Mid Boss Chapter 73: Earth-shattering

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“How shocking-nya…” (Nekomata)



 Nekomata was the first to speak.


 True to her words, she was terribly surprised and completely pale as she looked up.



“Daidara… Botchi…” (Yukime)



 Yukime says, looking up at the white giant with her shaky gaze.


 Daidarabotchi-I heard from Sakura that there seems to be such a monster in Yapani.


 A country-creating giant, a colossal monster that creates mountains and basins from the earth scooped by its hands and its footprints become lakes.


 …Well, that’s a good description.


 It seems that it can easily trample the Inanaki Sacred Mountain like a sandcastle, just like a child playing in the sand.



“Let’s lie … I can’t cut it like this …”



 Titans, cyclopes, dragons, and the others can’t compare to its sheer size.


 Even the pure white chains that hang around its body appear to be thicker than any giant tree trunk.


 It was infinitely huge.



“Fufu, It’s worth the trouble of bringing it here, since you’re all so surprised.” (Sharluel)



 Sharluel has a nasty smile on his cheeks in the air.



“It’s fun to look at your pathetic acts as it is, but unfortunately I have a job, so I’ll do it quickly.” (Sharluel)


“…What the hell are you doing…?”


“What? Fufufu, what a stupid question, I-The Power of God Sharluel went out of my way, the purpose is obvious. Why don’t you come closer?” (Sharluel)



 She answers my question with a more sinister smirk.



“—It is the complete annihilation dungeons. Also the death to all unfortunate surviving Floor Guardians, the Keepers.” (Sharluel)


“What!?” (Everyone)



 The people of Inanaki Sacred Mountain exposed expressions of despair.



 It’s not a capture, it’s an annihilation.


 With her being an Angel and that heavenly strategic weapon, she instinctively realized that this would not be a difficult task.



 But on the other hand, I let out a sigh of relief.



“Oh, thank you very much for the clear declaration of war, it was very helpful, honestly I was confused by all the things I didn’t understand—in short, you’re turning against us demons.”


“Yeah? What are you going to—” (Sharluel)


“—Bloom!” (Alraune)



 Alraune’s chant was faster than Sharluel finishing her words.


 Then, in response to her magic, the bamboo grove surrounding us grew rapidly.


 A flock of bamboo that grew like a cannon attacked Sharluel immediately.



“Eh… Aabu!?” (Sharluel)



 A lump of bamboo strikes Sharluel, who displayed a dumbfounded expression in the air, was shot down! And crashed spreading dust everywhere.


 Still, the bamboo mass stretched out in a straight line and thrust under the giant’s chin.


 —It’s an uppercut.



“What the!?” (Four Heavenly Kings)



 The Four Heavenly Kings released a soundless scream at the attack that was quite the massive scale.


 On the other hand, all of us… are familiar with this scenario.



“—Hmm, are all angels this dumb? Once you know who your enemies are, there’s only one thing to do.” (Alraune)


“Thanks for everything, Alraune.”


“Me too.” (Alraune)



 Alraune held out her hand to me and I gave her a high five.


 Needless to say, my current height would force her to bend a little lower.



 On the other hand, the white giant who had been hit by the uppercut from the bamboo grove leaned back but held on.


 Sakura, who had been stunned, finally came to her senses.



“Oh, Alraune-san!? Not yet! The Daidara… It’s regained its balance!” (Sakura)


“Oh, don’t worry, Sakura, I sent them with that.” (Alraune)


“eh……?” (Sakura)


“–Horaaahhh!” (Silhouette)



 An outrageous, and brave voice roars across the Inanaki Sacred Mountain.


 Everyone looked up at the heavens again and saw.


 A small black shadow leaps toward the giant, leaving the bamboo shots swaying—



 Needless to say, it was Kyuu-chan.



 Like Falcon, she slammed her outstretched legs into the giant’s cheeks, leaving behind shockwaves. [T/N: This is probably a reference to Captain Falcon. Since he’s the only falcon I know with a strong and memorable kick.]


 It was a very strange sight.


 Kyuu-chan against the giant is like a flying wheat grain to humans.



 However, the grain of wheat caused the giant’s head to pop open with a violent bang.



“Oooooohhh!?” (Someone)



 Someone shouted.


 They couldn’t help but do so in the face of this unbelievable scene.



“Nyanyaaaaaaa!? What a Kyuuketsu!? Trampling down a Daidara…!” (Nekomata)


“What kind of training should I do, to gain such a technique…” (Momiji)



 I felt their gaze gathering towards me.


 No matter what you ask… there is only one answer to me.



“Kyuu-chan just likes to move her body.”



 They are left speechless with their mouths agape


 At that time, Kyuu-chan shouted from far above.



“Narugoaaaaaa! This white thing looks worse than I thought! It looks like it doesn’t have enough calcium!” (Kyuuketsu)



 In response to this, I shout back.



“That’s right! Then please do it!”


“Okay!” (Kyuuketsu)


“–What okay!?” (Sharluel)



 When I thought I could hear a voice from somewhere, then mist gathered right next to the giant, reforming Sharluel’s figure.


 She was gasping for air, but she didn’t seem to be damaged at all.


 It seems that it is true that she is immortal.



“Hah, hah……! What’s going on? Alraune and Kyuuketsy! I thought they were just small fry monsters, but I didn’t expect them to kick an Anchor just like that!?” (Sharluel)


“My training method is different!” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyuu-chan flapped her wings and beamed with pride.


 She’s still going at her own pace.


 Sharluel’s temples are bulging with anger.



“I’ve completely lost my patience…! You! Anchor! Smash those filthy monsters to bits.” (Sharluel)



 Following Sharluel’s wrath, the white giant slowly rises up.


 With just a single step the ground trembles, and just swinging its arm creates winds strong enough to bend trees.


 As expected of a humongous figure.



“This is bad-nyaaa! The Daidara is fighting back!?” (Nekomata)


“Oh, if that hits her… or if she doesn’t avoid all of it, that child…!” (Yukime)



 Nekomata and Yukime desperately shout.


 But after all, we are… familiar with her.



“Don’t worry, we won’t let them fight back.”


“I said it, right? I sent both of them with that—” (Alraune)



 Alraune and I gazed up slowly.


 Kyuu-chan, who is flying in the sky, is planning on throwing something as she falls from the sky with her legs raised.


 The one who is falling with her is Sergeant who was launched into the sky with Kyuu-chan earlier.



“Sergeant, go!” (Kyuuketsu)


It’s not that I’m complaining, but it’s just that sometimes I need to look cool and not just be used as a tool…” (Sergeant)


“–Shoot!!” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyuu-chan kicked Sergeant, who was falling, with a tremendous force, no questions asked.


 The slime body of the sergeant drew a line of trajectory into the dawn sky like a shooting star, swelled up by wind pressure, and then–






“………………Huh?” (Sharluel)



 The angel, Sharluel, released a stupefied gasp.


 She couldn’t believe what happened in front of her.


 And the same is true for the monsters of Inanaki Sacred Mountain.



 An extremely quiet time passed by.


 In the midst of this, Sergeant let out a deep sigh and blurted out as he slowly fell to the ground.



“…I need to vomit.” (Sergeant)




 The white giant, most of whose head had been instantly digested by Sergeant, had completely ceased its activities.



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