Metro Labyrinth Chapter 127.i2: Shuu Awakening

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“Even so, what’s going on? I mean your body.” (Maria)



 The infirmary. Melancholy and Hakuou are sitting on beds facing each other.



 It’s a situation where you’re alone in a closed room with a dark elf beauty, but as someone who knows a little about my tendencies and personality, there’s no way I’ll be in that mood. I can enjoy my delusions later.



“How is it possible that the wound in your stomach can be closed in less than five minutes? Are you a slime?” (Maria)


“That analogy is triggering a traumatic experience.” (Shuu)



 The two of us were taken to the same infirmary to be treated by a [Sage] belonging to the Church. Hakuou’s injuries are less severe, her neck hurts a little, and she doesn’t seem to have dizziness or nausea. As soon as she received some [Holy Healing] and replenished with some food, the Queen is revived.



 As for me, although my injuries were far more serious, I apparently have vitality on par with that of a slime. Although I got the help of [Holy Healing] for the wound on my stomach, after that, I recovered by chewing on a single nourishing skewer bought by an adult. Even if my stomach is full, I still feel like it’s not enough, and I’m reminded that sporangium is an excellent nutritional supplement (except the taste is terrible).



 Both of us were wiped clean of blood and sand and changed into alternative shirts and jerseys. I, the winner of the match, will later attend the closing ceremony as the “representative of the participating fighters” and will receive a certificate from the governor of New Tokyo. Hakuou, who is in the midst of a change, is also planning to attend the ceremony.



“The closing ceremony will be held in a little more than ten minutes at ……. I never thought that I would be deprived of the opportunity to be in His Excellency’s presence. This is a mistake of a lifetime.” (Maria)



 I’m embarrassed and nervous, and to be honest, I don’t feel like it.



 Ahh, Hakuou fell face down on the bed.



“…I wonder how long it’s been since I lost in the Grand Tournament with my face in the sand. I can’t remember at all.” (Maria)


“Frankly, I’m surprised I even won.” (Shuu)


“I agree. I never thought that I lose against a rookie. The biggest reason for my defeat was… my own pride and carelessness. Thanks to that, I looked unsightly in front of His Excellency and my sister. I exposed it… Ah, I want to curse myself.” (Maria)



 Hakuou grabbed her head in frustration. She acts like a queen, but she doesn’t make any excuse for losing.



“I’m sure if we had another match with the same rules, the result wouldn’t be the same.” (Shuu)



 It would be a different story if the ban on [White Bullet] could be lifted.



“Fufu, I understand. You did well, and you can be proud of yourself for the rest of your life for beating me but don’t be so smug that you’ve completely surpassed me at this point. …if you are who you say you are.” (Maria)



 Once the conversation was interrupted, the infirmary fell silent. The [Sage] and the nurse have already left the room, and the other staff and visitors have been ordered by Hakuou to stay out of sight “until the time to stand by for the closing ceremony”.



 I realized that it also meant consideration for me. The eyes of the people he passes on the way here are a mixture of excitement, celebration, and about 20 percent confusion. If it had not been for Hakuho’s words, Aomoto and the others would have rushed here.



 As I was thinking about this, I heard a voice from the other side of the door shouting, “Shuu! I’ve peeled an apple! I’m going to give it to youuu!”



“Can I ask you something?” (Maria)


“I don’t know the person with the strange voice just now.” (Shuu)


“Are you… A person from the same era as his Excellency?” (Maria)



 I nibbled on the skewer, I want to chew it to buy time, but I am afraid of her gaze and silence, so I swallow quickly.



“…me being a [Master Threadweaver], it’s not concluded yet, right?” (Shuu)


“You think you can still get away with exposing that blue-black mold to the public eye? The Founder was also staring at you hard you know.” (Maria)


“You-you’re mistaken…” (Shuu)


“So, the impossible combination of [Light Blade] and [True Ashura] is also a mistake?” (Maria)


“No, it’s just that people didn’t have it until now… maybe it’s just a special once-in-a-million chance…” (Shuu)


“I’m just going to cut to the chase. Then why don’t you use a piece of Test Sheet later? I can’t wait to see what your blood will do on the piece of paper.” (Maria)



 Yes, I’m trapped. Damn.



 Fufun, Hakuou smiles devilishly. I don’t feel like forcing her to stop questioning me, but I don’t think she’ll stop pursuing the answer if I dodge any further.



“Well… Hypothetically, you know? Just in case, it happens?” (Shuu)


“I don’t like men who go around in circles, but I know how you feel, so I’ll go along this for now.” (Maria)


“If my Fungal Class turns out to be something else, this match won’t be invalid, will it?” (Shuu)



 I have already confirmed that there is nothing in the rules about Fungal Classes, but it would be a pain if someone started to argue with my win.



“I’ve already confirmed that there is nothing in the rules about Fungal Classes. As long as you don’t use prohibited Fungal Skills, it doesn’t matter what kind of Fungal Class you have. However, it is inevitably a big scandal among the branches, which is why almost no one does it in official competitions.” (Maria)


“Guuu…” (Shuu)



 So that would be a problem for the Sugamo branch as well. I hadn’t thought that far ahead.



