Metro Labyrinth Chapter 104.2: Water Dragon and Traveling Shark

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 A small light comes on in my pitch-black vision.


 The surface of the water may be near. I squeeze the last bit of strength I have left. I desperately claw the water with my numb arms.



 The light gets closer and closer and larger.


 When it comes within a stone’s throw of my nose, my cloudy eyes catch it.



(Sha) (Shuu)


(Shark?) (Shuu)



 In this dimly lit water, a shark with a lantern above its head like a lantern fish.


 The jagged rows of teeth are bared right in front of my eyes. In one bite, it would ripp off my head.



“Guhaa!” (Shuu)



 The last of the air remaining in my lungs is unintentionally expelled.



 My consciousness is pulled into a blackout at once, but I still managed to gather what little strength I have and thrusts out my fist, hoping not to be eaten easily.


 The punch, which was met with resistance, was caught not by the shark’s fins, but by its hand. A hand with five fingers and a skin like flap between them.



(Guu–) (Shuu)



 The hand that grips my fist exerts a slight force. My hand is being squeezed. It is pulled in and ready to bite. —Neither of these things happens. It is just pure restraint.



“—Don’t panic, I won’t eat you.” (Shark)



 I hear such words coming from the back of his open mouth. The voice is low and slightly hoarse.



 The other hand grabs my head.


 The next moment, a high-pitched sound, similar to the ringing in the ears, is reflected in my head—and then my consciousness is cut off.





 When I woke up, the first thing I saw was an unfamiliar ceiling.



 I think I was dreaming something, but I can’t remember.


 It was certainly a dream of Tokyo a hundred years ago. Anything beyond that, like water spilling from between my fingers, I can’t keep it in my memory.



 Anyway, several questions simultaneously pop into my waking head: “Where am I? Am I alive? What happened?” However, the first thing that came out of my mouth was.



“Ta, Tami…” (Shuu)



 But my tongue was too tied up to speak.



“Don’t you dare take your eyes off of it, squeak! If the fish gets burnt, I’ll burn you too, squeak!” (Tamiko)


“The penalty for burned fish is too heavy! You should be eating acorns!” (Voice)


“Bastard, don’t tell me about acorns now, squeak! Whoever belittles an acorn will become an acorn! Shaaa!” (Tamiko)



 I heard a squeaky and bile-filled voice. I lift my head to see Tamiko and Utsuki arguing in front of the fire. Nearby, a fish on a skewer is being grilled.



“Tamiko…” (Shuu)


“Huh? A-Abeshuu!” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko, who was running up and down, jumped on top of me. It was there that I noticed for the first time that I was not wearing much clothing. Just a blanket and underwear.



“I’m so happy, squeak! I’m so happy, squeak! Piyaaa!” (Tamiko)


“Oh, me too.” (Shuu)



 The crying Tamiko is using her head as a nipple drill.



 Come to think of it, I noticed that the wounds on my body had disappeared. The lacerations that were carved here and there, the holes in my thighs and calves, have all disappeared cleanly.


 Although I am unable to grasp the situation, I use my [Sensory Spores] to search for signs of the area. Invisible spores are scattered around me, and I can perceive the terrain three-dimensionally. And…



“…Ah, it worked.” (Shuu)



 I realized one second late. As usual, I unconsciously put out [Sensory Spores], but I was able to use it normally. I wonder if the effect of the curse disappeared while I was asleep. I also create [Holy Healing] as a test, and it succeeded, and was sucked into Tamiko’s cheek pouch as a snack. It seems that the recovery from my injuries was also thanks to [Immortality] returning to work.



 In any case, the first is [Sensing Spore]. I searched around, but at least there were only these three people in the area. There are no beasts or humans. The area is quiet, I understand that the crisis seems to have passed for the time being. I take a deep breath and caress her furry back.



 This is the fifth floor of the Rikugi Metro underground, a city on the water, it seems. The normal Metro landscape of craggy rocky surfaces is illuminated by the bluish glow of Firefly Moss at night. Was I transported to another floor in my sleep—by whom?  Utsuki?



“…How long have I been asleep…?” (Shuu)


“About an hour, I think.” (Sou)



 Utsuki approaches with a water bottle. When I downed the bottle, I feel the water flowing down my throat seeping into the cells of my body.



“I’m sorry I took it off without permission. I’m drying your clothes and luggage by the fire right now.” (Sou)


“Ah, thank you.” (Shuu)



 I had left my backpack in the plaza, but not my clothes. I wonder if they brought it with them when we were swept away.



