Metro Labyrinth Chapter 130.1: Extreme

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“… kuku, kihihi…” (Susuyama?)



 Susuyama, whose right arm has fallen, is laughing as he giggles creepily, not showing any sign of pain on his face.


 The other side, Kang Yoshitsune, is holding the [Indestructible Sword] and not moving as he is looking at the opponent’s move.



 Noa crawls under Yoshitsune feet and tries to move to the corner of the corridor, pulling the battered Tamiko and Utsuki with her. I don’t want to get caught in the middle of this.



“We’re one step ahead of you, though—” says Yoshitsune. “Backup will be here soon. I don’t know who or where you are from, but it’s over.”


“…gourds to pieces, no, mochi on shelves? Games are quite fun.” (Susuyama?)



(No.) (Noa)


(No matter how strong this person is.) (Noa)



 Yoshitsune’s strength was witnessed by Noa in today’s game. Even though he is a level 57 fighter, Noa knows that this enemy is so fierce that even a bunch of experts cannot match him.



 Still–the opponent is too dangerous.


 This Susuyama-shaped man is not an opponent beyond that level.


 He is a man with an unfathomable darkness in his body, just as horrifying as the demon they met in Ouji.



 Susuyama extends his left hand to the side, and with a shake, produces a [Katana].



“I watched the match. You are Tougou’s disciple, right?” (Susuyama?)


“I’m sorry. If you keep talking like this, I’ll go along with you.” (Yoshitsune)


“I’m sure we’ll be chatting for a few dozen more seconds. …In the meantime, I’ll give you a little taste of the best swordsmanship of our time.” (Susuyama?)


“Be… Careful…” (Noa)



 Yoshitsune didn’t show any reaction to Noa’s squeezed voice.


 His back is sharp like a blade. He poured his entire body and soul into the opponent in front of him.



“I’m the one who’s wasting time, so I’ll go first—” (Susuyama)



 In the middle of Susuyama’s words, Yoshitsune’s back disappears, and by the time Noa notices, they are within sword range of each other. It was as if he had jumped through space.



“—!” (Noa)



 But Susuyama barely reacts. He is wielding a small swinging [Katana].


 Grrriii! The walls of the corridor are shaken by the sound of the collision as they were grinding against each other.


 Noa doesn’t see the clash at that moment. It just looked like a gush of black and white lightning around the two of them.



 And it was Susuyama who stepped back.



 He jumped back after being repelled, and once again skidded on the floor on the soles of his feet.



“…hihi, hihihi… so you really meant it…” (Sususyama)


“Yes, I am seious.” (Yoshitsune)



 Yoshitsune let out a heavy exhale and brushed away the blood that had adhered to the [Indestructible Sword].



 There is a pool of blood where Susuyama was standing. There is something left behind – the left arm still holding a [Katana].



“Hihi… hyahahaha! This guy is a masterpiece!” (Susuyama)



 Blood is spilling mercilessly from the cross sections of both arms.



“How much bullshit is this, even for a small fry? If the sword fools Tategami and Ryuzaki were alive, I bet they would have sh*tted lead balls!” (Susuyama?)



 But Susuyama is still laughing, like he has gone insane, like he can’t help but laugh.



“Tategami, Ryuuzaki… you speak as if you know the legendary [Master Threadweaver].” (Yoshitsune)


“I admit it. You’re not just the best of your time, you’re the strongest swordsman in New Tokyo history… but it’s just swordsmanship.” (Susuyama?)


“I’m still good and you’ve made your debut as an ‘Udeochi, how can you believe you still have some leeway?” (Yoshitsune)


“Can I believe it? That’s right—this-is-where-you-fall-down.” (Susuyama)



 The next moment, Yoshitsune’s back trembled.



“Ugh!” (Yoshitsune)



 With a groan of anguish, he collapses forward. He presses down on his stomach with his left hand, but a large amount of blood spills from there. From Noa’s angle, she cannot see what is happening.



“Kuh!” (Yoshitsune)



 With a snap, he swings the [Indestructible Sword] with his right hand. Susuyama’s left hand dodges it and is sucked into the body, flying through the air.


 The two cross-sections of the arm are glued tightly together, and Susuyama holds up the arm that has been restored to its original state. His fingers, glistening with blood, are holding what looks like a tiny piece of flesh.



“–Yes! I got your sporangium!” (Susuyama?)



(Sporangium.) (Noa)



 On the human body, there is a sporangium spaced about 10 centimeters across, about halfway between the navel and the genitals.


 The left arm, which had just been detached from the body, had snaked its way into Yoshitsune’s lower abdomen like a snake and gouged out his sporangium.



 It looked as if it was connected to the left arm that had been pulled in by a thin thread. Like a string communicator. Was that thread used to remotely control the missing body?



(Such a Fungal Skill.) (Noa)


(I’ve never heard of one.) (Noa)



 If so, did the man intentionally have his left arm severed? In order to create that opening.



 Yoshitsune is on one knee. He thrusts the [Indestructible Sword] into the floor and barely manages to keep himself from falling down.



“Ah, you know what this means, stay still until you die.” (Susuyama?)



 Susuyama plays with it in his hand as if looking at a jewel.



“Well, you can’t die even if you have just one ball. A single ball is a medal for a man who fights, you know? Hahahaha!” (Susuyama?)



 He sticks out his tongue and places it over it. He rolls his tongue, takes it in his mouth, and gulps it down.



