Mid Boss Chapter 76: The Angel and Those Who Are There

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 “—But there’s still nothing I can do about immortal angels and immortal heavenly strategic weapons!” (Senri)



 This is the first time that I’ve ever been to a meeting discussing angels and those anchors, which included us in addition to the (employee) monsters of the Inanaki Sacred Mountain.


 As soon as this started, Senri started crying.


 The moderator—that is, me, wrinkled my brow and said,



“…Excuse me Nekomata, shut that thing up.”


“Here eat some dumplings-nyaa!” (Nekomata)


“Gabo!” (Senri)



 Senri finally becomes quiet when special Goblin-style grilled dumplings are thrust into her mouth.


 Her eyes became dots, and she became quiet somehow, and I don’t mind, I will continue the meeting.



“Now that’s out of the way, once again, this is the Angel and Anchor countermeasures meeting … As you know, the situation is urgent.”



 I glanced over at my friends, who were continuing their battle with the Anchor on the plains far away from the Inanaki Sacred Mountain.


 One step forward one step back.


 The simultaneous and continuous attack pouring from Alraune and others has the invasion of the giant at a standstill.


 The shift to attacking the legs seemed to be working, and so far the giant was stuck in the plains.





“It’s just a matter of time…” (Sakura)



 Sakura murmured,


 Yes, no matter how powerful the attacks from Alraune and others, they are still in an inferior position.


 While the physical strength and magical power of Alraune and others are finite, the Achor is infinite.


 It’s only a matter of time before they get pushed back.



“Then, if that’s the case why are we sitting cross-legged in a place like this! We must strike as soon as possible!” (Momiji)



 Momiji raised her voice and thrust her sword into the ground.


 The nearby harpies scream, “Hiiii!?”



“That might sound brave and smart… However, even if all the members here go all out, it will all be the same in the end, unless we can conquer their immortality.”


“Immortality how ridiculous…!” (Momiji)


“Don’t be too hasty, my subordinates are strong and they will hold up for a while, so don’t worry.”



 Momiji sat down with a grudging look on her face


 She was the opposite of Sakura, she was very hot-blooded.


 But she was right, it was an undeniable fact that if we didn’t take immediate action, it would be too late.


 That’s why we have to keep our calm and move wisely.



“Therefore, if anyone has any opinions, please raise your hands quickly and speak up.”


“Yes, sir!” (Diva)



 The first person to raise his hand was Harpy queen, Diva.



“And why not hold them off for the time being and then we’ll put them to sleep with our [Siren Song]?” (Diva)



 Oh, what a great idea!


 It was a good idea right from the start, but…



“I like the idea of holding them down is good, but not the other one.”


“Why…?” (Diva)


“Mental interference attacks are ineffective against Angels, and the Anchor is probably not a living creature, so it probably won’t work, just like the [Sirens’ Song] didn’t work on Sergeant”


“Oh, that’s right… I’m sorry, I said something stupid…” (Diva)


“No, it’s great that you started it. Keep it up.”


“Is that so? Ehehehe…” (Diva)



 Somehow Diva is bashfully swaying.


 There’s not enough… tension in the air.



“……Here.” (Yukime)



 Next, Yukime raised her hand with a quiet whisper.



“How about freezing it…?” (Yukime)



 “Ou!” Voices filled with admiration rises.



“That’s good! Surely that will stop the Anchor right in its track! The problem then… is that Angel can’t be attacked by us at all.” (Momiji)


“Then do the same with the Anchor. We can keep it until night-nyaa! I heard that angels have the power to assimilate divinity-nya! Then until the night comes when the sun’s supply of divinity is exhausted…!”


“*Swallow*… Unfortunately impossible.” (Senri)



 Senri, who seems to have finally finished chewing her dumplings, pulled a bunch of skewers out of her mouth and said.



“What is the reason for you to think so?”


“I also tried it, that idea.” (Senri)



 Senri swallows the dumplings she was chewing on.



“At night, the supply of divinity will disappear, so I’ve been fighting for three days and three nights, thinking that the angel’s Authority [Shimmer] can’t be used. It still remained.” (Senri)


“In other words, even if we hold them up until night, we won’t be able to attack her?”


“Yes, if even a little divinity remains in the atmosphere, the Angel’s [Authority] will be activated without exception. We can only defeat her if there is no divinity at all… we have no choice but to lure her to a place like that.” (Senri)


“… Does such a place exist in this world?”


“Yeah…” (Senri)



 Senri put her hand on her chin and showed a pretense of a good idea.



“–Hell?” (Senri)


“Alright Nekomata shut it up.”


“A refill of dumplings-nyaa!” (Nekomata)


“Gabu!?” (Senri)



 Senri’s eyes were black and white again as she stuffed with a mouth full of dumplings.


 I’d like to see a little more of that from her



“In the end, the discussion just went back to the beginning… Does anyone have an idea for dealing with this troublesome angel?”



 The air in the room sank heavily, and no one raised a hand.


 This is a very difficult question.



 If there is even a hint of divinity around her, any attack from us will slip through like smoke.


 There is also sealing her back into Senri’s keystone, but I’m sure she’ll be most wary of that.


 I’m not sure if that cunning angel will be lured in by the same trick…



 At the time when the discussion simmered down, Momiji pounded on her knee with regret.



“Ku… I’ve trained my blade, tempered my body…! I brought shame to the title of ‘Night’!” (Momiji)


“Oh, older sister stop…!” (Sakura)


“Don’t patronize me Sakura! I’m sure our ancestors are crying in the shadows of the leaves and grass, saying that they didn’t come all the way back from Joudo to see their descendant’s disgusting behavior during the Bon Festival…!” (Momiji)


“No, sister! You can’t be so pessimistic–!” (Sakura)



 Maples clenching her teeth with regret while Sakura tries her best to comfort her.


 I’m sure she’s upset about the crisis in the dungeon, but I can’t watch them continue any longer.



“Hey, those words…”



 Just when I was about to intervene to stop them, I felt a current run through my mind.






 The scattered pieces fit together in my head.


 Hell, Momiji the “Night”, Bon, and Joudo.


 What it led to is a concept unique to Yapani that unexpectedly came up in my conversations with Sakura–!





 Before I knew it, I was shouting.


 Then everyone in the room jerked their shoulders in suspense at my sudden bizarre behavior.



“Go-gofu!? What the hell, Narugoa-senpai suddenly yelling out !? Oh the dumplings… stuck in my throat…!” (Senri)





 I put my hands on her shoulders and looked her straight in the face.


 For some reason, her face was flushed red.



“What, what?” (Senri)



“Listen, this is an important question! How many (employee) monsters does Inanaki Sacred Mountain have right now?”


“Why is that…” (Senri)


“Please just answer!”


“Okay, okay, okay! Me and the Four Heavenly Kings, plus Sakura and the other (employee) monsters, we’re… roughly 60.” (Senri)



 Sixty people.


 That was a great and ideal number for me.


 I was so overcome with emotion that I couldn’t help but hug Senri.



“eh?!” (Senri)



 I wondered who had raised that voice.


 For some reason, Senri’s body temperature rose rapidly.


 But that didn’t matter at this point.



 Because of her I just came up with an Idea.




“–I’ve found a way! A revolutionary idea that would simultaneously destroy the Power of God the Angel Sharluel and the Anchor too! It’s called [Operation Senri]!”



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