“I know my followers will rant and rave about ‘different stories’ and ‘Fungal Class scams,’ but I’m not going to let them get away with that miserable howling of a loser. I don’t care who you are or what you are, the outcome of a serious match is still the same” (Maria)



 So queenly.



“Rather than that… if you are a real [Master Threadweaver], then it’s not the time for a tournament scandal. It’s the biggest news since the founding of this country, and it’s enough to turn the whole country upside down. Not only the Hunter Guild, but the Tribes and Metro Church will be in a mess.” (Maria)


“Right…” (Shuu)



 I was prepared for it, and I still don’t regret it, but… when I hear it again, it makes me want to run away far, far away.



“Well, I’m not really familiar with politics or anything like that, so I don’t know much about that kind of thing… Oh, and did it have something to do with the condition of an audience with His Excellency and His Eminence?” (Maria)


“No… it had nothing to do with that at all. I had a personal matter I wanted to discuss with them. It’s a long story.” (Shuu)


“Hmm… well, it doesn’t matter. The only thing I’m interested in is you.” (Maria)


“Is that so?” (Shuu)



 I’m sure that’s not what he meant, but the way he said it made me a little bit NERVOUS.



“More importantly, I’ll give you one piece of advice. I know there’s going to be a lot of trouble, but be careful with people… especially with the first place.” (Maria)


“First place, ‘Transcendent’?” (Shuu)



 Kang Jubei, the “Transcendent,” is the number one ranked hunter in the country. He is the older brother of Yoshitsune, who played against Kure.



“He is obsessed with [Master Threadweavers] in a different way than I am. He dreams of becoming a [Master Threadweaver].” (Maria)


“Becoming a [Master Threadweaver]?” (Shuu)


“Yes. …He wants to go beyond the barriers of Higher Rank Fungal Classes and become a [Master Threadweaver]. He’s a masochist who trains all year round, morning and night, to achieve this.” (Maria)


“Is that… Is it even possible?” (Shuu)



 Change in your Fungal Class. It’s a story that happens very rarely, but Noa, for example, is super irregular. That being said, it’s also similar to a basic Fungal Class to a Higher Rank Fungal Class.


 I wonder if it is possible to change class to a [Master Threadweaver]. It is said that no new [Master Threadwaver] have been born in the past hundred years.



“Well, at least there is no precedent. However, if anyone could make it happen, it would be him. He’s the man at the head of all the top Fungal Classes, of all the hunters in the country.” (Maria)


“I see…” (Shuu)



 The first place is probably a more extraordinary person than she is, since this prideful Hakuou says so.



“What do you think would happen if someone like him found out about the existence of a [Master Threadwaver] who just popped up… answer carefully, he is not at all capable, but and he is also very confused.” (Shuu)


“Eh, I’m a little scared for them…” (Maria)



 I don’t have any answers to satisfy such a person. I’ll never be able to convince them that I used to be a salesman for a small business before I changed jobs.



“Well, you can just come clean before you do that. You sort of answered my first question, how did you become a [Master Threadweaver]?” (Maria)


“No… I haven’t admitted anything…” (Shuu)


“You’re not very clever, are you? I can make you throw up the answer by force, you know?” (Maria)


“Hey–” (Shuu)



 Threads appear from her fingers, and a white female doll is completed in an instant. It takes shape as fast as ever.


 I immediately got up and tried to escape, but the two dolls pushed my body down on the bed before that.



“Ngu, guu…” (Shuu)


“There’s still time for the closing ceremony… now.” (Maria)



 One covered my face, and the other clung tightly to my lower body.



(This……!) (Shuu)


(Damn it……!) (Maria)



 , when I touch them again with my bare skin, they feel warm, even though they are dolls. The surface is surprisingly smooth, and the flesh is soft and elastic. Above all, it has the same proportions as Hakuou herself, so it hits all kinds of right notes. The [Magic Woman] is a fearsome skill.



(This is…) (Shuu)


(That…!) (Shuu)



 Just when a new door is about to open, something unexpectedly crosses my mind—Suddenly, I feel a small tremor.



“… what is that?” (Shuu)



 I wonder if Hakuou felt it, too, or if it was just my imagination.



“…did you also hear that?” (Shuu)



 It sounded like fireworks, like a small bang in the distance.



“Or rather, I felt it just a little while ago.” (Maria)


“Oh, I didn’t notice. Fireworks or something?” (Shuu)



 I don’t think it was on the program list.



“Excuse me!” (Staff)



 The staff member comes in along with a loud knock.



“Mr. Abe! It’s almost time for the closing ceremony–” (Staff)



 The young staff member’s eyes meet the eyes of the someone who is having a frenzied moment with a female doll.



 The door gently closes. He looks through the door as if nothing has happened and says, “Please get ready.”



A/N: This is the end of the interlude.

Please stay tuned for three to five more chapters of “The Grand Tournament Arc”.


…I wonder if it will really be over in 5 episodes (I could only ask myself).



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