to go to the third level managed by the Vampire Kyuuketsu, but that can be postponed for now.


 Now, I walked towards the cafeteria.






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