Metro Labyrinth Chapter 106.2: The Search of the Traveling Shark 2

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 I felt my blood freeze. The [Charm] spores are colorless, odorless, and almost invisible in poor light. In a sense, it’s the most unbelievable fungus I’ve ever seen.



 And this woman—



“…Could it be that you were secretly using it when we first met?” (Shuu)


“…well, how do I?” (Sou)



 Utsuki turned her gaze away. She doesn’t make eye contact with me. Gritting my teeth, I knew what the answer was.



(This loli-hag used it that time.) (Shuu)



 Is that why I was so nervous when I first met her? I thought it was strange, even though I didn’t have such tastes.



 Does that mean that I didn’t have to open a new door thanks to [Immortality]? I don’t like the part that “it’s strangely easy for old men to be affected”. Even though I am only twenty-eight years old. In terms of actual age, I am a fossil, not just an old man.



“Ah, Kawataro and Giggles you would have been good-looking for them, right? Isn’t that cool?”


“Glasses is no good I think he’s too paranoid to have a type of ‘resistance’. I don’t get along with that kind of old man. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to use Giggles-sh*t. It seemed like it would be easy, but… I thought my chastity would be taken, so I restrained myself.” (Sou)


“This ‘old’ lady was a notorious dog-in-heat in the Komagome hunter community, but it’s a relief to see that she’s developed a decent sense of decency.” (Satou)


“She is a dog-in-heat after all.” (Shuu)


“Utsukisou you’re a b*tch, despite being a loli-hag, squeak?” (Tamiko)



 Utsuki silently scatters a large number of spores from her palm. Is it because Satou is used to it? Because he’s a shark? Tamiko, being a 10-year-old and a girl, was not affected, and the little bit I inhaled made me say, “Let’s not do that! She’s doing her, too!” and I want to cover up for her. Help me, [Immortality].



“It’s the same as the first time I tried it, but it seems to work on Abe, too, but he resists it immediately. This is a common reaction among those with resistance.” (Sou)


“You used it, didn’t you?” (Shuu)



 I indicated to Tamiko with my chin.  Tamiko wraps her tail around Utsuki, grasps her tail end, and squeezes it tight. The [Ouroboros Squeaker Hold] as taught directly by the Submission Master, Kure. This is Tamiko’s special move, which slowly suffocates the defenseless loli with her cute fur around her enemy. Utsuki’s face paled as could only say, “Ugigi.”



“I’m going to have to ask you not to do that in the future.” (Shuu)


“You’re a bad slut, making of virgins, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Shut up, Tamiko.” (Shuu)


“Guu, *choke*… Sorry… Scary squirrel…” (Sou)


“I’m sorry, Utsuke was rude to you. It’s just her own instinct of self-preservation, so please bear with it.” (Satou)


“Whenever I see a guy who looks like he could be useful or a guy who looks like a virgin… I just seduce him.” (Sou)


“You’re too frank. Also, I am not a virgin.” (Shuu)


“Anyway, it doesn’t look like I can get any more information, so I thought I would have Abe get rid of the ‘Family’ and finish the mission quickly.” (Sou)


“That’s one thing, but that was Glasses’ order in the first place. Master didn’t send Mr. Abe, who seemed to be on a reconnaissance mission, to be used as bait for the ‘Family’, still, I was made to guide you. It was Glasses, probably. I think he was planning to dispose of me and you, too. His paranoia was strong. If I had shown any signs of betrayal, I would have been the target of an [Sniper] attack, and even if I had asked my master for help, our educational policy is to help ourselves in a pinch. In the end, I had no choice but to do what I did.” (Sou)



 After that, as I had experienced firsthand. We were led to the front of Boss Met, where we were unexpectedly forced to engage in a fierce battle. Everything is now connected.



“Didn’t you think that I would be eaten by that monster or that I would be killed by them?” (Shuu)


“That… I was going to play my last trump card when it came to it.” (Sou)



 I’m not sure if there are any other trump cards besides [Charm]. Like wanting to know, knowing is just as scary.



“Also, even if I don’t have the power to use Little Tamiko’s [Discovery]? I knew that Mr. Abe was a powerful man who was unmatched for any of them, even if their group and the ‘Family’ were united against you.


“I was almost beaten to a pulp, having my Fungal Skills sealed.” (Tamiko)


“That’s… what I didn’t expect either. I had an inkling that Toroko was gifted, but I had no idea she was that strong…” (Sou)


“Gifted?” (Shuu)


“The old-fashioned way of saying Fungal Genius is gifted.” (Sou)


“Fungal Genius?” (Shuu)


“You don’t know that either. …It’s what we call a ‘Mutant Human’. A born genius or someone with a peculiar constitution. What level were you, when you were born, Mr. Abe?” (Sou)


“Um… I think it was 3.” (Shuu)



 Strictly speaking, there was no such thing as level when I was born into this world. My birth weight was 2,974 grams, remembered as “lacking meat”.



“That girl, Toroko. I think she is only about fifteen years old, but she is already a master level at this point. I think she was 20 or 30 when she was born.” (Sou)


“Are you serious?!” (Shuu)



 So, she was a born genius and a real middle schooler. Wonders of wonders, but I am a little relieved that she is not a loli-hag like Utsuki.


 By the way, what is a Fungal Genius?


 If there are Metro Beasts that are naturally strong, it is not surprising that there are humans who are the same way. Or perhaps some top-class hunters and others have such origins. The world is a big place, and there are always higher-ups.



“A cursed knife that seals Fungal Skills? I didn’t think that such a child had such a cheat item, and I couldn’t support you when I was hit on the head by Glasses… I’m sorry I can’t be of any help there.” (Sou)


“You useless b*tch! I’ll slap you until you spew acorns, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 “Kah, Phew!” Sergeant Squirrel spat. Only this time, no one can complain because Utsuki’s uselessness is real.



“Ah, I’m so depressed, I’m no better than a squirrel… By the way, master, what is that curse?” (Sou)


“Is there such a thing as a curse in the first place?” (Satou)


“The definition of a curse is vague. In short, you should think of it as something that cannot be prevented, and the cause is unknown.” (Shuu)



 Well, it is like that in the previous world. It’s called a curse because science can’t prove it.



“From what I’ve seen, it’s a kind of poison that nullifies resistance and has a strong effect. There are rare Metro Beasts that possess such a nasty ability, and this knife is a weapon that comes from such an odd species. It has a nasty poison… that breaks the resistance itself and seals the Fungal Skills.” (Satou)



 It’s the kind of poison that even [Immortality] can’t nullify, you know? It’s more convincing than being called a curse, but it’s still scary.



“So, the information that our Spy Utsuki has learned is… First, they are not just a group of outlaws, they are a criminal organization with some sort of purpose. Second, there is a boss called ‘Commander’ above Kawataro. Thirds, the “Family Conversion” is probably due to the power of the Commander. Fourth, Kawataro and the others are probably the same. They are probably from the east side of New Tokyo – the sushi-sounding names they used to call each other are uncommon to the west side, which is far from Tokyo Bay. And that’s about it.” (Sou)


“Does this mean that the leader is a demon… or someone with the same power as a demon?” (Shuu)


“Maybe I could have met him if I had gotten closer, but that’s not how my master does it. I’ll have to look into it again.” (Sou)


“You’re the only one who’s going to have to do it.” (Satou)


“Gugigi, Black.” (Sou)




 At any rate, I understood what had been said so far. However, I still have a few questions.




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