Metro Labyrinth Chapter 127.i1: Sister’s Thoughts and Farewell

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A/N: 2/14 – The waiting time until the closing ceremony was changed from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.



~3rd Person Perspective~



“Overwhelming, squeak! Abeshuu is amazing, squeak! Pigyaaaaa!” (Tamiko)


“He really won! Mr. Shuu is so amazing! Kyaaaa!” (Noa)



 Tamiko and Noah were hugging each other and crying since Shuu had been in a pinch the whole time, but now they forgot about themselves and were overjoyed.



“Brother Abe, he was so cool! He was so fast that I couldn’t see him at all!” (Hagumi)



 Hagumi’s face turned bright red and she applauded with her small hands, while Dr. Nomaguchi, who was standing next to her, looked a little exhausted but relieved. The young lady was more excited than ever by her benefactor’s fierce battle, and her doctor was probably on edge, worried that it might affect her health.



 The excitement was at its peak as most of the spectators around them were also Sugamo people. “Super! Well done! Sugamo’s Star!” “Abe Shuu, you are the star of Sugamo!” and “Master Shuu!” Some jumped on their seats and made strange noises, others squared their shoulders and called out “Abe,” while others started chugging their barley wine. A few of them looked like hunters with twisted necks and difficult faces.



 As for Utsuki, she is leaning back with her mouth tight, watching her sister being carried away by the medics. Shuu is being carried by the staff as well. The two of them are being carried to the hospital by the medics, while others are celebrating and applauding.



(No way…) (Utsuki)


(I didn’t think Maria would lose.) (Utsuki)



 Utsuki was well aware of Shuu’s strength and ridiculousness. Even so, she did not doubt her sister’s victory inwardly. (That was one of the reasons why she gave Shuu the information about the [Magic Woman].)



 It seems that not many people know this, but this is not the first time that Maria has been defeated in a public combat tournament. In her younger days, she had repeatedly taken on challenges that could be called reckless, and through defeat and humiliation, she had worked her way up to the position of absolute queen.



 However, as far as Utsuki knows, she has been undefeated for more than a decade (except for a duel with a “Transcendent” in a field match). Utsuki is more shocked than she thought she would be to actually see her unable to leave on her own.



 Hearing that Maria hurt Tamiko, she was thinking of taking Shuu’s side this time, as a way of apologizing as Maria’s older sister and to give her a good scolding later. However, once the match started, her heart was naturally rooting for her sister. She couldn’t openly cheer for her in front of Tamiko and Noa, though.



“…Utsuki, are you okay, squeak?” (Tamiko)


“Eh?” (Sou)



 Before Utsuki knew it, Tamiko was staring at her.



“Ah… I’m sorry, Ms. Utsuki,” said Noa. “Even though the other party was your little sister, we acted insensitive and got too excited…”


“No, no, someone you cared about won the biggest prize. I think you should be happier.” (Sou)


“Utsuki’s younger sis is also doing her best, squeak. Because of that, I will let go of the grudge, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Thank you.” (Sou)


“I’ll also take it back for calling you an estrous loli hag, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Okay. Huh?” (Sou)


“But it was really a great match. The result turned out like this, but it wouldn’t have been surprising at all if Ms. Hakuou had won.” (Tamiko)


“Well, you see…” (Sou)



(Maybe.) (Sou)


(Maybe it was the first time I cheered for her this strongly.) (Sou)



 The relationship between half-sisters is complicated. At least, this pair of sisters think so.



 Their mothers were childhood friends. Maria’s mother was the legitimate wife, but Utsuki’s mother had a child first, after an affair. Nevertheless, the wife did not blame her husband and her best friend, and Maria was born six years later, creating a strange family of “one husband, one wife, and two demihuman daughters” in Komagome, where polygamy is not practiced.



 After losing her father and mother in a terrorist attack in the city of Nippori thirty-seven years ago, Utsuki took Maria’s mother’s place and raised her. Her father did not have much money left for her, so she got a hunter’s license as soon as she turned fifteen in order to earn money for their living expenses.



