Mid Boss Chapter 55: Entering the Mountain

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 After leaving the town of Canal, we followed a road with a great view for a while.


 Soon after, we noticed that the road had been cut off, the streets were deserted, and the trees around us had begun to change into something unfamiliar. Then, like a mirage, it appeared right in front of us.



 I’m not sure if it’s because I’m blinded by the strange plants growing everywhere, or if it’s some kind of magical concealment.


 Either way, we paused in front of it and gasped.



“Here is…”


“Yes, this is my workplace.” (Sakura)



 Sakura has an indescribable look and speaks the name of the place as if she’s chewing something bitter.



“Recommended level for capture is 15—This is the Inanaki Sacred Mountain.”



 It was an absolutely fantastic sight.


 A majestic mountain lit up by the setting sun – what a dungeon.


 It wasn’t built, but it wasn’t completely untouched either.


 The man-made dungeon and the natural mountain are fused together to form a lonely sacred mountain that seems to have been there all along.



“This place is amazing…”



 A natural sigh escaped my lips.


 I’ve never heard of such a dungeon, or perhaps I should say I’ve never had the idea.


 This dungeon had a distinctly different cultural atmosphere to it.



 In particular, what attracted my attention was the huge red gate that looked up at me.


 These were lined up in a row, tracing the surface of the majestic mountain, inviting us in.



“The 99 gates (Torri) are said to separate the ordinary world from the spirit world.” (Sakura) [T/N: Torii gates are the red Japanese structures in front of Shinto shrines. There are many legends and folklore surrounding those gates. I think most fantasy or horror anime/manga has a scene with those. Google-sensei has lots to share.]


So this is the border between this world and the afterlife, that’s pretty interesting.”


The torii gate leads directly to the top of the mountain, to the middle boss, but on the way, there is a section guarded by the Four Heavenly Kings, so a fight is inevitable.” (Sakura)


” Four Heavenly Kings!?” (Kyuuketsu)



 Suddenly Kyuu-chan raised her voice.


 Her eyes shining passionately.



“The Four Heavenly Kings… that sounds like a big deal.”


“It’s nice, I used to long for something like that when I was a kid.” (Sergeant)



 Said Sergeant in the backpack I was carrying, as usual.


 But Sakura looked somewhat embarrassed.



But even though there are Four Heavenly Kings, there are three of them now, and one of them, well, had a hole in their stomach…” (Sakura)


“… My dream is shattered, let’s go quickly, Narugoa-san.” (Sergeant)


“Well, wait … I want you all to gather around for a minute. Oh, Sakura stay there.”


“…?” (Sakura)



 I called the employees of the Cave of Silence together and formed a small circle.


 I feel sorry for Sakura, who is looking confused outside the circle, but this is confidential.


 I stifled my voice so that only the three of them could hear.



“…First of all, you guys should never seriously attack.”


“… I know what I’m doing, I don’t need to be told.” (Alraune)


“That’s right, Narugoa-san, no matter what…” (Sergeant)


“Eh? I can’t get serious?” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyuu-chan gathered our gazes with her simple comment.


 …Truly, it was worth doing an impromptu meeting just in case.



“So Kyuu-chan, our position is very delicate, so an analogy, what if the other dungeons and attack the Cave of Silence?”


“Well, I’d kill them!” (Kyuuketsu)


“… Well, your enthusiasm is great, but yeah, I’m sorry, I didn’t ask that right, what would happen if I attacked the Cave of Silence?”


“Well… it’s going to be awkward?” (Kyuuketsu)


“Punishment, disciplinary action, suspension?”


“It’s really awkward!”



 Kyuu-chan is astonished.


 I realized my former lack of educating them and felt slightly depressed.



“I’m sure I won’t be around much longer, but you guys aren’t, and if I get fired from the Demon King’s Army, what’s next?”


“I’m not sure if I’m going to be a freelance monster attacking random travelers, or if I’ll just pretend to be completely human and live in a human town.” (Kyuuketsu)


“Well, what if you aren’t able to get a decent job?”


“That means NEET!? Mom will cry!?” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyuu-chan raises a startling shout.


 …I’m glad to hear that you understand



“That’s why you can’t just say that you’re a demon, we should just act as a Hero Party with a decent ability, and quickly capture the dungeon, this is the best way.”


“Wow! Narugoa is smart!” (Kyuuketsu)



 Laughing, Kyuu-chan praises me while applauding.


 …I’m not happy with this.



“However, the recommended level for capture over there is 15, I don’t think I’m we should be worried considering your levels…”


“You can never be too careful, Narugoa-san.” (Sergeant)


“… I’m sorry, I was too careless.”


“Well, let’s just do it quickly like this for now.” (Sergeant)


“Okay, dismissed!”



 The meeting is over.



“Sorry I kept you waiting, Sakura.”


“No, no, it doesn’t matter, let’s go.” (Sakura)





 And so we make our way to the first gate (Torii), with its gaping mouth.



“Stand ho anon.” (Voice 1)


“Thee faithless ones.” (Voice 2)



 And then we were blocked.


 The welcome was immediate and a lot.



“We art the gatekeepers of this mountain…” (Voice 1)


“…be the one who is’t protects the sanctuary.” (Voice 2)




 What stood in front of us was, mysteriously, a pair of dogs who spoke while taking over each other’s words.




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