Mid Boss Chapter 74: Those Who Are There

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 Against the glittering morning sun, a white giant stands motionless with his arms outstretched.


 It was quite a sight to behold, almost like a cutting-edge work of art.


 It was a little too big to become a decoration in a garden, though.



“Hmm, the pride of the heavens, their strategic weapon. How shocking.” (Momiji)


“A monster that big…… in an instant…?” (Yukime)


“How unprecedented-nyaa…” (Nekomata)



 The anchor was completely silent.


 Even though it is a strategic weapon, it seems that like humanoids if two-thirds of its head is damaged, it will completely stop moving.


 Regardless of her [Authority], anyway, with this, a threat has been neutralized.



 The rest is left on how to get rid of that immortal angel-sama, who looks dumbfounded as she hangs on the shoulder of the giant vanguard creature.



“This must be a dream. This is the Anchor… to succumb to those antics…” (Sharluel)


“You’re shocked when the toy you’re so proud of is destroyed? Sorry, not sorry, you’re next.”



 I stare at the Power of God Sharluel.


 No matter how much of an immortal she is, there is always a way to defeat her, and she will never remain on top.



 Will she stand up against us?


 Or will she cower and escape to heaven?


 Either way, it doesn’t matter…



 But Sharluel’s reaction wasn’t what I expected.


 —She laughed.


 Her mouth distorted and said that it was unbearably funny.



“— Well, that’s what I call bone-weary, or tired mode.” (Sharluel)





 As usual, Sharluel regurgitates some strange words.


 How can you be lax…?



 At that time, Senri, who had only killed her voice and trembled, suddenly raised her voice.



“—No, no, Narugoa-senpai! We’re leaving now! Those who are there before know, the Anchor will start moving again!!!” (Senri)


“What are you saying, Senri?”


“That day… It was the same when the Pillar of the World was destroyed! That this is also an immortal… Believe me!!” (Senri)



 That day? When the Pillar of the World was destroyed? What do you–



 I didn’t have time to ask her.


 The white giant, who had been completely silent until then, began to move exactly like Senri’s words.


 No, it wasn’t the giant who started to move exactly.


 The chains attached to the giant’s whole body stretched and contracted as if they had a will, and pierced the ground.



“What is it doing !? The chains are moving on their own…!” (Alraune)


“Narugoa-san!? Something strange is happening!?” (Kyuuketsu)


“This is……!?” (Sergeant)



 That wasn’t the only thing happening.


 The pure white chains connected to the earth gave off a faint light, and as I watch it, the giant’s missing head began to regenerate.


 No, it’s like time was moving backward…! As I see the damage, being restored.



 —The next moment, the chains disconnected from the earth, and the giant shook its arms as if nothing had happened.


 Along the trajectory of the arm, Kyuu-chan is hovering–





“Guut…!” (Kyuuketsu)



 A terrible surprise.


 Kyuu-chan made a defensive stance in an instant, but it doesn’t help at all.


 As a result, Kyuu-chan was knocked down to the ground along with her trivial defensive stance. The Anchor moved like it’s swatting a bug.


 There is an impact similar to a meteorite falling nearby, and the dust cloud from the aftermath of the crash reaches here.



“Kyuu-chaan!?” (Alraune)



 Alraune shouted as the tsunami of dust rushes towards us.



“[Aerial]!” (Alraune)



 The whirlwind created by Alraune’s magic blew away the cloud of dust that was billowing in.


 A crater remained near the giant’s feet.


 And in the center of the crater is Kyuu-chan, whose eyes are moving around and around.



“Uh… what’s going on…?” (Kyuuketsu)


“—Oh, I’m glad! Kyuu-chan is safe! But ah!?” (Sergeant)



 Sergeant screams.


 The giant raised a leg to stomp on Kyuu-chan.



“This is bad! Alraune!”


“I know! —[Full Bloom]! [Chariot]!” (Alraune)



 The magical power of Alraune flowed into the earth. Then the surrounding plants grow rapidly, and Chariot took shape.


 She jumped on it, wrapped herself with magic, and sprinted on the red carpet, also made of flowers.


 A tank of plants quickly paves a road reaching under Kyuu-chan.


 However, the giant’s legs are about to be swung down right that moment—



“As if I’ll let you!” (Sergeant)



 Sergeant jumps to the giant’s foot.


 Then, poison is released immediately, and the giant’s legs melt while it groans, and loses its balance.



 Alraune picked up Kyuu-chan and ran away. The giant fell almost at the same time she got away.


 There is a booming sound that shakes the earth.



“We did it! With this…!”



 But the joy was short-lived.


 The chains attached to the giant’s body reconnected with the ground, and the giant’s legs began to regenerate as quickly as they melted.


 By the time the chains let go, the giant was completely back to normal.


 The giant rises in a lumbering way as if it just got up from its bed



“N-no way!?” (Alraune)


“So it is really immortal!?”


“–Fufufu! That’s what I told you! Those who are there, knew the Anchor is immortal!” (Sharluel)



 Sharluel sits on the shoulders of giants and gives a triumphant laugh.



“I’ll tell you the undeniable truth! As the name suggests, the Anchor who is there has had its very existence is supported by this world… Go!” (Sharluel)



 The Anchor, who stood there, resumes its invasion of the Inanaki Sacred Mountain as if it no longer cares about the girls at its feet.



“Kuu! [Chant Shorten] [Flower Words] [Flower Chant]! [Fire] [Freeze] [Thunder]!” (Alraune)



 The petals under the wheels moved and swirled as Alraune chanted while she rides her chariot.


 The petals attached to the giant emit light one by one, exploding in an array of various attack magic.


 Alraune’s magic will surely definitely damage the giant.


 But as soon as the chain is connected to the ground, it’s once again back to normal.


 The giant resumes its invasion as if nothing had happened.



“The chains wrapped on its entire body are truly an Anchor to the world! As long as the world exists and it is standing on the world, the anchor will not float away or sink”


“That’s right …!” (Alraune)



 No matter how many times Alraune attacks. The chains around the Anchor anchors itself to the earth and regenerates itself.


 Those who are there knew the Anchor does not stop. Those who are there knew the Anchor does not sink.


 It was a nightmare.


 Such a desperate sight, as if the word “End” came to life and was lumbering towards them—




“–Now, sorry to trouble you, but how will you weak demons struggle in the face of two such immortals?” (Sharluel)



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