 A few years later, Maria became an apprentice to a hunter who was a friend of her father’s, and she quickly rose to prominence. By the time she made her debut, she was far above her older sister in both level and ability, and her earnings were soon surpassed.



 The younger sister was so talented that she was regarded as the best in the history of Komagome, while the older sister was mediocre except for her “elf” traits.



 The younger sister did not care about such disparity and adored her like a god, saying, “My sister is the most amazing.” and “My sister is the prettiest”. This frustrated and annoyed Utsuki even more, and she eventually began to distance herself from Hakuou. That was one of the reasons why she started to chase after men. She was just inheriting her late father’s slovenly nature.



(She didn’t mean any harm, did she?) (Sou)


(I’m the one with the complex, just me.) (Sou)



 Although she had lost touch with her sister for several years since she became the Traveling Shark’s apprentice, it seems that her sister’s siscon spirit had not yet waned. Even though it was somewhat rooted in her own “peculiar proclivities,” it was still true that she continued to think of Utsuki as she always had.



(…when the festival is over.) (Sou)


(Let’s have a drink together for the first time in a while.) (Sou)



“…Ms. Utsuki?” (Noa)


“Alright, let’s celebrate with Abe when we get back together… I’d like to try Noa’s food again. …please lower the garlic content.” (Sou)


“I know, all that’s left is the closing ceremony.” (Noa)



 Just then, an announcement is made in the hall. It is the announcer’s voice amplified. “Please wait for about twenty minutes to prepare the venue for the closing ceremony.”



 According to the program, the closing ceremony was to be held with His Excellency the Governor of New Tokyo and His Eminence the Founder descending to the arena to make speeches. The ring was in a state of disrepair from the fierce battle that had just taken place, with hypha weapons and [Magic Woman] puppets scattered about. The famous Sugamo clean-up skill is on full display.



“Twenty minutes… It will take quite a while, huh.” (Sou)



 While saying that, Utsuki looked around.



 Everything went smoothly from the opening ceremony until now. For Utsuki, who was involved in the Rikugi Metro case, the existence of the rogues they met there remained stuck in the corner of her mind.



 The closing ceremony was the only occasion at the Sugamo Founding Festival where the Governor and the Founder stood in the same place at the same time.


 If Kawataro and the others were really “terrorists with some kind of political purpose,” would they have missed this opportunity?



(I hope nothing happens.) (Sou)



 The venue is well secured, and they know that Shimoyanagi and the security are working behind the scenes. And the other two are not some powerless politicians, but two of the most powerful people in the country. No matter how well-known they are, I don’t think they will be able to make things happen easily.



(I might not be able to relax until the festival is over.) (Sou)


(At any rate, I’d like to go home and take it easy today.) (Sou)




 And Tamiko, who was sitting on Noah’s (hateful to Utsuki) chest, starts squirming, holding her crotch.



“Umm… Noa, I want to go to the bathroom, squeak…” (Tamiko)


“Tamiko, you went to the bathroom before Abe’s match started, right?” (Sou)


“Don’t you dare pick on the tininess of my bladder, squeak!” (Tamiko)


“What’s wrong with you?” (Sou)


“Hmm,” said Noa. “The women’s restroom was really crowded just now, wasn’t it? I wonder if I can make it back before the closing ceremony.”


“Well, you can use that, to drain your bladder. You can use the old man’s paper cup of beer.” (Sou)


“Biaaaatch! I’m not going to do that, squeeeeak! Shaaaa!!!” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko says while holding her crotch.



“You don’t mind doing it on Abe, but not on a cup?” (Sou)


“That’s… that’s separate, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“This is the first time I’ve heard of a separate pee in my life.” (Sou)


“That–” (Hagumi)



 Hagumi intervened, raising her hand in the air.



“I probably know an empty toilet. I want to go too.” (Hagumi)



 Dr. Nomaguchi returned to the mayor’s office, so he took the four girls and two black-clad private security guards to pick flowers.



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