Metro Labyrinth Chapter 102.2: I Won’t Lose

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 I flicked the spear with all my might, but Giggles was timing me by a full second. The club is coming at my head, whose body has been turned around by the force of the swing of my sword.



“Shhhaaaa!” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko leaps from my shoulder and bites Giggles’ face. “Gyah!” The man’s head shakes with the short scream.


 I managed to land on my feet and clenched his molars hard. I step forward as fast as I can, not caring that blood is spurting from the puncture wound in my thigh.



“Retreat!” (Kawataro)



 Kawataro cried out.


 The spear holder is trying to catch my attack with the handle of his [War Spear]. A third person from the right with a [Great Shield] rushed in with his whole body—even though he was supposed to be a [Sniper]. A [Master Threadweaver], I wouldn’t know, but a normal [Sniper’] shouldn’t be able to use a hypha weapon.



(Isn’t he that [Sniper]?) (Shuu)


(How much more can these guys throw—?) (Shuu)



“…I won’t let you!” (Toroko)



 And from the left, bandana girl. Again, she closes the distance with her impressive maneuverability, as if she were moving at a moment’s notice, and pulls out her dagger.



“Braaaaah!” (Shuu)



 Not minding them at all, I twisted my whole body and swung sideways.


 Boom! The air explodes with a slash that threatens to cut through the metro’s walls.


 The blood spurting from my clenched left hand mingled in the air with the blood spattering from the spear-user and shield wielder who took the direct hit.



“Kohada! Isaki!” (Kawataro)



 The bandana girl, who was just barely evading again, bites down closely. The two were deeply gouged in the arms and flanks, trying to move away from me.



“Guuuu!” (Shuu)



 My large sword can’t handle an attack from very close range against two daggers. Even if I try to push her away with a kick or a blow with the hilt, I will not be able to catch her as she carries her body from side to side with almost no preliminary movement. It’s not just anomalous, it’s impossible; it’s as if she’s gliding freely on the floor.



 The cursed knife on the right? But the left [Dagger] cuts my arm and shoulder through my cloak. It’s a familiar attack as if that’s what she was aiming for.



“Ta… Take this!” (Shuu)



 I cleaved the floor with a big backstep. Pebbles explode like shotgun pellets.



“Again!” (Shuu)



 There was a stone statue nearby, so I smashed it with my large [Katana]. The human-shaped statue crumbles into a pile of stones. The girl was forced to back away while avoiding a direct hit.



 Finally, I was able to put distance for my large sword. The moment I was about to step in, saying, “This time, this time.” Hypha bullets pass where my head used to be.



“Mujirami! The two of you move back!” (Kawataro)



 Kawataro, who had been providing covering fire, shouted.



“Gah! Sh*t!” (Shuu)



 Giggles, now Mujirami, casually swings his club around and aims at Tamiko who jumped up. I threw my [Katana] directly at him, and at that moment, Tamiko jumped like a frog and landed on my shoulder. My breathing is rough.



“Deputy Commander! Let me do it too! I can’t be satisfied if I don’t kill that pipsqueak!” (Mujirami)



 Mujirami yells back. He is bleeding from the gap between his fingers holding his left eye.



“Trash, I’ll chew your face into strings, squeak! I’ll do it on my own, shiyaaaaa!” (Tamiko)


“You’re a little harsh, but, good job.” (Shuu)



 My master and Tamiko’s pupil since Outsuka exchanged thumbs-up.



“Let them deal with Toroko! I can’t afford to lose our guys now; it would make our plan impossible!” (Kawataro)


“Shut up! How can we withdraw while being looked down on like a worm! Your instructions are–” (Mujirami)


“…Mujirami.” (Toroko)



 When Toroko, aka Bandana Girl, called out, Mujirami shivered and his shoulders shook. After a mere second or two of stalemate, he clicks his tongue, turns on his heel, and heads toward his fallen comrade.


 The man who had been so furious with the boss had become submissive at the mere glare of a girl who was more than a head taller than he was. I have an idea as to why.



(I mean, these guys…) (Shuu)



 Since he used a [Great Shield] earlier, the third person wasn’t a [Sniper] in the first place. Just like what I had done with Noa and Tamiko, he received a [White Bullet] from his comrades in advance, and from the beginning, he was camouflaging himself as a [Sniper].


 If you think about it normally, there is no need for the [Sniper] to come forward, In other words, it was a decoy to unmark Kawataro, so that he could make his final shot.



(Obviously, they are not just any bandits.) (Shuu)



 They are too well organized and coordinated. It’s an impossible feat for bandits who just rob.



“…Hey you.” (Toroko)



 The girl speaks to me. The same muffled, low-pressure tone that she uses with her companions.



