Mid Boss Chapter 8: Solitude

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 (I’m not a human who can just die in an unknown place!)


 The words of the Hero Bernhard, who became a beautiful blooming flowing in the night sky, passed through my mind.


 A solitary individual can never utter that line.



“… I envy you.”



 I said self mockingly.


 His level was a lot lower than mine was, but he had something I didn’t have.


 There was always someone around Bernhard.


 People, whether they are enemies or allies, revolved around Bernhard.


 On the contrary, I-I’m alone.


 After all, Keepers are on their own floors all the time.


 Nothing is different from when I was standing in the corner of the floor where I was all alone.


 I am also alone in the unusual situation of the Hero Party making an attack.



 …… If they knew I was fighting the Hero Party all alone, would they rush towards me?


 Poison Slime… He is busy educating newcomers, and I don’t think he will have that much time.


 Kyuuketsu has also had a hard time commanding the other monsters these past days.


 Alraune was suddenly appointed as the Mid-Boss without a proper promotion, and it will probably become a bit messy for a while.


 I myself made the possibility that they would come to help impossible.


 For some time, I have longed for the position of a Mid-Boss.


 Why? It does not need a deep explanation.


 They were full of life and always surrounded by another person.




 However, it seems that the sexual roots cultivated in the long era cannot be changed so easily.




 One of the important things for the survival of any dungeon concerns a Hero’s invasion.


 This was definitely a problem that everyone in the Cave of Silence had to deal with.


 However, because I was pretty new at being a Mid-Boss, I could only think of this method.



 I am a loner and as a Mid-Boss, that is the lowest.


 After all, I wasn’t the right choice to be a Mid-Boss…



“I was indulged in thoughts because of this surprise attack… I have to finish it now.”




 With that said, I turned to him.


 The last one of the Hero Party.


 A man who is completely covered with a dingy robe. Someone who did not move even a step from his current spot.



“I am asking you, but will you surrender?”


“…” (Hooded Hero)



 Only silence.


 He might have been too terrified of the overwhelming difference in power and was silenced, but that does not seem to be the case.


 I sigh and deploy my four hands.



“… At the very least, I will kill you quickly. Is there any last words you wish to say?”


“…” (Hooded Hero)



 Apparently, he is a hardcore introvert.


 I channel magical power on my four hands and approach him.





“You just ran out of luck.”



 I simultaneously attack with my four hands.


 Four fists full power attacking from all sides.


 The body inside crumpled, and–



“—Got you, Thousand Hands Narugoa~!” (Voice)



 I heard someone say from somewhere.


 Immediately after that, pure white chains popped out from the space between the robes.



“What !?”



 The chains quickly entangled the four hands I summoned, and holding them in place. As if the chains had their own will.


 Soon I realized the robe was empty.


 …… No! The contents did not exist from the start!


 The chains were just taking the shape of a person!



“What is this !?”


“–Did you like the mythical chains that, in the past, restrained the arrogant gods and held the heavens and earth together?” (Voice)



 I heard a voice from behind.


 I look back and see her.



“Yo, you…!?”



 -There was a figure of the female warrior Dia who should have been forced out of the battle earlier.


 Immediately after, my back suddenly began to feel warm.


 Then I saw it, a terrifying dagger was protruding from my back.



“You’re very cautious, so I had to put on a show for you… And, it’s nice to finally meet you.” (Dia)


“Who are you…!? How do you know me…? Guu!”



 My whole body loses strength and I collapsed on the spot.


 My whole body felt hot…


 What the hell did I just get stabbed with…?



“You were fooled, it seems that you got very impatient, there are only three brave parties including me, you know?” (Dia)


“Ku …!”



 One, of the mysteries has been solved.


 That dingy robe man wasn’t ignored by the other three.


 It was just invisible to the Hero Party because of the high Divinity from these god-sealing mythical chains!


 If I was observing them properly, I would have noticed…!


 No, it’s too late!



“Why are these mythical chains with a human…!”


“Hmm? Haven’t you noticed my true identity yet? I’m going to get depressed, I have only been looking at Senpai.” (Dia) [T/N: Senpai is like a title for people who have a higher hierarchical position from you. So they can be a senior from work, education or anything really.]


“Senpai…? … No way, you, are a member of the Keepers!?”


“Well, I hoped you could guess my name, but I doubt you could.” (Dia)



 Why is a member of the Keepers with the Hero Party…! And why did she target me…?


 My thoughts spun and buzzed.


 My consciousness is getting cloudy and I am losing control over my body…


 My hazy vision shows me the Warrior Dia’s skin and mouth begin to distort.



“Senpai, after all, you’re always alone, no one understands, no one notices…” (Dia)



 Dia’s face melted.


 Then, the face of the person who impersonated Dia is revealed.



“You are…” (Kohai) [T/N: Kohai is the reverse of senpai. They are the junior in the hierarchy.]


“But only I can understand Senpai. Only I will always look at Senpai, so … see you again in a hundred years, Senpai <3” (Kohai)





 My thread of consciousness has been cut and it vanished.




 And my life as “Thousand Hands Narugoa” ended.






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