Mid Boss Chapter 44: Diva’s Tribulations

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 “… Eh? The bombardment team is annihilated? Even the choir?” (Diva)



 Diva the Harpy Queen had her eyes widen at the report from her subordinates.


 In the beginning, she thought she had misheard because of the mysterious explosion that had just assaulted her ears, but it seems that this is not the case.


 Her subordinate, Harpy, looked at her wide-eyed and continued to report.



“So, the recent ’sound’ is an attack from the enemy! All the harpies who were exposed to it at close range fainted and could no longer fight!” (Harpy)


“They fainted…!?” (Diva)



 Diva’s face turns pale.



“The choir and those of us in the back have managed to stay conscious, but the… damage is severe! The tempo is completely out of tune! We can’t use the Siren’s Song with this!” (Harpy)


“Are you serious…?” (Diva)



 Diva forgot her dignified yet clear voice tone until now, and let out her true voice.


 Her eyes are hollow, with her expression pale and ashen.


 By the way, each of her iridescent feathers was quivering.


 Perhaps if she wasn’t sitting down, she would have collapsed to her knees at that moment.



 That’s true.


 Because a few years ago, when she was a mere harpy, she had accidentally… devised this strategy, which was undefeated and unstoppable.


 It was a revolutionary strategy that allowed her to unilaterally overrun any opponent, no matter how strong they were.


 That’s why she put her absolute trust in this strategy.


 …… Or, to put it another way, she was dependent on it.


 But now the illusion has been shattered.



 Later Diva says,


 ――I was so shocked by this that I almost broke down in tears. In fact, I was crying a little. I just wanted to getaway.


 But my subordinates, the harpies, had no way of knowing that.



“Diva-sama! What is the next move!”



 The voice of her subordinate finally brought Diva back to her senses.



“Well, that’s right. I, Diva, will give my next order… First, pack up everything.” (Diva)


“–Is it for a special attack?” (Harpy)



 One of the young harpies eagerly asked.


 It’s not the same, of course, but she didn’t have any such crazy ideas in her head at all.


 She was just trying to suggest that the survivors should pack up their belongings and run away for now.



 However, for some reason, the other Harpies seemed to like the term “Special attack” very much.



“Special attack!” (Harpy)


“Death to all intruders!” (Harpy)


“We’re always ready to die for Diva-sama!” (Harpy)


“What? Oh, no! What I’m saying is that our first priority should be our…” (Diva)


“–You are our home!” (Harpy)



 Once again the young harpy interrupted Diva’s words.


 Somehow, Diva tried to preserve their “life”, but it was too late, and there was a crackling cheer. Diva is all wrapped up.



“For our home!” (Harpy)


“Our harpy soul is the cornerstone of the future!” (Harpy)


“Diva-sama! Diva-sama!” (Harpy)


“N-o… no…” (Diva)



 In the midst of the frenzy, Diva was understandably distraught.


 Her remarks (although not really) have become the fuse, and the situation becomes more and more irreversible.



 ――It would be very bad if things continued like this.


 Both the bombardment and choir are defeated, and the difference in strength is hopeless.


 To try a special attack in such a state is like a summer insect flying straight to the fire.


 What if that happens?


 Her title is “Diva” and it would soon be transformed into “War criminal who destroyed the Harpy village by irresponsibly inciting the villagers.”



 The Diva’s stomach churned, and her face twisted in agony.


 But no one notices this.



 (Why, why does this always happen to me?……) (Diva)


 (I just happen to like singing a little bit more than the other harpies, and I’m good at it.) (Diva)



 Then the others noticed her and Diva is enshrined as such and put in such an extraordinary role…



“Diva-sama! Diva-sama!” (Harpy)



 (My stomach churned and churned.) (Diva)



“Glory to Diva-sama! Glory to Diva-sama!” (Harpy)



 (Oh, no…) (Diva)



“For Diva-sama, I will not regret sacrificing my life!” (Harpy)



 (—I’m at my limit.) (Diva)






 At that time, Diva sang five notes.


 However, it was unmistakably a “song”.



 It was like a tune of a flute played by angels descending from the heavens or a drop of water falling into a tranquil spring.


 Music, in this case, can be compared to alcohol.


 From this point of view, Diva’s song was the most exquisite liquor that could intoxicate the soul with just one taste.



 The excited harpies fell to the ground in a heap, as if a thread had been cut.


 It was an instantaneous event.



 With a single word, Diva had put all the Harpies to sleep.



“Oh, it’s already at this point… why did this happen…” (Diva)



 The only one left behind, Diva, had her sculpted good looks distorted in a miserable way.



“There’s no way you’re going on a suicide mission… Oh, my stomach hurts…” (Diva)



 And then she let out one last big sigh.



“I really don’t want to do this because I’m really scared, but…I’m going to take down the intruder by myself…” (Diva)



 Oh, this is not good.



 So whispering with a sigh, Diva spread her multi-colored wings.




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