“I’m sorry, but that piece of stick of yours is no longer the only one! Hahahaha! Now-you-can-not-beat-me!” (Susuyama?)



 Yoshitsune is still trying to stand. Not only blood, but also a lot of sweat is pouring on the floor.



 Noah has heard that it is hellish suffering to have the sporangia removed while alive. If that were true, he would no longer be able to fight. But he still has the mental strength to remain undaunted.



 On the other hand, Susuyama, on the other hand, has lost both of his arms, but is still able to attach them with a mysterious power, and even with one arm missing, he is still excited and shows no signs of pain. It is hard to believe that he is a human being.



“Oh? Are you still going? I don’t have much time, but I might as well just kill you and make you mine. Kihihihi, hahaha!” (Susuyama?)



(At this rate.) (Noa)



 Yoshitsune will be killed



 Noa strains her arms as she tries to get up.


 But her arms can’t support her upper body. Even her feet won’t listen.



(The man is right.)



 Even if she could stand up, would she be able to save even herself? From the hands of that devilish man.


 She doesn’t have that kind of strength. What is the point of risking her life by fighting hopeless losing fight?



 She has been taught since she was a child. As a hunter, she must protect her own life first and foremost. And that this, in turn, would lead to the benefit of the whole.



(It’s different.) (Noa)


(If he is—) (Noa)



 Even so, that person would surely stand up. He would stand up.


 No matter the predicament, no matter how strong the enemy.


 He could fight not only for himself, but for someone else.


 He taught her that this is the true form of a hunter.



 She raised her elbows and raised her face, then–


 Tears welled up in Noa’s eyes.



“My savior who gave me new strength, can I at least have a moment to think of you? —huh?” (Noa)



 Susuyama half turns around as he stops in his tracks as he walks toward Yoshitsune.



“–Mr. Shuu!” (Noa)



 There stands Abe Shuu.





~Shuu’s Perspective~



“Oh dear… is it you and at this timing?” (Susuyama)



 The one who turned around and said that was Susuyama, the mayor’s secretary, the gentlemanly old man. He has no right arm and is holding a [Katana] in his left hand.



 The man kneeling across from him is Kang Yoshitsune. He seems to be injured in the stomach area.



 Furthermore, crawling on the floor behind it is a tattered bloody Noa. Tamiko and Utsuki collapsed beside her.



 The moment my eyes captured them in view—my blood boiled. Rage filled my eyes.



 The back of my borrowed jersey bursts open, and four mycelial arms extend.



“Gaaaaaaaaaaa!!” (Shuu)



 Like an enraged beast, Sadness kicks the floor.


 The fists of the hypha arms, aimed at Susuyama’s face, slam into an invisible wall in mid-air. A [Barrier], huh?



“Hey, hey! Let’s talk first, human to human–” (Susuyama?)


“Shut up, you bald f*ck! Die!!” (Shuu)




  [Iron Fist] that I slammed down with force broke through the [Barrier] and grazed Susuyama’s cheek.


 As a counter, the tip of the [Katana] extends from diagonally below. The hardened right fist flicks it up, and using the twist, the right hypha arms make a double uppercut catching Susuyama in the stomach and chest, sending him flying against the wall.



“Damn it! This is just a waste of time! I’m not going to have a fight with you!” (Susuyama?)



 The severed section of her right arm is pointed at me like the barrel of a gun.


 And the countless white tentacles that were created entwined me. Is this also a Fungal Skill?



 [Iron Fist] clad fists are transformed from a clenched fist into a hand sword, and covered with a [Light Blade], it cleaves away. The severed tentacles sprinkle sticky liquid, and as soon as it touches my cheeks and arms, I felt a searing pain. It’s like acid.



“–Mr. Abe!” (Aomoto)


“Shuu!” (Kure)



 The voices belong to Aomoto and Kure. There are other back up rushing into the range of [Sensory Spores].



“–Time’s up.” (Susuyama)



 “Kaboom!” and the grate-protected window blows away. The tip of the charred hole is connected to the outside of the Martial Arts Center.



“Wait!” (Shuu)



 Susuyama looks back for a moment, his feet on the floor. He smiles, mutters, “See you later, junior,” and jumps down.



“—don’t you dare say that! Read the atmosphere!” (Shuu)



 A [White Bullet] released from my hypha arm grazed Susuyama’s shoulder, gouging his side, and dug into his collarbone. “Gah!” Susuyama’s breath caught in his throat and he frowned in frustration.



“Shut up! Don’t miss it!”



 The [white bullet] fired from the mycelium arm grazed Susuyama’s shoulder, gouged out his side, and burrowed under his collarbone. “Guh!” Susuyama choked and frowned in frustration.




 The tentacles of the hypha are closing in. He dares to entangle me and my hypha arms but I pulled back, my muscles working at full capacity. At the same time, I pulled back my right hand and pulled out a [Katana].



“Aaah!” (Shuu)



 The edge of the sword runs straight.


 At the same time, Susuyama’s left arm, which is aimed at me, is compressed like a spring.



“Small fry! Go away!” (Susuyama?)



 The next moment the arm pushed back.


 “Bam!” A shock pierced through my chest and I was blown high along with my body.



“Gaah!” (Shuu)




T/N: Susuyama Is probably no ordinary demon but an “Ancient Demon” or a [Master Threadweaver]. Also, Shuu and Maria’s fight did not happen (my head cannon) so I can believe Susuyama was able to overpower Yoshitsune and escape from Shuu that easily.



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