Mid Boss Chapter 3: Goblin Restaurant

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~Alraune’s Perspective~



That day, the dungeon that bears the name of “Silence” was extremely noisy



“What the hell is this? The warehouse that was once known as a haunted area has been transformed!” (Monster)


“Hey! The trap for blocking intruders that have been broken for many years has been repaired!” (Monster)


“Hey! The toilet was rotten smelling until yesterday… Now the smell of flowers is wafting out!” (Monster)



 The monsters are astonished at the state of the Cave of Silence, which has undergone a transformation in just one night.


 They muttered, “Who did it,” There was only one person who could do such a crazy thing.


 Our new boss —Mid-Boss-san.



 They are more confused than happy


 Why did he go this far for such a pathetic dungeon?


 No one could guess his intention.


 Of course, I am one of them.



“I just did my best … I don’t need any rewards…”



 It should be so much easier for him to just stay in the deepest part of the dungeon, as the Mid-Boss is only a title.


 That was the case with his predecessor.


 So did the mid-boss before him, and the other mid-boss before.


 They did not know anything about dungeons; they just sat in their chairs and waited for the heroes to come.


 But he is different.


 He actively interferes.


 It is as if he is saying that the Cave of Silence is a part of him–



“Hey everyone! The Mid-Boss is headed to the cafeteria!?” (Monster)


“To those three brothers!? Is he serious!?” (Monster)


“I don’t know what he will do, but let’s hurry!” (Monster)



 Someone spoke up and all the employee monsters rushed into the cafeteria at once.


 They were expecting it, even if they didn’t say it aloud.


 They were eager to find out what the middle boss was trying to accomplish.



 Among them were Alraune and the vampire Kyuuketsu who was unfortunately caught in the wave of people.






~Narugoa’s Perspective~



 I was now in the employee cafeteria “Goblin Restaurant” on the first floor of the Cave of Silence.


 However, in the large dining room, there are no employees other than me, even though it is now lunchtime.



“—Are you not the new Mid-boss?” (Goblin)



 After waiting for a while at the table, three monsters appeared from the darkness in the back.


 Wearing matching aprons, they were the three goblin brothers, the cooks of the Goblin Restaurant.


 The eldest is small, the second is thin, and the third is a giant.



 The eldest of the goblin brothers approached me with a sly smile.



“Is your first job after arriving to cut down on the budget? Hey, if you’re having a hard time, and you can’t find help… Hey you guys?” (First Goblin)



 The third Goblin brother holds a huge butcher knife like he is showing it off.


 I see, it is a pretty nice knife.



“Hey, this place has been run by us three brothers for many years. It doesn’t make sense for a newcomer to come and end this…” (First Goblin)


“Well, I think there is a misunderstanding.”


“…Oh?” (First Goblin)


“I didn’t come to close this place.”



 The three Goblin brothers looked at each other.



“… What are you here for?” (First Goblin)


“The people who come to the cafeteria have nothing else to do but —make an order.”



 I feel that the area is getting noisy.


 When I saw it, somehow a crowd has gathered around me.


 The three Goblin brothers were not looking at the group but looked straight into my eyes.



“… Are you sane?” (First Goblin)


“I’ve been working all night since yesterday, I’m hungry, I’m asking for the best recommendation in this cafeteria.”


“… Hey you guys! Get ready to prepare! Goblin style!”



 Goblin style.


 The peanut gallery screamed at this statement.



“Ehem, bi-big brother are you sane…” (Third Goblin)


“Stop it, big brother, if you give him goblin-style, Boss-san will froth in the mouth and faint isn’t it fine with the one we usually give to customers…” (Second Goblin)


“No! Our Mid-Boss wants the best recommendation! If so, let’s give it to him!” (First Goblin)



 The eldest Goblin, smiled sadistically as he looked at me.



“Please wait a moment; we will prepare the best dish for our customer… Hehehe” (First Goblin)


“I’m looking forward to the meal.”



 –And a few minutes later.


 A very strong odor wafts from the kitchen.


 The peanut gallery pinched their noses all at once.


 The monsters that don’t have a nose that can be pinched, or fingers to use, all fainted with the whites of their eyes in full display.



“What’s this smell? It is ten times worse than usual, no more…!” (Monster)


“Al… I think you know, but I… I’m really bad at fishy smells…” (Kyuuketsu)


“Kyu, Kyu-chan are you okay!?” (Alraune)



 Alraune hugs the vampire Kyuuketsu who is frothing at the mouth.


 It is a hellish scene, with people screaming in agony just because of the smell.


 Then, the three goblin brothers appear out of the darkness again.



“Hihihihihi, sorry for the long wait Mid-Boss-san, this is the Goblin Restaurant Special, Goblin Style Stew.” (First Goblin)



 With a flourish, the plate was placed in front of me.


 Inside the plate—there looked like a miniature scene from hell.


 A gluey soup that is dull and grayish like a poisonous swamp.


 There is some kind of animal innards mixed in the stew.


 Most of the pieces were still intact, and if you took them out one by one and assembled them, you might be able to figure out what kind of animal this soup was made from.


 Bubbles rise and pop at the surface.


 Somewhere, I heard a voice saying “Oe!” [T/N: So someone is puking or groaning.]



“So I stewed the guts of a six-eyed goat. It has a unique taste, but it is easy to eat and has a nice taste.” (First Goblin)


“Huh, six-eyed goat.”


“Did you get scared? No wonder, even in my hometown, there are goblins who cry out that they can’t eat this…” (First Goblin)


“Well, I don’t hate it.”


“Hihi, you are all talk… eh?” (First Goblin)



 The three Goblin brothers turned to stare at him.


 The spectators also gawked at him.


 Their eyes wide and staring at something incredible.



“But you know…”



 He swallowed a plump mysterious piece of offal and said.



“… Did he just ate that?” (Second Goblin)


“That’s a lie, this guy!?” (Third Goblin)



 The three Goblin brothers faltered, and the spectators screamed.


 However, I’m hungry, so I really have no capacity to care about the surrounding, and I lift the bowl and downed the soup.


 The screams intensified.



“Oh, stop! You are going to die!” (First Goblin)


“Can you die from eating food?” (Third Goblin)



 The eldest goblin, rushed to me saying something incomprehensible, but I had already finished drinking the soup.


 I took a sip of water to clean my mouth and took a deep breath.





“Okay, lend me your apron, second brother.”


“Well, why …” (Second Goblin)





 I receive an apron from the second goblin, who looks the closest size to me, and then I put it on.



“Excuse me, but I’ll borrow the kitchen for a while. Will you wait at the table because it will be done soon?”


“Mid-Boss, what are you…!” (First Goblin)


“What?” (Second Goblin)



 I summoned my four hands and stood in the kitchen.




“–I want to cook for the first time after a long time, I’m sorry, but can I ask you to be the testers?”






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