Mid Boss Chapter 89: The Ancient Cemetery

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“—Hey Auntie Forest Alraune, where did you come from?” (Mamira)



 I was in the middle of a seemingly endless journey through the Deadly Desert, guided by Lei Fang and her subordinates, Sand Alraunes.


 The twin-tailed Sand Alraune—Mamira asks Alraune in a very provocative tone.



 The sun is scorching hot, and the sand is like burning iron.


 Alraune’s expression tensed up when she was called an Auntie but she did a great job. She held back her temper.


 Alraune replied with a smirk.



“I’m sorry Tiny… I couldn’t hear what you said probably because of your provincial dessert accent, your voice seems to come from away, probably because you’re so teeny-tiny.” (Alraune)


“You…!” (Mamira)



 …No, she didn’t hold back her temper at all.


 Alraune deliberately bends down and looks down at Mamira, who is trembling in anger.



“Maybe you should call me Alraune, not Forest Alraune or Auntie.” (Alraune)


“…I can’t hear you, Auntie.” (Mamira)


“Tiny.” (Alraune)


“Die!” (Mamira)



 Presto, a scuffle.


 But before the two of them clashed, Kyuu-chan grabbed Alraune.


 Aero the one with a ponytail and Mellow the one with long hair grabbed Mamira.



“Oh, that Tiny, I’ll kill her!” (Alraune)


“That’s dangerous! Al-chan is serious! Help me Sergeant.” (Kyuuketsu)


“I can already see the punchline, but as soon as I go in to stop her, I get hit and get splattered my—” (Sergeant)



 Sergeant was splattered before he could finish saying it.


 Not by Alraune. He was trampled by the rampaging Mamira.



“Get away from me, Aero! Mellow! I’ll pull out that villainous flower!” (Mamira)


“Mamira that’s not good.” (Mellow)


“Mellow! Don’t just laugh, hold her down! Mamira calm down! We’re in front of Professor!” (Aero)


“I’m not just reminding her! I hate people like that who think that age is some kind of big deal!” (Mamira)


“Stop this…!” (Aero)



 It was then that Aero raised her fist.


 *Bang*! A loud metallic sound echoed, and Sand Alraunes stopped moving as if they were frozen.


 And they looked back and saw it.


 Lei Fang’s appearance, with her claw, her Unique Skill [Equal Zero]. She is letting out an eerie smile from under the tag attached to her forehead…



“…Hmm? What’s wrong, you guys, continue. If you want to keep embarrassing me in front of my former colleague.” (Lei Fang)


“Shi……!” (Everyone)



 She is usually just messing around, but even if she does, she is still a Keeper.


 Her overwhelming intimidation scares not only the Sand Alraunes but my subordinates.



 The scorching desert was dominated by the freezing air.


 At this point, I finally uttered a few words with a rough voice.



“Lei Fang, that’s their way of interacting with each other, and it’s good that they’re… energetic…”



 Immediately after I said that I was taken by the sand in the desert and I collapsed.



“Narugoa!?” (Alraune)



 Alraune, who rushed to me, supported my shoulder at the end.


 I shook my head, to not worry her but I can only give a rough cough.



“Hey, wait are you okay Narugoa!?” (Alraune)


“Don’t mind me, I-I’m just a little tired…”



 I tried to answer in my usual way so as not to worry Alraune, but why did my breathing sound rough?


 It’s already the limit to hide it.



 Lei Fang looks into my face and asks.



“Oi, oi, contrary to your energetic subordinates, you seem to be quite tired. Why is that huh?” (Lei Fang)


“… Do you know of the [Sacred Twilight]?”


“I see, have you been stabbed by it?” (Lei Fang)



 …As expected, the world’s smartest person, she catches on quickly.



“A Sacred Treasure that artificially reincarnates the target… I’m glad I had my [Thousand Hands]. Without them, I wouldn’t even have remembered who you were.”



 With that said, she glanced at the [Thousand Hands] behind me.


 I’m sure it’s not my imagination that her eyes seemed to shine with a mysterious glow at this time.


 After all, geniuses are such curious people…



“…you’ve come this far with a human body, I’m sure we have a lot to talk about, but for now, welcome to my place—We are here, this is our base.” (Lei Fang)



 Lei Fang turns around and says this.


 I frowned at the sight spreading in front of me.





“…there’s nothing here.”



 The endless and constant sea of sand is all that is in front of us.


 Looking around, there is more of the endless desert extending beyond the horizon.



 Alraune, Kyuu-chan, and Sergeant are all glaring at the desert and frowning.


 Then, Lei Fang laughed, “Ahaha,” as if she enjoyed such a reaction.



“—Nothing? It’s not like that! Come on!” (Lei Fang)



 As she says this, Lei Fang pulls my arm and moves forward.



“Oi, hey!?” (Alraune)



 Following this, Alraune.


 A beat later, Kyuu-chan and Sergeant followed.


 And—something happened.






 Like an invisible wall in the middle of the desert.


 We arrived at a certain place, after that mysterious sensation, like passing through a thin film of air that wrapped around my whole body.


 However, such a strange feeling was soon forgotten.


 A huge stone building suddenly appeared from what was once just an ocean of sand earlier—



“This is……!?” (Alraune)


“So huge…!” (Sergeant)


“Wow, that’s amazing!? Why didn’t we notice something like this earlier!?” (Kyuuketsu)



 We shouted simultaneously in surprise as we all lookup.


 Lei Fang looking quite happy, grins wider.



“A desert-style camouflage. The trick of having a good dungeon… is that adventurers can’t find it in the first place.” (Lei Fang)



 We were frozen by the sight in front of us.


 A large, insanely huge, tetrahedron structure that sits in the ocean of sand.


 I’ve heard about them. This is what was called a Pyramid—



 Lei Fang once again turned around playfully as usual and proclaimed loudly.



“Okaaay! Recommended at level 21 [Ancient Cemetery]—welcome, to my dungeon!” (Lei Fang)

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