Metro Labyrinth Chapter 126.2: [True Ashura] vs [Magic Woman]

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 However, the density of the attacks more than compensates for this. Pressure rushes in without a chance to catch one’s breath.


 While maintaining a mechanical cool-headedness, one can even sense the will to completely subdue the opponent in an unabashed rain of violence.


 It is the pride of those who stand at the top of the “Puppeteer” world, isn’t it?



“Guu, ah!” (Shuu)



 If I had been the same person I was when I left the Outsuka Metro, I would have been pushed aside in less than a minute.


 I wonder if I could have endured it for about five minutes when I passed through the hell in Ouji Metro.


 What if it had been before we went to Kanamecho, the result might have been the same.



 But—What about my current self?



“Raaaaah!” (Shuu)



 I spun around and swung my hypha arms to the side, cleaving away the entire area around me with the four arms.


 The puppets still came close to me, but I blocked it with my [Great Shield] and then pushed it away with my [Katana].


 At the same time, my four hypha arms slash at the puppets behind and above my head.



 Twisting my body to avoid the pursuit, I thrust my hypha arm to right my balance.


 The upper arm crosses the swords and catches the [Axe Spear]’s helmet splitter, while the lower arm bisects the body of the puppet at the same time.



“One!” (Shuu)



 It has been handled. I was able to handle the viciously completed coordinated attack.


 They are hitting me back. A breathless wave of attacks.


 My flesh arms and hypha arms, pushing back from the front, exerting my power against each one were defeated by the puppet’s coordination.



“Ha! It doesn’t look like it’s going to work, doesn’t it?” (Maria)



 Hakuou’s exclaimed with a smile. I didn’t have the leeway to respond to that.



(Well, the rules were the same.) (Shuu)



 It was on the first day of the Kanamecho training camp, after defeating the last behemoth of the day, that the fungus evolved in [Ashura] (the sign was a “hot back”).



 At first, of course, I was puzzled. The doubling of mycelial arms simply doubled the amount of information I had to process, and even moving my two original arms became confusing. I wondered what part of my brain I could use to control it – it felt like I had forgotten everything I knew, and I had to start all over again.



 Moreover, as Aomoto had said, “evolution is irreversible,” and it was no longer possible to “only take out just two”. So much so that I thought, “At this point, let’s just seal it off completely this time” (I didn’t feel comfortable using it in public in the first place).



 Even so, just to be sure, in order to make an effort in between Mr. Giran’s rigorous efforts, it’s the seriousness or timidity of a former Japanese corporate slave.



 Once I got used to it, I was able to get a good feel for it sooner than I had expected, so I decided to train myself in actual combat.


 I also borrowed the furry body of my training sergeant before bedtime and cultivated my delicate rubbing skills after every hellish training.



 Day 1: “Let’s go! Stop struggling you virgin wimp, Squeak!” (Tamiko)



 Day 3: “Kuh… You’re getting pretty good… Hyauu!” (Tamiko)



 Day: 5: “Ah… We’re even now, squeak… Forgive me…!” (Tamiko)



 So, although not completely perfect, I was able to become proficient to the extent that I can control it in a way that is not different from before evolution. I am glad I did the Tamiko training technique.



 When I am fighting against a cheat boss like the seven of them, I can clearly feel that they are clearly stronger than the [Ashura].



 The arms’ range of motion interferes with each other, so the operation inevitably requires great care and concentration to the point that my brain feels as if it’s about to wear out. The physical exertion is also more than double.



 However, the benefits of overcoming this challenge are great. The number of moves is more than doubled if I think about the combinations.



“Guuu!” (Shuu)



 And yet, and yet–


 The situation was not even.



 Even if I become more skillful, they have more hands. It is not possible to defend against all of their attacks.



 The flesh is gouged, blood is splattered, my lungs are aching, and the back of my head is throbbing.


 The damage is steadily piling up. Pain and exhaustion erode your thoughts.


 On the other hand, the reality is that not even a single blow has yet reached the puppeteer herself.



“Gaaaaaa!” (Shuu)



 Even so, I clenched my teeth and swung my sword, and cut down the second one with all my might.


 Attack density is clearly reduced. Should I continue to kill them one by one, or should I close the distance to the puppeteer all at once?



 Two new units rushed in from the direction of Hakuou, and it was once again seven against one. If the main body is still alive and well, it can be replenished as many times as it takes, and it would be too scary if such a setup like that was used in reality.



 Replenishment was done quickly and without hesitation. She must have understood that the war could be overturned if she lacked strength. That is the power of my skill.



(I mean…) (Shuu)


(Are you starting to be wary?) (Shuu)



 The white puppets are the main ones rushing forward. The Holy Silver Puppets takes a step back and concentrates on checking from a medium distance. I guessed that it was a positioning to protect the main body. She was wary of me closing the distance and attacking her.



 At the same time, it’s the same as acknowledging that her own close combat power is no longer enough to match me.



 Her face has lost its composure. She is gritting her teeth with an expression stern and sharp like never before.


 Conversely, my mouth curves into a smile. I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment, in a way, at having brought out that expression. [T/N: Don’t be cocky. Tamiko will punch you.]



 Five white puppets for continued attack and two silver puppets as support.



 The formation has switched to an endurance battle strategy. Rather than pushing through and finishing me immediately, she seems to be concentrating on steadily draining the strength and vitality of her enemy.



 It was somewhat surprising that she, with her high pride, decided to stop pushing so hard, but she is indeed an expert from her many matches. It was the right decision, and it was going to be even more difficult for me.



 The [True Ashura] does not just have two more arms. Maintaining and operating it requires more than twice as much physical strength. Not only that–



“Guu!” (Shuu)



 A sticky nosebleed spills out, but there is no time to wipe it off.


 My brain is burning hot. My vision is flickering.


 Is it just a lack of familiarity, or is it over-engineered for the human brain in the first place? It’s getting out of control.



 The sword of the mycelial arm on the upper left is repelled, and the puppets rush in while the guard is relaxed. The [Great Shield] is not enough to protect me, and I am cut down here and there, forcing me to retreat.



“Ahaha, you’ve already reached your limit!? I thought your movements were slowing down!” (Maria)



 Hakuou with a devilish expression on her face gestures and the puppets follow.



“This–” (Shuu)



 I survived the dizzying five seconds with the preparedness of being hit. One is aiming at my lower body and setting up a tackle. Just before my leg was taken, I stepped on their head and jumped, then stepped on another puppet like a stepping stone and jumped high–



“For all of you!!” (Shuu)



 I endured the dizzying five seconds.


 The upper left mycelial arm fires an accumulated [Fireball] at the puppet below.


 The moment it hit the ground, it exploded. The expanding hot air blows the puppet away, and the pillar of fire engulfs the two closest to the direct hit. As one would expect from a Fungal Skill that is 100 percent mycelium, it burns very well. The effect was excellent.



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