Mid Boss Chapter 5: Middle Boss Disqualification

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 This was the most unusual situation since the beginning of this dungeon.


 This was quickly transmitted to all the monsters on each level.



“The Demon King Garhelios-sama has been defeated!” (Monster)


“That’s not everything! The hero party that defeated the Demon King is heading to the Cave of Silence!” (Monster)


“The average level of the party is… 72!? It is unbelievable! It’s far higher than our current recommended level!?” (Monster)


“That’s right! It’s the party that defeated the Demon King! We can’t help it …!” (Monster)


“Pixies have sent us a follow-up! It’s about 30 minutes to reach the brave party!” (Monster)


“In 30 minutes!?” (Monster)


“We are goners!” (Monster)



 Everyone is extremely panicked.


 I had prepared a manual to deal with this kind of unforeseen situation, but it was completely meaningless here!



“Mid-Boss-san! What should we do?!?” (Sergeant)



 Poison slime rushes over to me.


 He’s been shaping up a lot since a year ago, and now he has a stunning slime body … No, I should not be thinking about that now!



“I’m sure you’ve heard that there are have been no heroes over level 10 who came to the Cave of Silence?” (Sergeant)


“Oh, yes, I thought so! But that is a terrible miscalculation! The heroes skipped the Cave of Silence!”


“Skipped!? Even though we are so close to the heroes home!?” (Sergeant)


“Oh! I don’t know if they simply didn’t even know we existed or if we were judged as not threatening and left alone… Anyway, the heroes will end their adventure here, at the Cave of Silence.”


“That’s a huge mess! What are we going to do!? The heroes are over level 70 and can’t be stopped by our slime corps!” (Sergeant)


“I know, I know …!”


“Middle boss!” (Kyuuketsu)



 Then the vampire Kyuuketsu arrived by flying through the door.


 She too has changed from when she looks like she’s on the brink of death a year ago. Her complexion has improved, and she has become leaner and healthier… No, but that’s not everything!



“The heroes are coming!? Moreover, they are averaging at level 70!” (Kyuuketsu)


“Oh! It seems that they will reach the Cave of Silence in 30 minutes!”


“We don’t have time…! The only chance we have at winning is probably using the poisonous weed that we grew on the second level! We should urgently place the poisonous grass as a trap on the first level. And I will lead the undead corps on the third level! Can we do it!?” (Kyuuketsu)


“It’s a great strategy, but that’s hopeless…!”



 After all, the enemy is a hero party that is over level 70.


 It is not strange for them to have complete resistance to abnormal conditions.


 Above all, surely there is a sage in that party.


 If strategic magic is thrown from the entrance of the dungeon with only the purpose of destroying their enemies, the dungeon will be destroyed too!



“Mid-Boss, what are you suggesting we should do?” (Alraune)



 Alraune addressed me with a tense shoulder.


 Her voice is trembling.


 She is both scared and anxious


 However, she is forcibly raising her voice like the one she normally does.


 Everyone was looking at me.


 From the looks on their eyes, they are asking, “How can we overcome this situation?”


 …… Actually, I have one plan.


 I didn’t really want to use this kind of move, but… There is no choice.



“…… You can take it.”


“Eh…” (Alraune)



 I pat Alraune’s shoulders and turn my back on them.



“Today, the boss of the Cave of Silence is you, Alraune.”


“What!?” (Alraune)



 The employees began clamoring.



“No way… Why are you running away!? And you are pushing everything to Al!?” (Kyuuketsu)


“Yes, after all, I am just not fit to be a Mid-Boss.”


“Well, you are the worst! And I believed in you!” (Kyuuketsu)


“You failed us, Mid-Boss!” (Sergeant)


“Say what you want, I’ll leave everything to you.”



 Then abusive words of my former employees rained on my back.


 But I don’t care.


 I waved goodbye and left the place.



“… Well, I guess it is time for me to go?”



 I muttered but no one could hear me, and so I went out alone.






~3rd Person Perspective~



“I can’t believe it! That man escaped at the last minute!” (Monster)


“It’s unheard of for a Mid-Boss to escape from the dungeon before his subordinates do!” (Monster)


“Damn! We were stupid enough to rely on him!” (Monster)



 The remaining employees spit grudge-filled complaints against their former boss.


 They believed so much in him, but they were betrayed at the very end.


 There was no one who is not feeling desperation.



 Except for one, the current Mid-Boss Alraune.



“… He’s not that kind of guy.”



 The skeleton who hears her words retorted in anger.



“We have really been abandoned! We’re so stupid that we trusted that guy… Hmm? Hey Alraune, what’s on your shoulders?” (Skeleton)


“Eh?” (Alraune)



 Pointed out by the skeleton, Alraune soon noticed what he was pointing out.


 Something is dangling over her shoulder; it was entwined on her hair.


 “Is this… a bell?” Alraune thought,



“That’s a resonating bell.” (Gremlin)



 A gremlin, who is familiar with magic tools, says.



“Resonating bell?” (Alraune)


“Oh, a pair of two bells, ringing one bell will ring the other, no matter the distance between. Long ago, it was made so that adventurers wouldn’t worry about the family waiting in their hometown… “(Gremlin)


“Then why did the Middle-Boss gave it to me…? Why …” (Alraune)



 With that said, Alraune suddenly noticed.



“… Wait, where did he go?” (Alraune)


He is probably hiding somewhere and I don’t know anywhere? Oh, I cannot do it anymore…” (Monster)


“How can I do that? There is only one pathway outside of The Cave.” (Alraune)


“Eh?” (Monster)



 Everyone was at a loss for words.


 Yes, he looked like he was running away, but that’s impossible in the first place.


 The heroes are near, and there is only one doorway.


 …… If all the materials were thus so far, everyone understood.



“No way, that guy–!?” (Monster)





~Narugoa’s Perspective~



 It took me a few minutes to create a magical barrier in front of the Cave of Silence.


 Even Garhelios-sama will take some time to dispel this barrier. With this, even a single ant cannot go in or out for half a day.


 It’s been a long time, so I was worried that my hands would be dull, but it seems to have worked.



“It’s completely unheard of, a Mid-Boss going out of his dungeon.”



 After all, I am truly not made for such a job.


 Well, I’ve had a lot of fun over the past year.


 Alraune will do the rest.


 She’s already good at it.



“Who are you?” (Voice)



 I can hear a voice from behind me.


 Apparently, they’ve arrived, 10 minutes earlier than we thought.


 Well, this is my last big job.


 I look back and declare loudly.




“–Wahahahaha! Heroes! I am the one who rules the Cave of Silence, The Thousand Hands Narugoa!”






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