Mid Boss Chapter Chapter 34: Operation “Narugoa”

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“–What the hell is Narugoa thinking!” (Villager)



 One of the villagers couldn’t stand it anymore and threw the leather bag he had in his hand on the ground.


 The mouth of the bag opened and a few “seeds” spills from it.


 Perhaps some of the villagers who gathered were thinking of the same thing as the one who was making a ruckus.


 At this point, all their hands had stopped.



“Hey Keeta! Why are you leaving your area!? And what are you going to do with those precious seeds!” (Rudolf)



 The village mayor, Rudolf, approached him.


 Keeta seemed to be quite tense for a moment but immediately argued back.



“What is precious about this! What is this used for?” (Keeta)


“I don’t know…” (Rudolf)


“Well!? Seems like Narugoa has gone crazy! —All of a sudden he comes back and asks everyone to plant flower seeds all over the village!” (Keeta)



 Immediately, the hands of the other villagers who were silently planting flower seeds stopped.


 Stopped caring.


 Why do they have to plant flower seeds in this situation?



“… That’s right.” (Villager)


“It doesn’t feel like this does anything.” (Villager)


“I wish the Valkyries his friends could be repelled by this…” (Villager)



 Everyone slowly began to bend and plant seeds again.


 Most of the villagers are in quite a hopeless mood.


 But two, except those people.



“You’re quitting, then give me that seed over here.” (Mother => Irena)



 It was Narugoa’s mother, Irena, who raised her voice.


 The villagers’ attention is drawn to her.


 When they saw her, and her husband, Gunan, who was planting seeds right next to her, without even caring about the commotion.



“Oh, Irena-san… I understand your feelings about believing in your son, but this is…” (Keeta)


“I don’t want you to believe, but we already believe in him, right dad?” (Irena)


“Yeah.” (Father => Gunan)


“But …” (Keeta)


“Don’t you know? It’s actually the first time that child has asked anything from us.” (Irena)



 With that one word, everyone talked.



“I don’t know who he gets his sense of responsibility from, but he’s always taken everything on himself.” (Irena)


“Well, Narugoa had to put up with it alone, no matter how bad things get… I couldn’t do anything, I am not good enough to be his father.” (Gunan)


“—That child asked us, and he needed our help… Then we just have to believe in him, because we are the adults.” (Irena)


“Irena-san…” (Keeta)



 Before they noticed, the young man was picking up the seeds that he had dropped on the ground.


 The villagers, who once stopped moving, start moving again.



“… Oh, that’s exactly what Irena says.” (Villager)


“Because we are adults, if we don’t believe, who else will believe in him?” (Villager)


“And because Narugoa has finally asked for a favor! If we just ignore it now, it wouldn’t be right!” (Villager)



 There was no longer any hesitation in their hearts.


 Thus, they continue to plant the seeds.


 Exactly at the location indicated by Narugoa.





~Narugoa’s Perspective~




“I’m back Narugoa-san!” (Kyuuketsu)


“As instructed, the communication lines are okay!” (Poison Slime)



 Kyu-chan and Poison Slime finish their roles and come back here.


 And just in time, everything is going well so far.



“Thank you for your hard work, preparations are complete.”


“Preparations? Was there anything else to do?” (Poison Slime)


“Oh, I had a little helper, I asked for help.”


“Hey! Narugoa-san is reliable!” (Kyuuketsu)


“–I’m back, Narugoa, you don’t have any more seeds?” (Alraune)



 Soon there she was, Alraune.


 Apparently, she’s also done, and it seems that the seeds have been distributed to the villagers.



“Oh, based on my calculation, further steps are unnecessary, what about the progress of the villagers?”


“They weren’t doing well at first, but their pace increased in the second half, and now they are at 80%, so it’s enough for when the Valkyries attack.” (Alraune)


“Okay, then all three of us just have to wait for them, please save your strength.”


“… Will it work?” (Alraune)



 Alraune worriedly asked, but she didn’t even wait for my reply



“No, that’s a ridiculous question, it’s your plan, it’s going to work, I know it.” (Alraune)


“Oh, I’ll definitely make it succeed.”



 I strongly affirmed her words.



“Well, Narugoa-san thinks it’s about the most ridiculous ideas!” (Poison Slime)


“Yes, at first I thought it was some kind of joke.” (Kyuuketsu)


“I’m sorry, I’m not very good at joking.”


“Like before.” (Alraune)



 With that said, Alraune looks at the pillar of light towering in the distance.



“… Narugoa.” (Alraune)


“What’s up?”


“I want to apologize for that day… I’m sorry, if we realized your thoughts earlier, you might not have died.” (Alraune)


“No, that’s my own discretion, you’re not to be blamed, or apologize to me, etc…”


“Don’t say something sad.” (Alraune)



 I glance at Alraune’s profile.


 She was smiling.



“We’re colleagues from the same workplace, don’t be so cold.” (Alraune)


“… My bad.”



 I also smile back at her.


