Mid Boss Chapter 6: Final Words

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“—Hoho! It’s an auspicious time for the demons to come forward and introduce themselves in front of our band of heroes who defeated the evil Demon King!” (Loud Hero)



 One of the four heroes.


 The one who shouted has a tough, scarred-face and is dressed in a jet-black robe.


 He really has a really loud voice.


 Even his companions behind him found him so loud they covered their ears.



“Hey, Grantz! Can you please turn down the volume a little? My head is about to split!” (Female Hero)



 A woman in armor with one hand over her ears and the other holding a battle-ax larger than her body height was protesting.


 She’s probably a “warrior”.



“Dia! What kind of nonsense is that? It is a warrior’s duty to speak up and announce their name!” (Grantz)


“You are a ‘sage’, right!?” (Dia)



 The tsukkomi came from the female warrior Dia. [T/N: So tsukkomi is the straight/serious dialogue that usually delivers the punchline for joke dialogues. Google-sensei can elaborate better.]


 Is this a joke?


 That huge guy who seems to lift rocks single-handedly is a sage.


 Then, that giant spear, staff… is a magician’s cane?


 People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but there should be limits.



 Watching the exchange, a blonde hero, who was waiting behind them, snorted.


 …… Is he the leader, the “Hero”?




“I don’t care about their name that is just one piece of trash I missed, right?” (Bernard)


“Bernard-dono! That’s true!” (Grantz)


“But you’re still quite noisy!” (Dia)



 Besides the people making this exchange, I cannot identify the one wrapped in a dingy robe.


 The three of them are making a lot of noise as if they’ve forgotten I even exist.


 I was blatantly ignored.



 That’s right, for the Hero Party; there are no other enemies since defeating the Demon King Garhelios.


 What’s more, the boss in this beginner dungeon is just someone they skipped on killing.



“–But! I want to pay tribute to his bravery!” (Grantz)



 While I was thinking, Grantz pointed to me.



“He risked his life to protect his own men! In order to protect his own men, even though he knew he would lose, he still challenged us! What a touching effort!!!” (Grantz)


“You are so damn noisy!” (Dia)


“Sorry! But we must reward his gallantry! We must destroy him with all our effort!” (Grantz)



 Grantz wields a huge cane, thrusts it to the ground, and stood in front of me.


 Hmm, just like a warrior. What an intimidating presence, so unlike a sage.


 However, the wise man who should be rear-guard support… He’s the one who wants to attack the most.



“You! Your name is Narugoa right!” (Grantz)


“That’s true.”


“I admit you have great courage on wanting to protect your subordinates by taking us by yourself! But I’m sorry! You demons have corrupted souls! As long as you are the demons, we will destroy you. And now I will!” (Grantz)



 My eyebrows raise at his statement.



“… In short, if once you defeat me, your next step is to eradicate the monsters in the dungeon.”


“That’s right!” (Grantz)


“… I’ll ask you, how about if you surrender?”


“Forgive me! We can’t keep any demons alive!” (Grantz)



 …… To proudly declare killing those who are weaker.


 This something a lot of heroes say.



“The talks are now over! No need for more exchange of words on the battlefield! Let us fight! Come on! Come on!” (Grantz)



 Grantz, who was shouting the most between dialogues, raised his cane and started chanting.


 Soon, the temperature of the surrounding area changed.


 Mana in the atmosphere gathers above him, and—forming a gargantuan fireball.



“Grantz!? That’s a waste to use your strongest magic for that kind of enemy!?” (Dia)


“This me showing my great respect! The dark sun that burns everything… Destroy this filthy soul!” (Grantz)



 Heat continues to increase and converge above the sage Grantz.



 …… [Black Flare]?


 A legendary magic spell learned by sages above level 70.


 It seems that he is not a complete muscle brain.


 Even the Demon King Garhelios-sama will not be safe if he directly takes it.



“Now, be ready!” (Grantz)



 Grantz completes the magical chant and he soon shouted.


 Dia and Bernhard just shrugged and let him do what he wants, and neither cared.


 They all believe that the [Black Flare] will soon vaporize all of me.




 —Except for me.




“… How about giving a farewell speech.”


“Go and struggle! I am giving you three seconds!” (Grantz)


“—That’s a very strange line for a farewell.”


“What?” (Grantz)



 Grants leaked a dumbfounded voice.


 The next moment, the hero party finally noticed.



 Above the [Black Flare] created by Grants, the two hands I summoned are waiting.



“… What is those hands…?” (Grantz)


“–!? Grants! Release the black flare as soon as possible!” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard sees this strange sight and shouts.


 As expected, the Hero’s reaction is quick.


 However, at level 70, that is your limit.


 It’s too late; my summoned hand has already finished [Chanting].


 Two hands spawn a black magic square in the air, and I muttered,





“Huh… Ahhh!?” (Grantz)



 At that moment, a tremendous gravitational pull is pulling down Grantz’s body.


 Soon, Grantz’s huge body sinks into the ground, and he coughs out blood.


 And soon, the small sun began falling over his immobile self–



“Wa-wait…!” (Grantz)



 His last words were a whisper, like the sound of a mosquito’s wings.


 The [Black Flare] has evaporated everything, just as he said.


 His quiet scream and himself.



“What…!?” (Dia & Bernhard)



 The Warrior Dia and Hero Bernhard we both beyond surprised.


 Looking at both of them, I made a deep sigh.



“… By the way, I haven’t heard the answer to my previous question yet.”



 … This is why I said I’m not fit to be a Mid-Boss.


 Because it’s now impossible, right?



“Do you wish to surrender?”




 —How can a Mid-Boss be stronger than the Main Boss?






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