Metro Labyrinth Chapter 126.1: [True Ashura] vs [Magic Woman]

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T/N: Oh wow, if Maria is this strong how weak are the Master Threadweavers? I hate tournament arcs for non-martial arts focused stories.



Shuu Abe (28 or 130)


[Master Threadweaver] Level 71


Fungal Skill (Publicly used): [Katana] [Round Shield] [Holy Healing] [Detoxification] [Great Shield] [Warhammer] [Leaping] [Beast Repellent] [Light Blade] [Self-Regeneration] ([Immortality])


Fungal Skill (Hidden): [Fireball] [Thunderball] [Smokeball] [Sensory Spores] [White Bullet] [Iron Fist] [Ashura] [True Ashura] *New*


Fungal Ability: [Accumulation]



~3rd Person Perspective~



 About 80 years ago. It was some time after the Hunter’s Guild was established in this country, which was designated as New Tokyo.



 In order to research and verify the concept of the “Fungal Class” proposed by Pipin Tategami, the first Guild Master, the guild was collecting data on the abilities possessed by the “People of the Thread” and their skills learned from all over the country. After that, an official uniform term will be given to the names of individual abilities that were scattered in each region.



 [Katana] [Fireball] [Healing]– The names of such Fungal Skills, which are nowadays quite common, was given by the founding members of the guild, including Tategami and Nemurogawa, the governor of Tokyo at the time. The names were given in order to be easy to understand and straightforward, taking into consideration the fact that they would be passed on to the “New Tokyo-born people,” who would be forced to degrade from the previous civilization in terms of knowledge, culture, literacy, and so on.



 The ability to produce multiple hypha arms from the back–also used by Governor Nemurogawa and Oyama Masuo of Senju–seemed to be one of the rarest things that could be mastered.



 The name “Ashura” was Tategami’s idea.


 It is the name of the guardian deity of a religion other than the Metro Church, which existed before the “Tokyo Judgment”. A god of war with three faces and six arms.



“No, no, just two additional arms? [Multiple Arms] is easier to understand.” (Nemurogawa)



 Nemurogawa disagreed. Even the origin of the name is knowledge that will disappear in the new world.



“No, no, there are times when they are personified with three faces and four arms. So, there is no problem with [Ashura].” (Tategami)



 Tategami countered. Isn’t that cooler? Isn’t it more edge lord? Tategami said, “It’s cooler that way.”



 In the end, Tategami’s playfulness won him support, and the ability was called [Ashura]. Without knowing that Oyama’s concern that “then what will happen if a skill with six arms comes out” becomes a reality.



 Not long after that, several [Ashura], including Oyama, evolved into four hypha arms. Tategami, who was at a loss for a name, decided to add “True” to the name and call them [True Ashura].



 This is the origin of the naming of [Ashura] and [True Ashura] that Tategami read in a library document (including some of Tategami’s childish delusions).





~Shuu’s Perspective~



 Long, white, slender hypha arms grow out on my back. The fingertips close and open with a faint whisper.



 –[-True Ashura]. The mycelial arms have doubled in number from two to four through Fungal Skill Evolution.




 [Ashura] is a rare skill of the [Fighter’] system, but only the [Beast Warrior] the Higher Rank Fungal Class can be further evolved into [True Ashura]. Like the [Holy Knight]’s [Light Blade], it was, so to speak, a mysterious ability unique to the Higher Rank Fungal Class.



 The audience’s excitement reached its peak as the seven dolls of Hakuou were followed by my transformation.


 Most of the “Peasants” in the hall had no knowledge of the Fungal Skill. Not all of them, even the hunters, would have a detailed understanding of core information, such as the tendency to learn the Fungal Skills of Higher Rank Fungal Classes.



 So–I wonder how many people in this hall are aware of the fact that this is something that should be impossible for me.



“[True Ashura]… I thought you were a [Holy Knight], are you really?” (Maria)



 Naturally, Hakuou is one of them.



“The combination of [Light Blade] and [True Ashura]… is considered an impossible one. Similar unique skills… or even if so, with such a wide variety of skills…” (Maria)



 No wonder she is puzzled. The most common reason for this is that the number of people who have been using the same type of Fungal Skill System for a long time has been increasing.



 Or if I insist that maybe there was no precedent before me, no one will be able to deny me. However, if I was told, “Then, let’s check your Fungal Class with a Test Sheet again,” then I would end up showing off that chaotic red-line Test Sheet.



“…what are you?” (Maria)



 Even though she was convinced of my abnormal Fungal Skill composition, Hakuou remained calm. No matter how enigmatic the enemy is, she does not get upset in the face of it.



 If she had been a little closer, she might have noticed the blue-black mold clinging to my wound.


 Or someone in the audience might have already noticed it. Especially the two people in the guest of honor’s seats—



 I let out a long sigh. Wiping the caked blood stuck to my face with my sleeve, I thrust my hands out in front.



“…is a long story, but now is not the time to tell it.” (Shuu)



 Hypha spins from the palms of my hands. My right hand holds a [Katana] and the left hand holds a [Great Shield].


 The four arms on the back also follow suit. [Katana] are held in each of the widely spread arms.



“…that’s right.” (Maria)



 The seven [Magic Women] stand in a dignified line in front of their master, each holding a weapon in their hand.



“I’ll visit you in the infirmary. If you can talk to me at that time, I’ll listen to you.” (Maria)



 She is smiling as an absolute strongman who does not doubt her victory. She looks nobler, more beautiful, and more terrifying than anyone I have ever met.



 The cheers gradually fade away. I hold my breath so as not to miss the moment of re-collision.



 Somewhere a child is crying. “Go for it!”


 To which direction was it directed?



 In any case—using that as a signal, I and the seven dolls kicked the sand at the same time.





 Left and right, in front, above my head–the seven puppets unleash a barrage of thrusts and slashes at me.


 It is an incessant, torrential rain of attacks. They are striking from all directions, accompanied by strong winds.



 When many people surround one person, the number of people who can jump on him with a “one-two” is limited to four or five due to space limitations. And if they are carrying weapons, it becomes even more difficult.


 It is the same with the [Magic Woman].


 But–it never ends. There is no such thing as a break.



 Seven of them switch positions at a dizzying pace, and without giving me time to rest, they unleash a hail of attacks. It was as if I was dealing with a small army rather than a single team.



 Always looking for blind spots, they protect each other’s openings.


 They are small and steady, like an elaborate clock being assembled.


 They seem to be devoted only to scraping my body, draining my strength, and making me bleed.



(Is she controlling them all by herself?) (Shuu)


(Is she a monster?) (Shuu)



 As the number of controlled dolls increases, it seems that the precision is clearly inferior to the time when there are only two Holy Silver puppets used.



 There is no decline in power or speed. Even so, their reactions to my attack and defense are a tenth of a second slower, the accuracy of their slashes is a few centimeters off, and they have lost the cunning that made them able to read my moves two or three moves ahead of time.



 However, the density of the attacks more than compensates for this. Pressure rushes in without a chance to catch one’s breath.


 While maintaining a mechanical cool-headedness, one can even sense the will to completely subdue the opponent in an unabashed rain of violence.


 It is the pride of those who stand at the top of the “Puppeteer” world, isn’t it?



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