 Then, I glanced at Kyu-chan and Poison Slime.



“I’m looking forward to it! Mid-Boss!” (Kyuuketsu)


“Let’s show our guts, Mid-Boss!” (Poison Slime)



 Thanks to them, I was able to stay on the right path for my second walk in life.


 Thanks to them, I’ll be able to make up for that day’s blunder.


 I’ll say it again, and again, and again.


 —I’m surrounded by the best people in the world.



“Now, I, the Mid-Boss of Gatel Village, declare the start of the operation!!”



 I turned my body to face them and announced proudly.



“-I will now launch Operation ‘Narugoa’! The opposing force is the Battle Maiden Army led by a hero! We will quickly repel them and completely defend Gatel Village!!”





 Exactly one hour after the appearance of the pillar of light.


 Right now, a total of 500 Valkyrie were completely surrounding Gatel Village.



 The coordination of the Valkyries was impressive.


 A complete encirclement had been completed, with not a single ant able to enter or leave.



 It goes without saying that he will lead it.


 Bernhard, a Hero with the Holy Sword.



“–I’d like to praise you first of all for not taking the trivial decision of trying to escape.” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard smiles wickedly.


 He leads a group of 500 Valkyrie.


 The four of us fighting against them are Alraune, Kyu-chan, Poison Slime, and myself.


 The difference in strength seemed hopeless.



“If I showed any pretense to escape, you would have intended to vaporize the entire village.”


“Huh! As expected from my punching bag! You understand me well!” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard laughs loudly.


 And he laughed and looked at me with cloudy eyes.



“… Where did they go?” (Bernhard)


“Gathered on the outskirts of the village, far from here.”


“That means it’s okay to interpret that those bastards and the others have decided to prepare and fight, right?” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard holds the holy sword.


 With this as a signal, the Valkyries held their weapons all at once and became clad in Divine Light.



“It’s the second most boring scenario you’ve planned… You’re going to challenge me and protect the villagers.” (Bernhard)




“Hmm, you don’t even have words to say back, I’m kind, so I’ll listen to your soliloquy, okay?” (Bernhard)



 The divinity that surrounds the Valkyrie swells to the limit.


 It’s really a touch-and-go situation.


 If only Bernhardt had given the order, the village of Gatel would have been turned into scorched earth in an instant.


 In such a situation, I slowly opened my mouth and said,



“Rigat Alcroix bravely challenged the Valkyries and died for the village.”


“……what?” (Bernhard)


“This is the end of the boy Rigat that will be told to those who are left behind… and the last act of compassion I will give to you.”


“… You’re so boring I could puke, Narugoa.” (Bernhard)



 With that word as a signal, the Divine Light that surrounds the Valkyries has reached its climax.


 It is a signal of their attack.


 —At the same time, it is also a signal to announce the start of our operation.



“Now! Do it Alraune!”


“—[Chant Shorten] [Flower Words]! [Full Bloom]!” (Alraune)





 Alraune’s super-shortened chanting spreads her magical power throughout the village along the ground.


 And her magical power encouraged the rapid growth of the plants.


 The seeds of the flowers planted by the villagers sprouted, the buds grew, the flowers opened in a blink of an eye—and the whole place became a complete field of flowers.



“What’s this…!? Flowers!?” (Bernhard)



 Not to mention Bernhard and his Valkyries were also confused.


 The rigid Valkyries are vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances not found within their plan.


 At this point, their thoughts have completely stopped.



 There is a gap that could be used.



“The magic circle is perfect… good job.”


“What is this…!? Valkyries! Attack the flowers!!” (Bernhard)


“It’s too late… [Summon]!”



 In accordance with the usual phrase, the flowers with magical power emit a particularly intense light.


 The light was drawing a huge magic circle that spanned the entire Gatel Village.



 —Well, a summary about my [Summon] skill.


 [Summon] is a magic spell that summons an object according to the size of the magic circle.


 And when I summoned the three goblin brothers before, I discovered a few things.



 First of all, the goblins summoned by [Summon] were summoned not only with their clothes but also with their cooking utensils.


 In other words. This means that the summons is not limited to living creatures.


 And one more thing, I was able to summon the three Goblin brothers all at the same time.


 I can summon multiple targets at the same time, as long as I pay the appropriate cost.


 If you integrate these elements and expand on the theory, such a feat is theoretically possible.


“What’s happening!?” (Valkyrie)


“Waaaa!? The scenery! The village…!” (Valkyrie)


“This is……!”(Valkyrie)



 The Valkyries were astonished and confused.


 It’s no wonder.


 Your whole visible surrounding suddenly changed.



“… Haha, what kind of joke, is this…?” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard, now surrounded by moss, grimaces.


 They have no way of understanding.



 Then I’ll tell them.


 What I summoned is neither a monster nor a thing.


 -It is the dungeon itself…… That’s right.



“Welcome to The Cave of Silence.”




 I said, smiling fearlessly in the mid-boss room of the fourth level of the Cave of Silence.





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