“Um… where is this place?” (Shuu)


“On the fourth floor, just north of the stairs to the fifth floor, I think.” (Sou)



 I don’t remember it, probably because I’ve never been here.



“I’m glad the curse was lifted, and the wound healed on its own. It’s not [Self-Regeneration], is it? I’ve never seen anything like that before. The mold covered the wound and closed it, it was kind of gross.” (Sou)


“Ah, no, well… Ms. Utsuki.” (Shuu)



 Why are you here? Why are you alive? You betrayed me. I hesitated about what to say, but for the time being, it seems that what was unspoken has been conveyed, and Utsuki’s face suddenly stiffens. [T/N: Beat that piece of shit loli.]



“Ah, ah, um… I mean, it’s a long story, but… For now, I am sorry! Seriously, I am sorry!” (Sou)



 The loli body kneels in front of me. The loli girl in underwear gets down on her knees. [T/N: Kick her in the head or better yet, make Tamiko kick her.]



“This traitorous thing, squeak! Send her on a criminal parade then put her on a Spanish Horse [T/N: Torture/BDSM furniture.], squeak!” (Tamiko)



 A round-kicking slapping furry fury explodes on the head that is being rubbed deeper on the ground.



“I’m going to keep this thing alive until the fish is cooked, squeak! After that, I’m going to split her from her genitals, squeak!” (Tamiko)


“I’m scared of that Magic Beast… Please do something about her…” (Sou)


“I smell something burning over there.” (Shuu)



 Utsuki rushes back towards the campfire. I also stood up to go near the fire, and began to stagger while suffering from lightheadedness. I’m terribly sluggish because the damage from the curse still remains. I’m also hungry because of the injury recovery. Anything is fine, so I have to put it in my stomach.



“—Grilled fish is fine, but don’t hunters have things to do first before that?” (Voice)



 A chill runs down my spine.


 In the opposite direction of the campfire, where my back was turned—there is a shadow sitting on a rock as if it were a chair.



(I couldn’t detect them with [Sensory Spores]?) (Shuu)


(How? Who?) (Shuu)



 It’s a shark.


 Yes, the shark I encountered before I passed out in the water. It is sitting there cross-legged.



 A human being with a shark’s head… or should I say a shark with human arms and legs (and fins). It’s pretty big, maybe two and a half meters when it stands up. It has a shiny silver body surface, pitch-black, dull eyes. The only clothing, he wore was a loincloth, and he carried a long harpoon-like object fastened with a leather belt on his back. [T/N: So, King Shark but anime.]



“I’m sorry, but I’ll excuse myself from here. My skin will get dry because of the fire.” (Voice => Shark)



 His voice was husky and his tone soft. At first, there is no sense of hostility or malice, but – I don’t know – I am not Tamiko, so there is no way to measure their exact level.



 But—I can’t stop the cold sweat that has been running down my back since a while ago.



“Silky cheeks, why don’t you relax that scary expression? It’s not easy for someone like me when there’s someone tense, like a skilled fighter like you.” (Shark)


“…I-I see…” (Shuu)



 This is unlike any creature I’ve ever encountered, including the Demon.



“That Sahuagin has been there for a long time, squeak. It was so scary, so I pretended I don’t see it, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Silky Cheeks, I won’t eat, Furball Girl. And please don’t put me with those half-fish. I’m a Shark, a proud hunter who conquers the dark sea.” (Shark)



 I don’t know, I can’t see the abyss.


 A creature of another dimension, whose existence is immeasurable.


 It feels like that.



“Um, you are…?” (Shuu)


“I’m not even worthy of a name. A traveler wandering the waters of the Metro, no, a traveling shark.” (Shark)


“Traveling…” (Shuu)


“He’s my master,” said Utsuki. “It’s okay, he is not as ferocious as he looks…. usually.”



 The mysterious shark man and the fake loli’s has a master-disciple relationship? It becomes more and more confusing.



“I like the name given to me by an old friend… Satou. You can call me that.” (Shark => Satou)




A/N: 10/5 – The whole exchange about the place where Shuu woke up was missing, so I added it.

“On the fourth floor, just north of the stairs to the fifth floor.”

T/N: Hey, at least let Tamiko torture that traitorous loli. Like, put her on a Spanish Horse, Judas Cradle, Catherine Wheel, or the Sicilian Bull. Ufufu… 



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