“…I don’t want to kill you if I can help it. Just get caught.” (Toroko)


“No, no, it’s obvious that you were intent on killing me. There have been attempted headshots, twice.” (Shuu)



 Right now, I was even more out of breath than Tamiko. I am now trying to recover physical strength with dialogue.



“…I hate needless killings. If you don’t resist anymore, we can end this.” (Toroko)


“No, no, there’s no reason for us to get caught in the first place. I didn’t even ask why you attacked me in the first place.” (Shuu)



 We are just shaking off the sparks of fire that are coming from the other side. If we surrender, there is no guarantee of life (regardless of what this girl says).



“…because you are too strong.” (Toroko)


“Eh?” (Shuu)


“…from now on, you will definitely get in our way. So, we’d be happy if you’d just quietly vanish until we accomplish our purpose.” (Toroko)


“I don’t understand. What is the purpose?” (Shuu)


“…I only want to kill one person in this world…” (Toroko)


“Toroko, you’re not supposed to be a chatterbox, are you? He may look fine, but the curse is working. He’s on the verge of running out of gas. Let’s get on with it.” (Kawataro)



 For a few moments, Toroko bites her lip hesitantly.


 Then she points her knife at me.



“…Even if you die, hard feelings.” (Toroko)


“…Huh.” (Shuu)



 No hard feelings, huh?



“…don’t be silly. Of course I am going to hate you.” (Shuu)



 This was an attack from a stranger, neither to eat nor to live, even with a vague motive.


 I’m furiously angry, and if I get killed because of this, I’ll curse everyone her for generations to come. For the rest of your family, I’ll cast a curse on them to make them incontinent after seeing a squirrel for the rest of their lives.



“I don’t understand you at all… I’m going to knock you all down and take you to Sugamo. No hard feelings.” (Shuu)


“Oh please, squeak! Shaa!” (Tamiko)


“Ahahaha. Toroko, it’s impossible to persuade him… Just do it.” (Kawataro)



 Well then, I readied myself. The [Katana] that I threw at Mujirami was still stuck in the stone statue on the other side. I don’t have any weapons at hand.



 No additional [Katana] or [War Hammer]. I can’t even squeeze out a hypha ball, and my wounds don’t heal on their own. I didn’t realize how discouraging it is to not be able to sense what’s behind you.



 In addition, my physical condition is terrible. My strength is 30% less than usual, and I still have dizziness and chills. I have only a little strength left to go on a rampage, I’m covered in injuries, I hurt everywhere, and the amount of blood I’m losing is ridiculous.



 Far from falling from my throne, I was in a state of being like a naked king.


 And that’s not the worst of it.



(This movement, this strength.) (Shuu)


(There’s no doubt about it.) (Shuu)



 The petite girl in front of me, Toroko—her level is over 60.



 She is clearly younger than Noa, but she is double Noa’s level. She has a certain ability to scare even the older and rougher Mujirami.



 Impossible. Even if she was 15 years old, even if she did power leveling as I did, she would have shut herself away in a place like Outsuka Metro’s depths when she was only 10 years old. Unthinkable.


 Or a loli demihuman like Utsuki—she doesn’t look like a loli demihuman, though. At the very least, her ears are not pointed. If she had horns when she took off her bandana, it might make more sense.


 Anyway, I don’t have time to think about that. I must focus on the facts.


 With all of my Fungal Skills blocked, I was up against a level 60 knife user with unknown mobility skill, backed up by a level 40 [Sniper].



 It’s a tough game. I’d even go so far as to say it’s an impossible game.



“Abeshuu…” (Tamiko)



 I responded to my partner’s anxious call on my shoulder with a light pat of my fingertip.



“…I won’t lose. Absolutely.” (Shuu)



 I will survive with Tamiko. Return to Sugamo alive.


 The only thing I will do is that.


 No matter how painful it is, it’s the reason why we have to stand up to them, the reason why we have to kick these villains to the curb.


 That is enough.


A/N: Mujirami: [Fighter]

Kohada: [Knight]

Isaki: [Knight]

Kawataro: [Sniper]

Toroko: [Trickster]

T/N: What do you mean by trickster Author-san? This might change in the next chapters.
Shuu, you’re being a Sh*tshuu. Stop the “knock down bring to Sugamo” bullsh*t. Be ready to kill them. Your abilities are sealed and you have once again endangered Tamiko. Try to kill them, if they live—then bring them to Sugamo.
Translating the last few chapters was hard because I am annoyed at Shuu being a little cowardly weaksh*t. Be like Tamiko or Noa. You are in a post-apocalyptic world. Start acting like you’re in one. Having morals is good, but stop trying to be a hero when you are not Satou, Rimuru, or Saitama. You’re only alive because of your companions (whom you constantly endanger). Stupid Sh*tshuu! Beat that Sh*tshuu to shape.




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